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Default Episode Titles

Many of the titles were clever wordplay on titles of existing movies or books, for example Play it Again, Seymour ("Play it again, Sam"), How the Tess (West) Was Won, and the Leaping (Taming) of the Shrew. I also think "Portrait For Troian" was a take on "Portrait for Dorian Grey." There are some that puzzle me, wondered if anyone has insights, where I'm sure the title is a play on words for something else but I'm not sure what...

But what about...

"Black on White on Fire"
"One Strobe Over the Line"
"Her Charm" (This was Dana's third identity so third time's her charm?)

"Temptation Eyes" (I'm familiar with the song but not how it relates to this episode).
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Interesting you bring this up as I was going to make a thread regarding the inspirations for many episodes. I'll throw out a few here:

"Genesis" - Reference to the Book Of Genesis in the Bible? The beginning? Sam is leaped around by GFTW and could even be seen as a Christ-like figure?

"Disco Inferno" - Seems to just be a simple song reference encapsulating the height of the Disco-era.

"Catch a Falling Star" - An on-the-nose title; Sam has to catch the star of the play.

"Leap Of Faith" - Double entendre; Al lost faith in praying and he finds his relationship with a higher power again. Also of course, it's a leap.

"Rebel Without a Clue" - A play on "Rebel Without a Cause" which was a James Dean film with bikers.

"Runaway" - Named after the song of the same name which deals with the plot of the episode.

"Heart Of a Champion" - Sam has to save a man who is a champion with heart issues.

"Nuclear Family" - Sam is caught in the middle of an all-American 'nuclear' family at the height of a nuclear threat.

"The Wrong Stuff" - A play on words (the right stuff).

"It's a Wonderful Leap" - Reference to "It's a Wonderful Life" which is a film that deals with an angel.
- Chris
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