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Default Enterprise Finale (Contains Spoilers!!!!)

OK...did anyone else here totally hate the finale besides me?

I thought it was so anti-climatic and a waste of time. The Riker/Troi subplot was so contrived and not needed. It took away from the Enterprise cast having much to do for a last episode. Riker and Troi looked too old to still be playing themselves younger on the Enterprise-D. The Enterprise storyline going after SHran's daughter was lame, and it annoyed me that they killed off Tripp. Some things were never explained. Who was the mysterious person from the Temporal War? WHat happened to explain why the SUliban are never heard from again? WHat did Archer say for his speech? I really wanted to hear a heartfelt speech at the end, not the lame Riker/Troi subplot saying his speech would lead to the Federation (no duh).

The finale almost ruined the entire show for me. Watching for four years to get to that episode almost doesn't seem worth it with things still unresolved. I heard that Jolene Blalock (T'Pol) hated the script for the finale and now I see why. I guess this is the end result when a network pulls the plug on a show just as it was starting to show some life.
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