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Default Ratings Compilation Document (Updated weekly, sometimes more)

Here's my compilation of the ratings for Quantum Leap 2022.


Things are going just fine. Low ratings can be explained by competition: Monday Night Football on many nights; NCIS 3hr, 3 show mega-crossover for last week's ep.

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The viewing figures have been falling since EP02 and have stayed within the 2.2 - 2.7million bracket.

Naturally there's been a jump when returning from hiatus i.e Fall finale but whats alarming is the drop last week of only 1.75 mn viewers which was a drop of 24%. It will undoubtedly bounce back again when it returns with EP11 on January 30th.

Live+7 figures can be a little misleading, yes we all lead busy lives and competition for audiences is fierce so the catch-up service keeps the networks happy I guess lol.

However a brand name like QL with recognition should be pulling in 3-4 million consistently on initial viewing.
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I think the numbers are respectable for a show with a niche audience. Personally Iíve felt itís been struggling to find its heart. Scott and Deanís chemistry was catching lightning in a bottle. These most recent episodes have felt more like OG QL to me. (Iíve been introducing my 13-year old to it, we watch both showsónew one when it airs, so we have a fairly direct comparison going.) Numbers on Monday nights are always going to suffer against MNF, thatís just how itís going to be. (Iíd be watching my team and catching QL later myself.) Iím glad to see the show starting to get its feet under it, and Iím not worried about the ratings. As has been said elsewhere, itís rocking ratings on Peacock streaming. They are looking at everything at NBC.

Thanks for sharing that, Joy!
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I really wish they would report streaming numbers for shows and recognize that a lot of people may even need to wait a few days to watch.
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