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Default Quantum leap a leap on the doggy side

Part 1

As Sam was traveling through time he was surrounded in blue, bright light and like always he leaped into his next time and place when the blue light fades away Sam.

Notice strangely he was walking on all fours he tried picking himself up to walk normally but he kept falling back to the floor not being able to hold up his own weight up which he found really strange.

He walked through a really nice looking home until he walked passed a full length mirror in the living room and as he looked at himself in the mirror he saw for the very first time a dog looking back at him through the looking glass.

He noticed he was wearing a collar saying.

"muffin" and he was a Beagle dog.

Sam put two of his front paws up to the mirror and he said to himself

"woof" (oh boy!)

Sam notices he was not wearing any clothes too he didn't know what to do he just hoped Al would come to him fast to tell him what to do so he could leap out as quickly as possible.

Sam started to run around the house trying to see if his owners were home. He checked the kitchen no one was there, then he checked the bedrooms and no one was there suddenly the front door opened and a lady said.

"muffin! Muffin"

Sam slowly walked up to his owner and she patted Sam on the head saying

"good boy, good boy"

Sam never felt so low in his entire life he said to himself in his mind "great am a dog tomorrow what could he leap into next?" he also didn't want to bear to think about it.

And then Sam heard the imaging chamber door open and Al appeared in the room...

End of part 1
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Part 2

Al was looking at Sam trying to hold back the laughter.

Sam looked at Al and says

"quick into the kitchen." all his owner heard was "woof woof"

Sam runs into the kitchen and Al reappears taping the hand link Sam sits on his bum and says to Al.

"Al am a dog?"

Al can't help but to laugh and starts laughing and says afterwards

"you are indeed a cute little doggy Sam"

"Al.... Quit laughing at me please so can you still understand what am saying?"

"of course our brain waves are still linked I can still hear you as Sam while everyone here hears you as woof"

"OK so does Ziggy have any idea why am here?"

"not yet" Al tapping the hand link with the lights dancing all over the device.

"but from we know Sam you've leaped into muffin age 13 you are nearly an old pup now Sam and it's September 11 1995 and you live with the freeman family."

"OK anything else Al?"

"no but ziggys not use to obtaining information regarding a dog before because all your leaps up to this point have all been human it's just going to take a little bit longer to obtain the info"

"OK thats fare so what's my counterpart like in the waiting room Al?"

"well let me put it this way Sam we needed to give him a bowl of water."

"I see sorry I said anything"

"but Sam this is exciting in a way we never knew you could leap outside from being a human so in a way it's noble prize time again sam. We weren't totally sure but now this proofs it Sam"

Suddenly Sam owner calls him by name

And Al taps the hand link the imaging chamber door opens he stands in the door way and says.

"Sam you are probably are going to get a treat now you lucky dog enjoy it Sam while you can"

Then the door closes and Sam runs into the living room.

His owner says to muffin

"hello muffin remember be a good boy now I have a refreshing bowl of water for you"

she puts the bowl in front of Sam and he slowly starts to drink the water.

End of part 2

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Part 3

Leaping around in time has never made me prepare to be a dog especially a dog called "muffin" so this was indeed new for the books.

I have been many people leaping from life to life but never a dog and life as a dog now was i still needed to get use to it.

When the whole family came home the Freeman's was a nice church going family. They had 2 children Tom and Sarah and the parents was nice anuff the mum of the home who was called Mandy she left me muffin a treat and eating it was not very nice at all and because God, time or fate has put me this time in this leap in the body of a little cute dog I definitely did need to start to get used to eating the food.

While the family was in the dining room eating there meal my meal was in a doggy bowl and I looked at it and wished it was a nice chicken dinner with nice golden potatoes and I started to eat the dog food slowly and I heard the imaging chamber door open and Al appears again.

After taking a bite of the dog food I quickly swallowed down the food and tried to forget very quickly about the bad taste.

My ears picked up as soon as I heard the imaging chamber door opening.

I ran over to Al in the living room and said to him.

"so Al what do you have for me?"

Al says "good boy" looking at me

"Al?" Sam looking at him with very unapproving look on his doggy face.

"sorry Sam I couldn't resist" Al puts his ciger into his mouth and smoked on it a little bit and says to sam.

"Sam Ziggy knows why you have leaped into muffin"

"OK why Al?"

"in the original history Sam tomorrow the freemans take you on a camping holiday trip with them but when you all arrive at your destination because the weather is so hot Sam muffin falls a sleep in the car and when they left there car they by mistake leave you in the vehicle behind totally forgetting about you and due to the hot temperature sadly muffin didn't survive and the whole family never forgave themselves Sam so there is a 96.3 per cent chance Sam your here to save muffin. "

Sam says to Al

" woof (oh boy!) "

Later that evening

As soon as the family had finished their dinner and after Sam did too Sam played with the children with them throwing a ball at him and playing catch and Sam knew he had to start acting and getting into the spirit of a dog.

When it was finally bed time the whole family got dressed into their pj's and they all went to bed and Sam layed down in his bed in his kennel hoping tomorrow will be a very different day for muffin and for the whole family.

