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Default RIP Dean Stockwell

So very sad to read of Dean's passing on 7th November 2021.
Dress code or not, I'm sure he's joking around in heaven now!

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Very sad.
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I've just heard of the sad news just before today's episode of Quantum Leap. I know I've not been around for quite a few years due to other commitments (my business took off unexpectedly) but I could not help but convey my condolences to all the lepers out there and to Scott Bakula to whom was a good friend. Very sad news indeed. May the leap continue. Love to all, Sue
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Even though this news is not completely unexpected (knowing he hasn't been in the best of health in quite some time), it's still hitting me hard. Quantum Leap was a series that literally changed my life, and Dean Stockwell was and always be a huge part of what made it so memorable and meaningful to so many of us. He will be greatly missed.


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I too was very sad to hear of his passing from Deborah's post this morning. Time has moved on and it's been hard to keep up with the site as much as I'd like, but so good to see you all here tonight. Dean brought us all together in a way, and I'm grateful to know you and thankful to him for it.

Brian Greene
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Just read about Dean’s passing. Very sad indeed.

~Steve B.
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