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Default Quantum Leap Picture Quiz #700

Hi, everyone,

I know it's been ages since I've posted, but recently I started doing the Quantum Leap Picture Quiz again recently. John has been running this quiz weekly for a number of years now, having reached quiz #700 this week! It would be great to get everyone involved again and playing the game. Here is the direct link to the quiz:


Also, below is John's e-mail regarding the 700th quiz.


... Mike.

It has to be about 15 years since I started this little quiz for fans of Quantum Leap allowing for a few weeks each year when I've been on holiday etc. Thanks to everybody for keeping it going. Some of you have been with me for the whole time and others not but appreciation goes to you all. In the early days there could have been up to 30 entries but those days are long gone. To be honest, it says a lot for the show that so many people still enter and score so well. 95 episodes and probably over 2500 pictures in my library and still you score so highly after so many years. Fantastic!
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Very cool

Brian Greene
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Thanks for posting this!
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