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Default My views on episodes, characters, you know the drill...

Hello there.

I just got back into this show recently, but it's always been one that I remembered very fondly. Seeing it again has been hugely enjoyable (even with the disgracefully slip-shod DVD releases).

So, seeing as how I'm new in these parts, I always find it best to kick off by showing what I generally did and didn't like on the topic in question. Yeah, it's hardly original to list favourite episodes, characters, writers etc, but hey...

My Favourite Episodes:
(I'm currently near the start of Season 5, so I've not rewatched everything yet. I did watch 'Mirror Image' again, though).

Season One:
The Right Hand of God.
Not the greatest episode maybe, but it has that scene where Sam sings Amazing Grace. It's such a peaceful scene, reinforcing the connection with God and that even though he's far from home, he's never alone.

The Colour of Truth.
The first properly good episode in my opinion. Deborah Pratt is one of my favourite writers, because she delivers big, vivid emotion. You can always count on her if you want people screaming passionately, with tales of hate, madness, love, anger.

Great performances all round, showing the dignity that people keep in the face of a less than perfect world. Also however, it shows that if you make your feelings for a good cause known, show the strength of your beliefs, you can make anything happen. And isn't that what Quantum Leap is all about? If you care enough, you can make the difference.

Camikazi Kid.
Paul Brown is another of my favourite writers. Along with Tommy Thompson, Brown is one of the best at showing real tragedy. There are always wrongs to be put right, but Brown and Thompson manage to convey the appalling injustice to even the smallest lives better than most.

Brown always tries to give Sam a real connection to the people he is there to save. He also excels at showing the damage that can stay with you and fester over the years, from parents or outsiders learning to expect revulsion from those they meet.

The abusive boyfriend in this episode (much as with the Biker gang leader in 'Rebel without a Clue') is one such character. He has to be stopped, but you feel that his father has played a part in the person he's become.

It's still great when Sam beats him though (on the track and on the chin), but I think it's that extra element that Brown brings to his characters which sells it. Makes it a more complete and believable experience.

Anyway, that's all for now. Only these three episodes really stood out for me in Season One, but it was a short season and they were just getting going.
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