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Default Quantum leap Dracula a leap into darkness

Part 1

After Sam leaps out of his most recent host as he is leaping through time he felt like he was back in the quantum leap accelerator with his arms stretched out moving his arms slowly over his head at that moment it felt like he could just reach out and he would be back in his own time as himself and back at the project but at that moment while standing on the accelerator plate a black myst surrounds Sam and a figure appears from out of the darkness a man looking like Dracula looks at Sam with lustful eyes and as he opens his mouth his fangs show and Sam says.

"oh boy!"

And then the vision ended and Sam leaped into his new place in time and space and when the blue light fades away Sam was laying in a coffin as Sam gets up and out of the coffin Sam was dressed just like Dracula and Sam says

"oh boy!"

After leaving the crypt Sam was slowly walking around the castle looking exactly like Dracula wearing a red cape and wearing the famous necklace around his neck just like Dracula.

Sam said to himself as he was looking around the castle.

"this place looks so creepy who would ever live in a place like this?" thinking to himself out loud.

Sam was walking down a really long corridor when


the imaging chamber door opens and Al says to sam while the door is closing behind him.

Al wearing the same clothes as he did the last time Sam leaped into a vampire.

"Sam you're leaped into a vampire again"

Sam looking really unapproving at Al and says

"were been through this before Al there's no such thing as Vampires got it repeat after me there's no such things as vampires OK"

Al looking a bit deflated by Sam's remark says

"OK there's no such thing as vampires"

"so Al who have I leaped into this time?"

Al looks at the hand link and taps it saying

"OK it's July 14 1998 and it's Transylvania, and you are in a medieval castle near the Carpathian Mountains near the Borgo Pass. See Sam you have leaped into Dracula! There's no other logical explanation Sam you are in the right place for Dracula."

"but there's only one problem Al"

"and what's that?"

"I can't have leaped into Dracula because his a fictional character created by bram stoker Al so the only logical explanation I can see is Al the person I have leaped into is a fan of the story a fan that has taken it just one step further to making it real for him"

Al taps the hand link and says

"OK Sam you might be right"

"so Al any ideas why am here?"

Al taps the hand link and says

"we have zero, for zero at the moment but Ziggy I am sure will know soon"

"OK would you please go back and find out for me"

"OK Sam I don't really want to be here anyway in this dark and gloomy place any longer."

Al taps the hand link and the white imaging chamber door opens and before Al disappears Al says

"I better order some more garlic"

And he is gone.

End of part 1
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Part 2

Sam started to explore the castle while Al was back in the future the castle was dark, damp and gloomy.

Every where the rooms was lit by touch light on the walls it felt like with every step Sam had leaped back to the medievil Era and it didn't feel like 1998 at all Sam came across many open and locked rooms and wonder what was on the other side of these locked doors but quickly thinking to himself

" best not too think about it."

Leaping around in time can be fun from time to time but this time on this leap Sam was hoping he could leap out as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile outside castle Dracula a black coach parks up to the castle and a gentleman wearing a suit and hat gets out of the coach and being guided by the coach driver the driver points to the castle and the gentleman holding his briefcase started to walk slowly up to the great old door of castle Dracula.

The coach and the black horses with supernatural red looking eyes started to pull out of the grounds and started to race down another path onto a unknown destination.

Suddenly Sam heard a knock on the door to the castle and in that moment Sam brought his cape up covering his mouth and then gave up the move when he said to himself.

"what am I doing?..... Great I am starting to act like Dracula now great."

After a few minutes the door to the great castle opened and Sam saw a stranger looking at him on the doorstep of the Great castle.

And Sam said

"yes can I help you?"

The man in the night took off his hat and said.

"hello my name is Johnathan Harker and I am here at your request sir do I have the pleasure of addressing count Dracula?"

"Sam said who? Who are you again?"

"my names Johnathan Harker sir don't you remember I am here to discuss the Abby you want to buy sir don't you remember?"

Sam looking totally surprised continues to say

"but that's not possible you can't be Johnathan that's totally made up"

"sir I don't mean to be rude sir but Johnathan is my name, and it is getting quite cold out here now so can we not go inside and discuss this matter in a more serious way please sir?"

"of course sorry where are my manners please come in"

Johnathan smiles and as he steps into the castle he closes the door behind him and both Johnathan and Sam start to slowly walk up the spiral cold, stone steps into the castle.

