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Default Away for the weekend....

I'm going away for the weekend with the family at Estes Park, Colorado. Yes, we are driving the 922 miles to and back for the weekend. We'll be back in the wee small hours of the morning on Monday, I'm sure.

Camping, hiking, fishing... It's gonna be fun!

Last vacation of the summer. School is around the corner -- Aug. 17.

Talk with you soon!

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Night Terror
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Originally Posted by QL Damsel View Post
I'm going away for the weekend with the family at Estes Park, Colorado.
Are you going to stay at The Overlook Hotel?

Ups! Sorry, I meant the Stanley!
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Sounds good, I wish you much fun, have a nice weekend!
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Have a great time! I'm also on holiday with my wife's family in Ohio until Wednesday. Only about 800 miles round trip for us though lol.

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Have fun!
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