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Default Quantum leap meets resident evil

Part 1

The words "Resident evil" appears on the TV screen and suddenly a flash of light appears behind the words and a voice says "resident evil" in a evil. Booming voice.

Suddenly the red letter words is covered in a wash of blue light and the title quantum leaps in amazing blue light.

Sam finds himself leaping and after a few minutes after wave after wave of blue light energy fades away. Sam lands in his new time and place.

Sam finds himself driving a police car in the middle of the night driving towards a unknown destination along a empty road. Sam looks at himself in the mirror and he smiles at himself saying out loud to his mirror image.

"I hope on this leap, God, time or fate will go easy on me this time please."

The police car continues its journey and the car passes a sign saying "raccoon city"

Sam can hear a lot of police radio chatter and he turns it down so he can think to himself.

Suddenly Sam sees in the middle of the road a dog he beeps at the animal and trys waving his hand to try and get the dog to move but with no joy Sam stops the car suddenly by slamming down on the breaks.

The car stops and at very same moment of the car stopping he can't see the animal anymore only a empty road in front of him.

Not sure if he had just imagined the whole thing Sam unbelts himself and steps out of the car feeling really confused he looks at the scene and with no joy he gets back into the car and continues his journey into "Raccoon city".

Meanwhile project quantum leap 1999

Al pours himself his 5th coffee of the day and slowly drinks it in the canteen area of the project sat down at a nearby table while reading his latest report of never ending reports about Sam being as he was all too well familiar with his buddy being lost in time.

While he was lost in throught while reading the handlink in his pocket starts to groan.

He takes it out of his pocket and taps a few times into the device and says outloud.

"ziggy I'll talk to you soon am busy right now"

The hand link continues to groan and al accepts defeat.

He puts the hand link back in his jacket pocket and walks out of the the canteen heading straight for the main control room.

As soon as he is in front of ziggy

He looks up at the big blue ball of the computer and says to ziggy.

"OK what do you have for me this time?"

"admiral Dr beckett has leaped into a police officer called Leon Kennedy of the Raccoon police department."

"so?" AL replys

Ziggy continues

"I am still downloading all of the data from the national archives but really disturbing and troubling data is coming through to me."

"in what way?" al says looking concerned.

"at the moment I am not sure if this data is totally accurate or if the data is clearly a hoax try me again in 17.3 hours...."

"OK your got it ziggy"

"but admiral I think it would be wise to go and see Sam a.s.a.p in the imaging chamber and report your findings to me at once."

"why is Sam in danger right now?"

"not sure..... Processing..... possibly"

"I need more than that ziggy? Possibly? To go on?"

Ziggy suddenly goes silent and AL says to himself "OK warm up the imaging chamber am going in. Here we go again."

The chamber warms up AL walks up the ramp and after a few taps of the hand link the imaging chamber door opens in front of him and al steps into the white room and the door closes behind him.

End of part 1

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Part 2

Sam pulls the car up near a police barrier in the small car park in front of him and finally reaching Raccoon city he stops the car and stops the engine.

As Sam steps out of the vehicle in front of him he sees a vision of hell cars are turned up side down and a lot was on fire. It was like a war zone many where dead all round police officers dead just laying all around in the street all quickly forgotten. Sam started to feel a little nervous about the whole situation and he says to himself

"what the hell is going on"

He tried to see if he could help any of the dead but it was way to late for anyone.

So investigating the situation further Sam starts to walk pass one of the burning cars in front of him and off in the center of the road he sees two people crouched down looking like they are eating from something in the middle of the road he couldn't make out what they were eating but he was so greatful just to see anyone else who could help him. he says to them as he slowly walks towards them.

"hello hi?"

The two people start to raise slowly leaving there recent dead man of a meal in the road with the dead man laying in a pool of his own blood and turn around and Sam can see straight away there long dead faces.

