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Default Who impressed the most in their role???

Initial viewing of the show has been mixed, from critics saying too much exposition and not enough call backs to OG QL but who stood out for you and impressed you the most??

I'll go first, I think Raymond Lee nailed the role of main leaper, he played the forgetful confused character very well and came across believable.

Also I have to mention Caitlin Bassett, although her first outing she looks as though she can grow into the role, had the emotional attachment down in trying extra hard to get Ben home and I didn't find her acting wooden as most critics are saying.

As for Ernie Hudson....Meh! nothing leapt out (pardon the pun),he played Magic as a normal Ernie Hudson type character nothing special there. Nanrissa Lee do not know much about but rather bland in expressions and I think her role in QL as security shouldnt be a main character but a side-character. Ian Wright played by Mason I thought played the cold rather grounded role of project lead programmer really well, there is definately more to come from them.
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Ziggy... definitely Ziggy.
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I just want to say that we get a much better sense of who everyone is from the 2nd episode. The characters and the actors.

This is a really solid cast. I can totally see why they picked Raymond Lee now. He totally sells the empathy for the people he is helping that is essential to the lead of a Quantum Leap Show.

Also I am really starting to like Caitlin Bassett a lot too. It could be argued she has the harder role to play here. She has to play multiple facets to Addison. The side of her at the Project who is confused about what is happening to Ben with her coworkers. But has to also play the scenes with Ben and try to hide all of that from him. Including most of all her trying to hide her love for him. Why it still reveals itself in subtle ways.

Obviously Sam and Al can never be replaced or replicated. They were smart to not even try to do that. The romance between Ben and Addison makes this completely it’s own thing.
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Still waiting to see Ben own the role of the main leaper of the show, i feel he's regressed more than progressed since the first episode, there is not enough emotional attachment to the role. at the moment he's walking it more than running with it but I hope he comes out of his shell more as series goes on.

I don't know what everybody thinks of Mason as Ian Wright? Take away the obvious flamboyant dressing and appearance he is nailing the role of Head programmer excellently and comes across believable.

Ernie as Magic apart from a memorable scene in episode 4 looks as though he's going through the motions a little.

Caitlin is trying hard to project the role of hologram and trying to save her fiance Ben, she will never be an Al by her very nature but I would like to see a fun side to Addison and more sciency hologram stuff.
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Ian Wright is my top favorite character. Mason's performance is so spot on for them. They code as autistic to me, so I identify with them super heavily. Plus, I love their flair for fashion! (Jenn's, too - she's got some rockin' 'fits as well)

I think we have to think about the fact that Ben was not lined up to be the Leaper; Addison was. So it makes sense that she seems to be taking all this in stride while Ben is a bit flaily. They have great chemistry, though, and I can't wait to see more flirting from them because omg, they were SO cute in ep 5!

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Five episodes in and on my first rewatch to introduce a friend (we got through ep 3 last night). Every charactor has at least 2 notes, not just one. I haven't seen as much nuance as I'd *like* from some of them but there has been at least one scene that shows all of the main cast *can* act.

I had never seen most of these actors in anything prior other then the actors for Beth (original QL) and Ernie Hudson (who I actually met once - seemed very nice)

Mason Alexander Park has the advantage of being able to tell us a lot about Ian through the way they dress and act while also just being the charactor. I like that they just *are* non- binary while also being an obviously accomplished techie but also not being the stereotypical trope of either. They are the things they represent and are coded for while at the same time showing a lot of nuance and charactor. Some of that is wardrobe/hair/make-up doing a great job. Some of that is writing and directing doing a great job with the charactor - and a lot of that is the actor. I'm going to have to go see them in other things.

Addison and Ben's actors (Caitlin and Raymond) are also settling into thier roles and I find them both believable as thier charactors and as people who love each other while working together.

We now have a *little* actual information about Jen the security chief. The actor has not impressed me yet but she also hasn't had much story to tell - yet.