Johnathan says

"my this is quite a castle you have here sir may I know how long you have lived in this castle sir?"

Sam looking unsure and says

"many years, many years in indeed"

"of course sir, of course"

As soon as Johnathan and Sam got to the main floor of the castle Sam lucky opened the right door to the dining room area of the castle and inside the room there was already a fire burning in the fire place and food was already layed out for a social gathering to. Take place.

Johnathan sat down at the table and Sam said

"please feel free to eat the refreshments that has been prepared for you"

Johnathan smiles and starts to eat the meal in front of him of lamb, veg and potatoes with gravy.

Suddenly Al walks through a near by wall and Sam notices Al and Sam quickly says.

"Johnathan please feel free to enjoy your self for the time being I have other duties to attend to so I must take my leave and be back with you again shorty."

"of course"

Sam walks out of the room into the hallway and Al reappears as if out of no where Sam says to Al.

"Al this leap is greating weirder and weirder"

"how so?"

"Al it is as if I have leaped into the story of Dracula the book is starting to play out tonight its very creepy Al guess who's that man in the dinning room?"

"who Sam?"

"he said his name is Johnathan Harker"


"yes I don't know who I have leaped into Al but this guy I have leaped into must love Dracula so much that he is playing the story out exactly how bram stroker wrote it"

"that's strange Sam"

"your telling me Al does Ziggy know why am here yet? Please say you know Al"

Al taps the hand link with the device flashing with all of its usual colors.

"Ziggy says you here to save a woman called cosmina in the original history she goes missing tonight and ends up dead and her body is found 30 miles away from here two days from now and she is discovered having bite marks on her neck and she is totally drained of blood Sam. Ziggy says there is a 98.3 per cent chance she will probably make contact with you at some point tonight and Ziggy says you're best bet of success is to just send her away from the castle as soon as she makes contact with you"

Sam nods and says

"OK, oh boy!"

End of part 2
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Part 3

"Al does Ziggy know exactly why this lady is going to try and make contact with someone like me?"

Al starts tapping the hand link it goans and the light dances all over the device.

"we are not exactly sure but Ziggy feels it has something to do with a missing child"

"a missing child?"

"yes Sam it's hard to get the data we need a bit more time for Ziggy to locate the data"

"so where's the child now?"

"we're not sure Ziggy gives it a 56.6 per cent chance the child could be somewhere in this castle."

"so all this woman wants is her child back and she will go."

"I would say yes Sam"


Al taps the link and Ziggy says

"with the amount of data we have so far Sam, Ziggy agrees with your theory"

"OK Al go back and give her a helping hand"

Just at that moment Sam notices Al is wearing garlic around his neck and sam says.

"Al what is that?"

Al looking very sheepish says

"oh this it's...... Nothing Sam"

Sam looking very disapproving at Al

"OK it's Garlic"

"Al do we really need to go over this again Al. There's no such thing as vampires OK"

"Sam it's easy for you to say you're not the one that has to see your counterpart in the waiting room he just looks like the other vampire you leaped into before. Some times he looks even whose he has very lustful eyes sam am not taking any chances Sam."

Al taps the hand link and the imaging chamber door opens Al steps into the door way and sam says.

" Al don't come back until you're joined the 20th century. "

And with that the imaging chamber door closes leaving Sam all alone in the hallway.

As soon as Sam returns back to the dining room Johnathan says to Sam.

"I have finished my meal now let's get down to the business at hand"

Sam sits down at the table next to the visitor and Johnathan hands Sam the title deed for the Abby in London and says.

"please read all these forms please they are just the usual legal forms and when you have finished please sign them and then I can file them and get the matter of transferring the legal ownership into your hands."

Sam quickly looks over the documents and signs the paperwork saying

" count Dracula "

End of part 3
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Part 4

After the paper work was signed Johnathan took back the documents and put it back into his briefcase and locked the case and said.

"thank you count the hour is indeed late may I stay in the castle tonight and get some rest and then first light tomorrow I can take my leave back to London?"

"sure, sure" Sam says

Sam walks with Johnathan and after a few searching the rooms Sam finally finds one of the guest rooms.

Sam continues to say.

"make yourself at home and I will see you tomorrow good night"

Johnathan smiles and closes the door behind him.

Sam walking back into the hallway suddenly hears a knock on the front door.

