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Smile Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone!

I hope 2010 brings you happiness and many Quantum Leap reruns!

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Happy New Year, Marissa!

May you be blessed with many things this New Year and know that we all have one thing in common - our love for Quantum Leap!
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Happy New Year to everyone!
It's blog! Everyone loves a blog!
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Yes, I too hope that everyone has a wonderful new year ahead, where we can each get one step closer to our life's goals, and have grown a little as a person by the end of it.

Happy News Years, and a fond farewell to 2009.
"Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by doing some have unwittingly entertained angels."
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Happy New Year to all of you. I hope 2010 brings lots of good health, love, joy and wonderful moments.
I want to thank you all for making this year so special for me. I met new friends at the convention and I will never forget the times I had there.
Thank you all so much.
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Happy New Year!

Health, Happiness, and lots of Leaping to one and all!

Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.(Leo Buscaglia) Helen in Bedford
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Happy New Year, everyone!

"Dreams coming true are like forest fires only YOU can prevent them."


"Friends are the Jell-O of life - there's always room for more."
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Happy New Year to all!

Is it me or did December go by very quickly?
I was a sailor. I was born upon the tide and with the sea I did abide.
I sailed a schooner round the Horn to Mexico I went aloft and furled the mainsail in a blow.
And when the yards broke off they said that I got killed. But I am living still.
--The Highway Man
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Hi, I'm sorry, I wasn't here for a long time.

I wish everyone a happy new year and hope that I find more time to be here with you the next weeks.
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