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Default Forum Help Topics for Old and New Members

Welcome to the new Al's Place Online Community for Quantum Leap, QL: The Virtual Seasons, and The Starbright Project. We have successfully imported each and every posting from the old EZBoard forums and are now getting settled in. The following notes and Q&A will help you know what to expect, what new features to look for, and where some of the functionality you have grown accustomed to may have moved to.

Do I need to re-register to use this forum?
Yes. Because the old forum had different kinds of users (local and global) and we could not download this information during the transition, user accounts could not be transferred over. Please register here on Al's Place and your account will be good for the entire forum including QL: The Virtual Seasons and The Starbright Project.

If you were an active member of the old Al's Place Online Community (EZBoard), please CLICK HERE to find out how to update your new account to reflect your old posts.

How do I send a Private Message or E-Mail to a member of the forum?
Click on their username and you will either get a Popup menu with these options or you will be brought to their Profile page with all of these options.

What's a Thread?
On the old forum, each 'discussion' which has multiple posts under it is called a topic.

On the new forum, each 'discussion' which has multiple replies under it is called a thread.

It's a difference in terminology.

What is an attachment?
A great feature of this new forum is the ability to attach images and files to your postings. If you have an image or logo you'd like to share or reference in one of your messages, click the "Manage Attachments" button when you are composing your message.

How do I create a Poll?
On this new forum, there is no distinction made between a Thread and a Poll. If you have the right privileges, you may create a new thread and then attach a Poll to it afterwards. Questions can have one answer or receive multiple responses (multiple choice).

How do I change my Avatar?
Please click on the My Settings link in the main navigation bar. Then click Edit Avatar.

On the old forum, you had to insert an image URL to have an avatar. This prevented many users who do not have their own website from having a custom avatar.

On the new forum, you can select from a variety of default avatars with images from Quantum Leap as well as uploading your own custom avatar directly from your computer. In order to submit your own avatar, it must be 80 x 80 pixels in size (or smaller) and be no larger than 26kb. Some of the avatars on the previous forum were hundreds of kilobytes. We want to be considerate of dial-up users. If you need help creating or resizing an avatar, please post the image you want to start with on our Help forum and someone will gladly provide you with a good-looking avatar customized for you.

Are there different message editors?
Yes. Visit My Settings > Edit Options. At the very bottom of this page of options, you can select whether you wish to compose messages and posts on this forum using a very simple 'Basic Editor', a more advanced 'Standard Editor' with styling buttons and a selection of Smilies, and finally a powerful Microsoft Word-like 'Enhanced WYSIWYG Editor'. You must be running Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 1.0.4, Opera 8.0.1, or the latest Safari to use this optional WYSIWYG Editor.


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