End of part 3
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Part 4

While Sam was a sleep he was dreaming he was back at project quantum leap and while Sam in his own body was in the control room Ziggy said to Dr beckett.

"Dr beckett don't forget about muffin...."

Sam looks up at Ziggy almost forgetting about his current leap sam looked at Ziggy and said


"yes Dr beckett the dog you have leaped into....."

"leaped into......? But I haven't leaped into anyone......?" Sam looking really confused

Then Sam's memory returned and came back to him and as he turned round to face the ramp leading up to the imaging chamber.

Muffin was sat on the ramp and he gets up and runs over to Sam and he puts one of his paws into Sam's hands and sam pats the little dog on the head and says.

"I won't forget you muffin."

Suddenly Sam wakes up from his dream now actually being muffin.

Sam slowly walks out of his kennel and he was watching the whole family getting ready for their trip. The front door was open and everyone was putting things into the car for their road trip and when everyone had finished putting their supplies into the car and everything they needed was in the car they all got in excipt for Mandy who was standing at the front door looked at Sam who was still sat next to his kennel and she said.

"come on muffin we are going on a camping holiday today, come on boy"

And she clapped her hands together for Sam's attention.

Sam just layed on the floor looking like he didn't want to go.

Mandy looking a little disappointed tried to convince him again and said

"come on muffin you can't stay here you have to go with us"

She then walked towards muffin and Sam started to bark and he barked again.

"what has gotten into you today muffin I don't have time for this."

Mandy's partner came to the door and said.

"come on Mandy we don't have time for this we're got to go we are on a tight schedule today."

"I know, I know am trying it's just muffin is acting strangely today it's like he doesn't want to go"

Mandy husband looks at muffin and he walks up to him and picks him up and says

"lets go."

With Sam still trying to bark the dad of the family puts muffin into the car mandy locks the front door to the house and they all get into the car, belt up and Mandy in the driving seat starts pulling the car out of the drive and they all start driving towards their trip.

End of part 4
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Part 5

Sam was on the back seat of the car with the kids sat on Tom's lap and as they were driving down the high way suddenly Al appears outside the car window just floating in mid air and looking at Sam outside the car window Al says

"Sam you can't be here you need to try and get out of this"

Sam looks up at Al and says

"am open to ideas Al"

Mandy looks in the rear view mirror and says and notices muffins behavior.

"muffin is very vocal today what are you looking at muff?"

Sam looks at Mandy and smiles

Al says

" I know"

"bark Sam bark"

"I've already tried that Al it didn't work"

"Well you don't know until you try you need to try something Sam"

Al looks at the hand link and says

"your not changing anything Sam muffin still dies in the car."

Sam notices that the kids are playing in the back and are having a argument the dad in the front seat says.

"quite down back there"

Then suddenly Sam starts to jump up and down, up and down and pretends he needs the toilet.

Tom says "mum I think muffin needs to go"

She rolls her eyes and after driving for some time they pull into a doggy hotel and says

"lets check muffin in."

Al looks at the hand link and says

"Sam history changed your owners book you into the doggy hotel and muffin survives you did it buddy."

When the family book Sam in and pays they leave and Sam finds himself in a kennel next to other pets.

Al looks at Sam through the metal kennel cage and Sam says

" so Al if muffin's good now why haven't I leaped? "

Al taps the hand link and says

" good question actually Ziggy has a theory she says muffin has a admirer"

"an admirer?"

"yes Sam in the hotel in the next cage actually to your right."

Sam looking really uncomfortable

"oh no this is exactly like the time I leaped in as a space monkey."

"yes Sam Ziggy says the girl doggy has the hots for you"

Sam looks at the girl pup in the next cage and she is looking straight at Sam and she woofs.

"Al she's the same breed as me"

"I know Ziggy says Sam you have to kiss her"

"what I can't kiss her Al"

"Well if you want to leap.... Then you have to kiss her Sam"

Sam looking really uncomfortable now he goes up to her she woofs at muffin and pants.

And he slowly kisses her on the doggy mouth and as they kiss.

Al reads from the hand link and says.

"Sam you won't believe this but you muffin are going to be a very busy pup indeed when you're family come back to collect you in a few days the staff here at the hotel notice your doggy relationship with peachs that's her doggy name and because her owners live actually very chose to yours you all keep in touch and muffin and peachs go on to have a litter of pups together with you and your family learn more about car and doggy safety and muffin lives out his days with his owners and with his doggy family. And he never gets left behind in a car again. "

And in that moment Sam still kissing peachs on the mouth and muffin's body starts to leap out being covered in blue quantum leap light and Sam leaps out.....

When the light fades away Sam notices in is wearing a black mans business suit and knowing he is human again he smiles.

He finds himself standing opposite to a woman in a London office and the lady looking really business like and looking really important she says to Sam.

M "remember to come back alive bond with can't afford you getting killed out there in action now can we"

Sam nods and she dismisses him as he leaves the office he checks his jacket pocket and finds a leather ID wallet he opens it up and he finds picture ID that says.

"James bond 007, license to kill"

Sam looks up from the ID and says to himself.

"am James bond...... Oh boy!"

The end
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Default Quantum leap book cover

Hi here is a book cover I have designed
For this story please click the link below to
View it.

Many thanks from John
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