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Default Lothoman, Tala

played by: Kathy Ireland

Job: Logistics Technician

First Appearance: VS Episode 718, ?The Little Girl?

Current Status: Deceased (died in VS Episode 1131, ?Give Me Death?)

Parents: Dr. Zo? Malvison and Dr. Nathaniel Lothoman

Tala was born January 1, 1979, the first of twin daughters.

Tala was raised by nannies and had many tutors to help her succeed in life? but has never had the affection of any parental figure. She received her primary and high school education within the complex, and was tutored by the highest minds in the country as per Lothos' orders. She is brilliant when it comes to solving problems with mathematics and working with the computer as a tool to help her, she can solve almost any problem that comes to her. Tala is more like her mother when she gets upset, blowing up quickly. Her demeanor is normally icy and headstrong and bullheaded. She hates to admit when she is wrong and only admits it to herself. Instead of asking things of people, she more demanding. She always tries to get her way.

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