Sam couldn't believe what he saw the two people started to slowly walk towards him both looking very dead there face was covered in blood and there eyes was gray in color the zombies started to reach towards Sam and started to groan. And unnatural noise.

Sam quickly started to back track his movements and takes his gun out of his side holster and aims it at the two unfortunate beings slowly walking towards him.

Sam says outloud to them

"I don't want to have to use this on you so please stop right now"

But it made no difference the two zombies didn't react to Sam words.

Suddenly the imaging chamber door opens behind Sam and closes again the door brighting up the street with its white light brighting up the night and disappearing again after a few taps on the hand link Al quickly stands near Sam.

Al clocking the zombies straight away in front of Sam

Says with a look of horror on his face.

"oh my God Sam they can't be?"

Sam replys

"I know there's no such thing as......"

Al looking nervous and continues to say

"you might have to shot them Sam"

Sam checks the immediate area and looks behind him seeing the road and side walk clear he says to al quickly.

"AL where is the safest place in this city right now?"

Al taps the hand link it flashes red, green and yellow.

"ziggy says you're safest bet and place you can go to right now is the Raccoon police department get there and you should be OK."

"OK where's that?"

Al taps on the hand link and reads the display closely.

"OK Sam it's just down the road behind you for a few miles turn right and then left and you there."

Sam says "OK let's go"

Sam turns behind him quickly on his feet and starts running down the road towards the Raccoon police department.

The zombies start to follow Sam but still moving deathly slow.

Al not following Sam just yet looks at the zombies more closely and as al moves closer to them the zombies seem to be able to see him al says to himself.

"oh God they look dead"

And continues to say

"oh no not zombies now so it's children, the mentality troubled and zombies that can see me..... Why not blondes?"

The zombies try and reach out for al but after a few taps of the handlink al disappears like a ghost.

Really confusing the zombies.

When al reappears Sam is running down the road running past a American gun shop.

Al says to Sam

"Sam wait"

Sam stops dead in his track starting to pant and says to his hologram friend.

"why we need to keep going to the police station?"

Al looking serious Sam quickly inside the shop I will explain and al walks through the shop front of the shop like a ghost.

Sam says to himself


With luck the shop door is already open and Sam steps into the shop and locks the door behind him.

Sam says to Al

"am not shooting anyone al"

Al tapping on the hand link and looking up to look at Sam says.

"you might not have a choice Sam if they are real zombies you need to arm yourself right now more than the hand gun you already have because according to ziggy there is a illness out there that has turned a lot of the people into cold, hard murders. That you can't reason with"

Sam looking like he was trapped in a almost impossible situation he looks around the shop and says quickly OK there's no harm just having extra guns and ammo if I need them.

Al points to a shotgun on the wall and boxes of ammo in the front display of the shop Sam starts taking many of the shot gun ammo. And after taking everything that is useful AL sees zombies getting close to the shop window and shouts to Sam quickly

"Sam quickly through the back door we need to get out of here."

Sam trys opening the back door but it's locked the zombies walk towards the front door of the shop and the door starts being rocked by the zombies trying desperately to get into the shop ready for their next human meal.

The zombies cover the whole front window now more than 10 standing outside trying to get in and starts hitting the window and the front door hard with Sam being clearly over run of zombies outside and time running out fast.

Sam looks at the zombies through the window with horror and says

"oh boy!"

End of part 2
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Part 3

As the zombies head butt the front window Al says quickly to Sam.

"Sam I will distract the zombies while you find a way out of here OK."

Sam nods

After a few more taps of the hand link Al disappears and reappears outside the gun shop and shouts to the zombies

"hey zombies over here!"

All the hungry zombies turn around slowly and all of them puts out their arms towards AL and slowly start moving towards him looking like a army of the undead.

Al says to himself

"that's right come over here all of you"

And he runs slowly down the street encouraging them to follow him in another direction. With a group of zombies in hot pursuit.

