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Default Quantum leap a leap between the towers part 5

Quantum leap a leap between the towers

Part 5

Sam started to wash his hands in a restroom Basin of a new York police station and Sam looks at himself in the mirror and he says to himself

"Jacob what would you do if you where me?"

Jacob lips moved at the same time as sam spoke and Sam just smiled at Jacob in the mirror after talking to himself he was hoping for a reply but knew Jacob was a few years in the future and suddenly

Al says "have you stopped talking to your self yet?"



"so any news yet from ziggy?"

"yes there is a 50 per cent chance you've here to stop two planes from hitting the world trade centre on September 11 2001."

Al looks up from looking at the handlink.

"and how am I surposed to do that Al?"

"am not sure but if anyone can do it I know you can find a way Sam"

Sam looks at himself in the mirror and in that moment of reflection Sam flashes in blue light and when he reappears Sam finds himself sitting on a sit on a air plane and he notices he's not a police officer anymore and just seems to be a regular business man in a business suit wearing glasses.

Sam unbelts himself quickly and walks down the central alise of the plane and Heads towards the cockpit and one of the air hostess walks to Sam and says

"please return to your sit sir!"

"I can't you don't understand I need to talk to the pilot immediately"

"am sorry sir but you can't you must return to your sit immediately."

The plane starts to dive a little and everyone starts to look nervous.

"please return to your sit sir!"

Sam says "OK, OK" and sits back in his sit suddenly his phone rings in his pocket he takes it out looks at the mobile and answers the phone saying


"dad, dad where are you?"

"it's me please don't worry"

sam doing some improvisation.

"dad are you going to be home soon?"

"please know if anything happens to me I just want you to know I love you all. OK please know I love you and your mum ok."

In that very moment blue light flashes and Sam finds himself outside the entrance of one of the towers and Sam runs into the building and runs up one of the stair Wells and finds a lady out cold laying in the middle of the hall way with her back to the wall sitting down he checks her pulse and luckily she is still alive on the landing he lifts her up and carrys her in his arms and leaving the building quickly and as soon as he is cleared he puts her in a near by ambulance.

Many hours later when the area is secure Sam looks at the scene just reflecting over the whole situation and Al appears next to Sam and says

"Al I couldn't stop it I tried god knows I tried but I couldn't stop it"

"I know buddy but ziggy says she now realises you weren't here to stop the disaster not really"

"so why was I here al?"

Al taps the handlink and says

"in the original history John Peterson the business CEO you leaped into on board the first plane he never answered his phone from his family because he was working on a business report and never heard it ring and never told his family how much he loved them so you where here to give him another chance plus when you leaped back into Jacob you saved the life of Sarah Harrison and in the original history she never made it out alive of the world trade centre so Sam you where here for them. "

" Sarah now lives on and sets up a unique charity that helps all the families that where harmed and affected by this disaster and she goes on Sam and helps a lot of people "

Sam looks at the scene and sees all the fire fighters and police officers reflecting on what has just happened and Sam knew like himself they were all hero's......

and in that moment he starts to glow in a wash of blue light and he leaps out.

Sam leaps and after what seems like a few minutes he lands and after the blue light fades away Sam finds himself half way through a family bedroom window he pulls himself into the dark room and closes the window behind him quietly he turns a nearby lamp on and finds himself dressed totally in black head to toe holding a black bag on one shoulder and he looks at himself in the near-by bedroom mirror and says to himself

"a cat burglar!"

"oh boy!"

To be continued
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Default Quantum leap book cover

Hi here is a book cover I have designed
For this story please click the link below to
View it.

Many thanks from John
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