Sam looking nervous starts to head for the front door and once their he opens it to find a woman on the door step she looks really unhappy and starts to say in a different language.

"where's my baby?"

Sam not being able to understand her words he says.

"sorry can I help you?"

Then in English she repeats her sentence again then Sam nods and says please come inside.

She steps into the castle and closes the door behind her they both walk up the castle stair way and when they get to the first floor Sam asks her to wait in the hall.

Then Al reappears

Both Sam and Al quickly walks to the end of the hall out of view of there new visitor.

"Al thank goodness you're here does Ziggy know where the ladys baby is?"

Al taps the link and says

"yes the baby is in the north tower of the castle in a room that has been maded up to look like a nursery."

"OK Al go to the baby watch over it"

Al nods and says

"gooshie! Center me on the baby"

And then he disappears and reappears in the nursery.

When Al reappears the baby is sound asleep in a cot and he says to the baby while she's sleeping.

"good, good your still here"

After five minutes Sam appears with her mother the mother looking over joyed being reunited with her child she then goes quickly leaving the room with her baby and takes the child and she leaves straight away making it for the front door.

Sam follows the lady and when they reach the front door she let's her self out and disappears into the night.

Sam says to Al

"so have I done it Al?"

Al reads the hand link and says

"yes Sam history has changed cosmina returns back to her family in safety and she brings up the child and they both have a wonderful future together and she brings up her daughter as she should."

"that's great Al that's great"

Both Al and Sam walk back up the stairs and suddenly from outside they hear wolf's howling and Sam smiles and looks at Al and says.

"the children of the night what sweet music they make"

"Sam that's not funny."

And suddenly a group of women enter the hall way looking a lot like vampires and they slowly walk towards Sam with lustful eyes and Al says.

"Sam they look like vampires to me"

Sam looking almost not sure what to do is then overcome at that moment by blue light he quantum leaps out into time.....

When the blue light fades away Sam finds himself looking like the count again and says to himself.

"oh no am Dracula again"

Sam finds himself in carfax abbey in England and says.

"oh boy!"

End of part 4
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Part 5

As Sam is walking around the abbey Al reappears and says outloud.

"gooshie I've got him"

He taps the link and says to sam

"you've probably guessed that your Dracula again"

Sam looking unapproving says

"yes I can't escape the clothes but why Al am I back as him. But I can't really be Dracula can I Al?"

Sam then checks his pants pockets and pulls out the book Dracula and quickly flips through the pages noticing a lot of the clear events being underlined in red.

" Al see I have the novel here this guy I have leaped into he is recreating this story this book is like his Bible to him this proves my theory Al he can't be a real vampire just a fan who has let himself go in more ways than one"

Al says "that's a relief to know and let's see why you are here again?"

Al taps the hand link trying to find the information he needs and says

"Sam we are totally not sure if seems like we can't pull up any information on who your leaped into it seems to ziggy he's used to living off the grid as so to speak but the title deed does say that this place was brought by a count Dracula."

"OK so to why am I back as him Al?"

"Ziggy says you're here to stop the count once and for all by handling your self over to the police for murders to do with vampirism."

"when Al?"

"Ziggy says that over the years a few have died by this count always women and some are in England and a lot of them are aboard."

"OK Al I'll do it"

"it least on the bright side Sam you don't have to do anything this time to do with the blood moon"


Sam leaves the abbey and heads for local police station in London and he hands himself over to the police telling them about all the murders he had done with Al giving him all the details using the name count Dracula.

As a police officer locks up Sam in a cell Al reappears and says.

"you did it buddy the count spends the rest of his life in jail and he never sees the light of day again"

Sam smiles saying

"he didn't like to see the sun light anyway Al he's a vampire remember"

Al smiles and says

"yes your right"

And in that moment Sam starts to quantum leap and he leaps into time.....

When the blue light fades away Sam finds himself in a dressing room in a theater and when he looks at himself in the mirror he sees his own face in the mirror and says.

"how can it be me?"

Then he notices a script in front of him and it has his name written on top of it saying

"Scott bakula"

And he quickly checks his dressing room door and he realizes on this leap he has leaped into a actor called Scott bakula Sam says to himself.

"oh boy!"
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Default Quantum leap book cover

Hi here is a book cover I have designed
For this story please click the link below to
View it.

Many thanks from John
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