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Default Quantum Leap Oh Boy


All he wanted was a quiet snack break, after working ten hours this day, on top of three previous days of working sixteen hours on set.

But in his hunger, some food did not go the right away.

He tried coughing it out, but to no avail. He can feel being deprived of life-0sustaining oxygen.

He tries harder and harder to cough, but it does not dislodge the food.

He tries to cry for help, but his airway is blocked.

He can only hope that in the next few minutes, someone shows up to save him.

And someone does show up...sort of.

He can see a flickering image of a man wearing a bright silver jacket even as he slips from consciousness.

The man in the silver jacket looks down at the fallen stagehand.

“Don't worry,” says the man named Al. “I'll get help!” he presses buttons on this multi-colored boxlike device, and disappears.

Seconds later, a man who calls himself Sam Beckett rushes into the dark sound stage. He is followed by several people.

“There he is, Sam!” yells Al, screaming desperately. “He'll die in fifteen seconds!”

Sam grabs the fallen man and wraps his arms around the chest. He squeezes and thrusts up.

He tries again.

And he does so again. Something flies out of the stage hand's mouth.

Sam, Al, and the others all glance at each other and looks at the unconscious man.

Sam can hear breathing.

“Get a medic!” yells Sam. “an ambulance. Someone!”

He looks at the stage hand, whose eyes open.

“Bruce?” the stage hand asks, still trying to make up for not breathing the past three minutes or so.

All punches buttons on the colored device. “You did it,” says the observer. “He goes on to have a family and live a normal life.”

Others rush in to help the stage hand who nearly choked to death- would have choked to death, without intervention from a quantum physicist from the future.

Sam notices a mirror on the wall.

The leaper glances at the stage hand, still lying on the floor of the sound stage, and then looks at the mirror, taking one last look at Bruce Lee before he is surrounded by a blue aura and leaps.

The blue coalesces around Sam again. Even as it fades, he knows he is lying down on something soft. And he feels warmth.

He notices he is lying next to a woman, appearing to be in her mid-twenties, with light brown hair and hazel eyes.

An d there is not a stitch of clothing on her. Her breasts are certainly pleasing to look at. He notices that he too is naked.

“I hope you enjoyed your lesson,” says the woman. “I give the best lessons”

“Uh, sure,” replies the quantum physicist. He checks his hands- there is no wedding ring.

“You have a lot of stamina for someone your age.”

Is she with a much older man?

“I guess so.”

I'm getting close to half a century myself.

“We can cuddle, or we can go in the living room and play the Coleco.”

“I'll use the bathroom first.”

“sure, I mean, you had three glasses of wine. Just be careful. You lost a lot of fluid already.”

Sam smiles. He had leapt into far more stressful situations than being post-coital with a comely young woman. The leaper takes another glance at the woman's nude form. He walks into what appears to be a bathroom and becomes startled when he sees a boy.

“Oh, I didn't know you were using..”

Sam looks further and moves his hand.

The boy moves his hand.

The leaper blinks.

The boy blinks.

Sam looks towards the mirror in the bathroom. He clearly sees a boy who could not be older than fourteen.

“Oh boy,” he says.
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