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Default Some thoughts about Convention Issues

Hi Leapers!

It's been awhile since I made any comments about the convention last year. As many of you know, there were some hurt feelings between I and the rest of the convention committee near the end of things. While I still believe I acted in the best interest of the fans while also benefiting the charity greatly, I don't wish to continue any ill will towards anyone. I have reopened full access to all ex-committee members. I have closed the old debate forum as there were just too many arguments in there and it's done.

Watched some of the DVD of the convention over the weekend and it just brought back a flood of memories. Meeting many of you there, meeting the guests, putting it all together... just a great weekend.

So, I'm putting aside what happened after that weekend. I still wish we could get all the footage filmed at the convention, but I have no control over what others do.

I'm well aware that another related site has things posted about me in a non-favorable light. The people responsible for that site can do as they wish.

This site was created for all fans of Quantum Leap. If you're a fan and can use good manners and be friendly on this forum - you are in the right place. Even if you don't like me personally for whatever reason, I invite you in to discuss one of our favorite shows.

Perhaps this way we can set right what once went wrong. Forgiveness starts here.

Brian Greene
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