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Originally Posted by alsplacebartender
Also, we now have a spell checker available! Click the ABC mark in the top right hand corner when posting. The first time, you may be asked to download a program. It took me 20 seconds to set it up. Very helpful!
Actually, vBulletin just hooks into IESpell. You must be running Internet Explorer and have the IESpell plugin installed on your computer (which gives you a spell checker on all websites). For Firefox, either install Google Toolbar 2 with spellcheck, or wait for a Firefox spell checker.

Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan
sounds fine to me, but i was wondering something, the smilies arn't clickable anymore i have been having to hand type in the codes for them, the ones i know anyway?
Do you mean with the Quick Reply and Quick Editor? They don't have a Smilies view. Although there is a Plug-in I could put in that would give a popup menu for Smilies.

Or do you mean the main editor with all the font, size, color, etc. choices?

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