Meanwhile back in the gun shop with no more zombies outside at the front of the shop and not wanting to risk the street Sam aims his shot gun at the back door lock and shots the lock off the door with a loud bang.

A loud shot gun noise rings in Sam's ears and he runs through the back door with super confidence.

Finding himself in a back alley looking nervous Sam follows the alley slowly and very carefully to the end and shots the lock off a metal door and opens the metal door and he finds himself back on the street running towards the police station feeling like he is running for his life.

Not long after this Sam finds the Raccoon police department and opens the two big double entrance doors and steps inside locking the door behind him. After locking the door Sam closes his eyes and trys taking a few deep breaths feeling like he was trapped in a living nightmare.

Al reappears in front of sam and Sam says to Al

"am glad you're Safe Al"

Al quickly replies

"me too but those zombies can't hurt me Sam I am a hologram. I am glad they are easy to fool."

"AL I won't believe it there's no such thing as zombies"

"but you're seen them Sam with your own eyes Sam they are killing people outside and eating their bodies....... Yuck it's to bad just to think about"

"there has to be a logical explanation for this. There's always a logical explanation for everything."

"not this time Sam this time the answer is there are zombies Sam! And they are eating people."

"AL people just don't go round eating people without a good reason so why am I here anyway?"

Al looks at the hand link and taps it saying

"OK it's June 22 1996 and you're leaped into Leon Kennedy a new kid on the block joining the police force today lucky or unlucky you for the Raccoon police department and were not quite sure why you are here yet Sam we're been a bit distracted by all the zombies out there. We are still running the program. "

" OK AL can you go back and give them a hand the quicker I can find out why am here the quicker I can leap out of here. "

" agreed "

Al nods and taps the hand link again and the imaging chamber door opens behind him he stands in the white background and says to Sam.

" I will get you safely out of this one this time if it's the last thing I do "after a few more taps on the device and Al disappears back to the future.

Looking a bit lost more so then usual Sam walks up to the main reception area of the police department and not seeing anyone in sight suddenly the phone in front of him rings next to a old fashion type writer.

Sam answers the phone and says


And on the line he hears a man voice saying

"Leon we have plans for you Leon great plans before the night is up you will be paying in more ways than one."

Sam says "who is this?"

And the line goes dead

End of part 3
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Part 4

After replacing the phone back on the handset a officer blasts into the big hall of the Raccoon police department through a near by door an African American holding his chest looking mortality wounded walks slowly towards Sam.

Sam goes up to him and says

"easy, now, easy I can help"

The officer feeling like death warmed up and feeling like he was going to die any minute now. And hoping he wouldn't turn into a mindless zombie at any moment.

Falling into a near by sit

The officer looks at Sam and says

"Leon you need to get out of here... The whole place is filled with zombies, zombies are everywhere...."

Sam finds a first aid kit near by under the desk of main reception and trys to patch him up the best that he can.

The dieing officer says before losing too much blood and falling into unconscious.

" Leon.... Leon time is running out..... Ahhh"

And he falls into unconscious.

Sam wraps a bandage around his body and stops the bleeding. And trys to save his life the best way that he can.

He says to himself looking at the officer trying to talk to him.

"you should be OK now buddy rest well. How did he know my name?"

Sam checks his own uniform and sees his name printed on the front of the uniform and says of course.

Suddenly a key falls to the floor from the dieing cops hand. he takes the key and starts to look for a way out.

Within a blink of a eye Al reappears again and says" Sam I think we know why you are here now? "

Sam replies" OK? Why am I here? "

Al reads straight from the hand link

" OK in the original history a Dr.*Annette Birkin one of Umbrella's employees... "

" who's umbrella? "

" its a research company dealing with many top secret projects. we have access due to our project falling under the same protocol."

Sam nods and says continue

" OK in the original history this dr is killed by her husband a Mr William Birkin who is mother of her little daughter sherry Birkin"

Al taps the hand link more and continues to read the display.

