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Talking Happy Birthday, Sam!

Although it might be posted elsewhere... I had to go ahead and get this in....


And many more!
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Happy birthday, Sam. And Don Bellisario as well.
- Chris
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52 years and leaping...

Brian Greene
Al's Place Bartender
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That's true....I forgot Don gave Sam his birthday!!!

Well....happy birthday all around! <g>
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Happy Birthday Sam!

Hope whenever you are at, the leap is not too tough today.

Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.(Leo Buscaglia) Helen in Bedford
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Hey yes Happy Birthday Sam, heres a few quotes to remember yourself:

Sam: Leaping about in time, I've found that there are some things in life that I can't change, and there are some things that I can. To save a life, to change a heart, to make the right choice. I guess that's what life's about

Sam: [chuckles] Al's uncle?
Al "The Bartender": [smiles] I've always found coincidence amusing.
Sam: And you expect me to buy that I'm leaping me?
Al "The Bartender": Sam, if you became a priest...
Sam: I've been a priest...
Al "The Bartender": So you have. If the priesthood had been your chosen life, even though the Church might sent you from parish to parish, don't you have to accept responsibility for the life you lead?
Sam: Even priests can quit.
Al "The Bartender": That's true. But they can also take sabbaticals, especially before embarking on a difficult new assignment.
Sam: Are you saying the Leaps are going to get tougher?
Al "The Bartender": [putting his hand on Sam's shoulder] Where would you like to go, Sam?
Sam: Home.
[wiping a tear away from his eye]
Sam: I'd like to go home. But I can't. I've got a wrong to put right, first for Al. You knew, didn't you?
Al "The Bartender": [smiles] God bless, Sam.
[Sam Leaps for the Final Time]
Happy Birthday Sam!
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Talking Happy Birthday, Sam!


And many more!

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Icon made by the lovely Ladystoneheart with the beautiful screen captures of StrayStar.
Signature made by me.
My QL screen capture collection: http://s1366.photobucket.com/user/Sa...?sort=3&page=1
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Happy Birthday Sam from Me too
. Quoth the Raven, Nevermore
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Happy Birthday Sam from Me too
And from me threeeeeeeee
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Sorry I had for Got but Happy Birthday (late) I Hope your still enjoying your self as you are leaping around, Never give up hope of coming home! Love Julie
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