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Default Music on Disco Inferno...

Ok, so I was watching the Season 2 premier episode Disco Inferno last night and at the opening I thought, WHAT? somethings not right!! The music is different to the leap in on Al's Place video library AND the ITV3 broadcast I remember, so what's the right music?

At the opening in the DISCO the songs 'Kung Fu Fighting' and 'Do the Hustle' are playing on my R2 DVD set, on the video library it's pretty generic disco music.... sooo did you get the leap in on one of the new music replaced sets or the original broadcast, i'm confused!
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Mmmmh, interesting catch there Enterprise. I am going to have to wait until Disco Inferno comes around again on ITV3, UKTV or Sci-Fi so I can compare them myself, with my DVD.

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yeah they change the music for the universal releases for copyright puposes. they are too lazy to pay for the rights to the music. :P

I will have to watch my best friends universal version to see what the mnusic changes are. I also noticed when I watched my bootleg "One Strobe Over the Line" because the disk was in and I was too lazy to switch to my universal version, i noticed a lot of music that was taken out, good music too.

also on the subject of Disco Inferno, heres a little fun fact for yah, The guy who plays Chris, I think my mom told me once that he's actually a famous singer in real life.

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