"ziggy says you are here to save sherry's mother so she can look after her daughter after this whole situation with Raccoon city is over a 85.6 per cent sure. "

Sam nods and says where's sherry's mother now?

Al looks at the hand link with more interest.

" OK ziggy says she is in a umbrella facility not far from here and will remain there until she dies you need to reach her Sam as quickly as possible. "

" OK" Sam says to Al " any ideas of how to get out of this city safety?"

Al taps the hand link really fast and says

" we're working on it Sam as soon as she can pin point a escape route we will let you know. "

Sam nods

suddenly a licker

Busts into the hall from the left door way into the hall.

And the creature yells at both Sam and al in a unholy way.

With it standing on all fours crouching like a man with vampire, animal teeth and his brain in full view for all to see slowly moving up and down with every evil throught. The whost thing about this nightmare creature from hell is his huge tougne.

Al says to Sam

"Sam be very careful indeed..... what the hell is it?"

Sam says to Al really slowly

"I have no idea"

The creature just looks at both AL and Sam like a wild animal just waiting for any chance to strike out at any minute to claim its pray.

AL says to Sam quickly, Sam run up the stairs up to the first floor while I distract this creature Sam nods and AL shouts "now!"

Al runs passed the creature and the lickers tougne shots out of his mouth and it goes through Al like a ghost with the creature well and truly distracted.

Sam runs up the stairs to the first floor of the police station and opens the near by door and escapes into another part of the station.

End of part 4
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Part 5

After Sam closes the door behind him he finds himself in a long hallway corridor that leads to two offices on his immediate left and as he walks slowly down the corridor mindless cop zombies slowly starts walking towards Sam in the hall there arms reaching out in a unholy way lost souls doomed to only crave the fresh of the living.

Sam aims his hand gun at the zombies legs and he says outloud towards the unfortunates.

"please forgive me who ever you use to be"

Sam open fires a few rounds and the zombie falls over falling onto the floor unable to move.

And Sam does the same thing two the second and 3rd zombies behind the first one Sam quickly runs past them and make sures that none of the zombies touch him.

He opens one of the near by offices doors the one that reads on the glass


And closes the door behind him in the room it was just a normal office looking also like a class room.

And on one of the nearby desks was a police journal and a type writer on the same desk with a ink ribbon right next to the type writer. Sam was about to pick up the journal when Al reappears behind Sam.


Sam turns around and see's his buddy

"Sam that creature was nothing I have ever seen before its made a huge mess down stairs trying to get me it's not safe down stairs you need to try and find another way out of here"

"OK tell ziggy how do I do that"

Al taps the hand link and says

"ziggys got some thing you're best bet is to go and reach the sewers and escape that way the escape hatch its located in the basement of this station I can lead you let's go."

Sam opens the door and heads down the corridor avoiding the zombies on the floor and as he is about to open the only exit they can see in front of them.

A large roar is heard and through the other door that Sam came through originally. The tyrant busts into the hallway through that door totally destroying the door and a bit of the hallway and it roars again and runs towards Sam totally destroying the zombies as it runs passed them in the corridor Sam quickly opens the door behind him and makes a run for it.

End of part 5
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Part 6

Sam closes the door behind fast and as he is running down the next corridor passing windows zombies suddenly start to break and smash through the windows and try to pull themselves through the window but suddenly Sam sees a man in a special uniform totally dressed in black wearing a black helmet looking through night vision goggles and he has the umbrella symbol on his arm he points a machine gun at Sam and says

"who are you?"

But before Sam could say anything the tyrant busts through the door and the army guy says to Sam.

"get down!"

Both Sam and AL duck onto the floor and the army guy takes out a rocket launcher and the rocket fires and hits the tyrant right into the chest the tyrant falls to the floor looking dead.

