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Default Season 5 dvds not double sided?


playusa are saying it will be on 5 discs, could this be a mistake? maybe universal have seen sense. i may buy it if its 5 discs.
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If I had to take a guess, I'd say it's a mistake on their party. The technical information on Universal's site (http://homevideo.universalstudios.co...?childId=36538) list only 3 discs. I'd bet, since they're the ones producing them, they have better knowledge of just how many discs there are.
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Well, if they are in fact still double-sided, it won't really be much of a disappointment to most of us as we're used to it. But if they are indeed single-sided, it's better late than never...again.
- Chris
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So far the R2 releases have avoided the dreaded 'DOUBLE SIDED HORROR!!', i've said this before but I truly hate double sided discs with all my being. No matter which way you rest them the scratch and they look boring and uck... so here's hoping that Universal change their minds and release single sided discs for R1 and 2 and make everyone H-A-P-P-Y - although I highly doubt it. Sigh.
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