Ernie Hudson hasn't impressed me yet either but he has only had a few scenes that had the opportunity to really show his charactor. He is also playing a legacy charactor that we don't actually know that much about - I'm really hoping Tom comes up soon. I think Ernie has the difficulty as an actor of a charactor who is supposed to have all this history, all these established relationships , all these secrets, and be military - and yet to bring all that weight without taking the easy roads - isn't easy. I haven't seen that nuance and depth brought to Magic outside of a few select scenes.

What mostly disapoints me is that a man known as Magic should have a bit more of an air of that supposed sixth sense and history. He seems just a bit artificially calm most of the time - how much of that is writing and directing how much is acting is hard to say - his charactor comes off a bit less bland on the second viewing.

As for Beth and Janis - I haven't seen enough of them. We see Beth a year after Al died at an awkward reunion with Magic. I might have showed him *at* Al's funeral with Beth at least in a flashback or some other scenw that did more to establish the relationship. Maybe with Janis also (where are the other 3 daughters?). Neither Susan as Beth nor Ernie as Magic impressed me on thier first scene together but a man reluctant to be manipulating his friend at the same time its our first scene with them is honestly not a fantastic introduction scene.

Janis's actress (Georgina Reilly) has intensity on screen as opposed to the gentler presence of Susan as Beth. We only saw the original Beth in two episodes so we know some things about her but not that much.

One thing we do see in both Beth and Magic is the signs of people who have been through a lot of trauma and heart-break people who have learned to manage emotions yet still feel them - just in a quieter less all-consuming way. You learn how to numb yourself and not feel then you somewhat heal and learn to feel again but I don't exactly have the words to explain but its the subtle signs of someone who knows there are trauma triggers and has mostly reached the point of not being triggered often but has to detach and be on guard just a bit at the same time to be I'm that place -did that make any sense.

Honestly the time constraints of doing two shows in one (leap and HQ) may have robbed some of those scenes of the time the writers and actors needed to bring them fully to life. I saw enough that I want to see Beth and Janis develop - same with Magic and Jen.

But the most impressive acting thus far comes from Mason Alexander Park as Ian followed by Addison and Ben as the theoretical co-leads of the show.
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What mostly disapoints me is that a man known as Magic should have a bit more of an air of that supposed sixth sense and history. He seems just a bit artificially calm most of the time - how much of that is writing and directing how much is acting is hard to say - his charactor comes off a bit less bland on the second viewing.
Agreed, there is nothing so far to indicate that Ernie Hudson is playing a character with extra intuitive abilities and magic, the team may aswell call him Herbert in the episodes.

Highlights for me are Janis (cool and calculating), Jenn who is showing more pushback and fight when dealing with the infighting and politics back at HQ and of course Mason is still excelling at playing head programmer Ian with his mix of humour warmth and emotion stealing every scene when defending his and Ziggys role in the leaps.

Now to the 2 main leads Raymond and Caitlin, the dynamic has changed since Ben found out he was leaping to save Addison and in some scenes between them it doesn't come across as that. Raymond is a good actor but in this role there isn't that belief as a viewer you are along with him on the ride, he lacks heart to sell it to me he is the main character as the leaper, he has to share the spotlight with at least 5 other characters on the show so some of his scenes come across forced and kinda rushed.

Now to Addison, imho the least credible of the main characters, I'm still trying to get her Darth Vader type scream Noooooooooo out of my head in EP.11 when first learning Ben had died loool. Caitlins acting comes across very over-acted and wooden in certain scenes, maybe because it is her first main acting role.

I think most of the characters in their roles are doing a decent job, not necessarily bad but have to show a little more depth and heart, an accusation thrown at the whole show sometimes when compared to the original. In all honesty even by episode 12 of OG Quantum Leap there were some good some bad episodes but you could see the acting chops of both Scott and Dean shining though.

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