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Thank you, Helen!

And here's the even cooler part. A reporter from our local cable news station NY1 interviewed us before and after the ceremony asking about why we chose February 29 as our wedding date, and the segment aired! The two of us have actually been on TV a couple of times already, but this time we got to throw in the nod to Quantum Leap. Check it out:

And even cooler than that... Amada has corresponded with Deborah Pratt a couple of times about the "Quantum Leap Wedding," and she e-mailed the story to Deborah who personally responded today. So, there is now an official acknowledgment and blessing from someone who was responsible for bringing our favorite show to life every week! (And I just knew that if there was any chance that we would personally hear from someone from QL, it would have been from Deborah. She seems cool like that!)

Anyway, we're both pretty blown away by this! Of all the couples who got married yesterday, the reporter picked us. Amada somehow attracts that from the universe. I thought that this is definitely something that needed to be shared with the QL community! Until next time!

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