The umbrella agent says to Sam

"quickly come with me we don't have long before the tyrant weapon recovers. I'll lead the way"

the special agent runs forward going back on him self and Sam, AL and the agent start to run down corridors shooting zombies as they run for there lives.

The agent leads Sam to the sewer hatch and says you can get out of the city using the tunnels quickly use them. Sam says "thank you and says are you not coming."

The agent says "I can't I still have a job to do now go!"

Sam opens the hatch and goes down the ladder into the sewer tunnels AL reappears in a flash and says.

"Sam this tunnel ahead leads straight out of the city and to the lab it looks like clear waters from now on let's go."

Suddenly the hand link in front of AL groans in his hand and he reads the display and says to Sam

"Sam we don't have long according to this Raccoon city is going to be destroyed in the next 2 hours"


Sam looking surprised

"according to this umbrella fires missiles from the air to completely destroy Raccoon city to stop the T virus from spreading they deem this area a lost cause and it gets destroyed in the next 2 hours."

Sam looks at Al and says "we have no time to lose"

Sam runs through the network of underground tunnels following Al's instructions and after a while they find umbrellas lab.

Sam climbs up the metal ladder that leads into the lab and opens the hatch as soon as he runs into the lab a lady dressed as a Dr aims a gun at Sam and says.

"who are you?"

Sam raises his arms and says

"my names Leon am here to save you"

"from what?" she replys

Sam explains to the Dr everything Al told Sam when he was in the tunnels and surprisingly to Sam she believes him she lowers her fire arm. And they leave the lab and gets into her car.

Dr.*Annette Birkin explains to Sam that the quickest way out of the city is by rail and she speeds them to the umbrella railway station.

When they arrive both Sam and the Dr leaves the car and they meet about to step on board the near by train Claire Redfield and sherry.

Sherry runs to her mum and they both embrace.

Sam, Claire the Dr and sherry aboard the train and Sam making sure the train is clear of zombies runs to the driver's cabin and starts up the train the train starts to move down the track when suddenly Al appears next to Sam and says

"Sam quickly to the front of the train"


"the tyrant is back"

Sam asks the Dr to look after the train controls and he runs down to the front of the train again the tyrant clocking there departure starts to run at super human speed trying to chase them Sam looking nervous not sure what to do next claire says to Sam get down now both sherry and Sam hits the floor and she aims a rocket launcher at the tyrant and she fires a few rockets at the monster they hit dead center and he falls on the ground of the station unconscious.

The train starts to pick up more speed and both Sam and sherry stands up. Looking like they have both survived the end of the world Al says to Sam

"your done it buddy"

Sam asks "what happens next Al?"

Al reading directly from the hand link

Raccoon city is destroyed and umbrella goes into hiding and Claire the Dr and sherry has a new start in another state but the most important thing Sam is sherry has her mum again and they have a very happy every after rebuilding there lives trying to put this horror and nightmare to rest. Her mum quits from umbrella and treats the people who came down with the T virus she develops a cure and she helps and saves millions of lives. "

Sam looks at both Claire and sherry and starts to smile and as he turns looks out of the train seeing Raccoon city disappearing into the distance he hopes umbrella rain of terror never happens again and in that moment he is washed in blue light and Sam quantum leaps into time.

But as he is traveling through time suddenly the leaps feels like it goes wrong the time tunnel changes from blue to green to red and it feels like Sam is traveling into another universe.

Not long after this Sam lands and after the leaping cycle is complete he finds himself dressed as a blue Ninja surrounded with people all around him a guard pushes Sam into the center area of the tournament and Sam sees engraved on the floor a dragon symbol head and suddenly the tournament master gets up from his chair and says

"sub zero vs scorpion"

A yellow ninja enters the combat area and faces Sam and the tournament master says


Sam looks at scorpion and

Says "oh boy!"

The end

Quantum leap meets mortal kombat coming soon
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Default Quantum leap book cover

Hi here is a book cover I have designed
For this story please click the link below to
View it.

Many thanks from John
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