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Originally Posted by asearcher
A few things...they don't have Thanksgiving in Australia (or at least not the same as we have it here although it is possible that since John moved to Australia from the US, he might still celebrate it. Seems a stretch but you never know. The second thing about this is...while Sam knew his immediate family, didn't the Leap Between the States show he wasn't real "up" on family history? So the only reason I could see that he would even know that his grandfather had a brother named John would be from possibly seeing a genealogical charts to reading it in the family Bible. Now after he leaps (and therefore after the phone call), when the timeline plays out again, would Sam remember his "cousin" calling and talking to his Dad when HE was younger? It's an interesting loop.
The Sam that knew about his immediate family was the 16 year old Sam in 1965 (or whatever year Genesis was in), and the Sam that wasn't "up" on his family history was the adult Sam after having his brain swiss-cheesed. He probably just forgot about his family history in "Leap Between the States" because of the swiss cheese effect.

Originally Posted by asearcher
Also...which college did he get expelled from (for streaking)? Was he reinstated or did he go to another college after that?

I also thought it was interesting that thing that (paraphasing) was great about high school was the mini-skirts and the most difficult was pantyhose. Sam must have had a bit more activity in high school than are usually attributed to him in fanfic stories!
I've been wondering about the whole streaking thing too! That doesn't sound like something Sam would do tho, following the whole "geek" image Al portrayed of Sam in "Animal Frat".

Originally Posted by asearcher
One of the other things I thought was really strange was the use of the term boogiem*n in Genesis. Now that we have the entire series played out it, of course, reminded me of that OTHER leap where there really was a boogiem*n!
And what's another cool coincidence about that whole thing is that in Genesis, when Sam says something to the effect of "the boogiem*n was here", he was looking at Al in the bar and realized that he was the only one who could see him, and in the episode "Boogiem*n", who turns out to be the boogiem*n.................AL. Nice touch.

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Edit: "Animal House"....."Animal Frat"....close enough

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