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Just wanted to add some trivia about this episode...

It's based on an episode of The Magician, called "The Illusion of the Evil Spikes." "Evil spikes" refers to the Table of Death illusion that Sam was going to do to get on the show. In the actual episode, Bill Bixby did the trick himself (he did all of his character's magic tricks on the show). The date of May 9 is too late, though--the episode had already been broadcast on April 15, 1974, so it's much too late for The Great Spontini to be part of the filming.

I'm guessing that this episode was written by a couple of Magician fans--they're not regular QL writers. I happen to be a fan of Bill Bixby too, so I see this ep. as a nice little homage to him. He was still alive when they made it. I hope he knew about it, and I'll bet he got a good laugh out of the crack about "Incredible Hulk."
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