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Default QL article

I found a really nice article about a potential movie and about the series. It even mentions the 2009 convention. (Sorry if it's been posted before--I've been away lately.)

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I totally agree with everything in the article.

I also joined the "Fans of Quantum Leap - Putting Things Right Before They Can Go Wrong" Facebook page hahaha.
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Great article!

Brian Greene
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I agree... great article! I sincerely feel like the best and most logical direction to take would be akin to Star Trek and have Sam and Al "pass the torch" to a new generation. Give their characters closure while at the same time setting up new characters to take over for them. If I were writing a continuation, that's what I would do.


~Sometimes "That's the way it is" is the best explanation.
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What a great article. So well stated. Still would prefer Scott & Dean in the roles but I don't think it'll happen.

Thanks for posting it here.
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and i still dont get why they dont make the movie.they made some of the dumbest remakes from the 80s starsky and hatch even the original actor david soul who played in a small role in the movie said that the remake was idiotic friday the 13 now we have karate kid and they actually brought back to the screen all the 80s movie hits plus the knight rider and IS IT SO DAMN HARD difficult to make a movie for ql and answer unanswered qs and end it with a happy ending??? what do they have to lose?? even the show heroes which the ending was dumb and the series went from bad to worst they plan to make a movie .Cmon WE WANT SAM AND AL BACK FOR ONE MORE LAST TIME WE WANT QUANTUM LEAP ON THE BIG SCREEN.wouldnt be cool if angelina jolie played in the movie???lol well just a thought
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