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Default Interesting Find in a Bookstore

I was at Walden Books, a bookstore in one of my local malls, with two of my cousins yesterday. My ten year old cousin (who loves QL) pointed out a book to me with 'Blood Moon' written on the front cover. I just thought it was very interesting. It wasn't about QL, obviously, it was some sort of vampire novel. What I found funny was that my cousin knew this, but opened the book (which didn't have any pictures) and claimed to see a picture of Sam from the blood moon episode inside it.
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I think I have seen that book before. I have found movies with QL titles too cuz that's what they do (QL).

for example
Maybe Baby is a movie AND a song (Although the movie was made after QL)
Disco Inferno, and Temptation Eyes, songs
Ghost Ship - Movie
8 1/2 months - movie (The title may have not been exactly the same, I forget it was simular)

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