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Default Quantum leap a leap on the dark side (jack the ripper)

Part 1

Sam had just leaped from his most recent leap and he was heading towards an unknown destination. Then suddenly Sam started to spin out of control all the clouds he could see in the open sky started to spin and spin out of control and then suddenly Sam felt like he was being thrown away across the sky by unseen hands towards an unknown time zone suddenly as Sam was speeding towards a unknown destination he had never felt so scared in his entire life the blue light that was surrounding him started to turn red and in a flash of red quantum leap light. Sam started to land when wave after wave of red light faded away Sam found himself looking over a dead body and Sam was wearing old Victorian clothes and wearing a black top hat and Sam looked at his hands and too his surprise his hands was covered in blood and Sam said

"oh boy!"

And a evil laugh could be heard that crossed Sam's ears but there was no one about it was like who ever was laughing either came from the spirit world or Sam was hearing things.

He looked at the dead body and Sam noticed the unfortunate woman had been mutilated and Sam quickly left the scene unable to look at the unfortunate scene even tho Sam was a doctor the scene was way too much even for him. Sam quickly lefted Buck's Row Durward Street,*Whitechapel,
And walked into another street Sam was at a complete lost this time he had found himself in a, a very different time the oldest time he had ever leaped to and he hoped Al would show up soon.....

Meanwhile project quantum leap

Al was sat in his office drinking a cup of coffee and then the hand link in his jacket pocket started to goan.

He tapped the link and the device flashed all over and Ziggy was informing Al on the link that Sam had disappeared from his own established time stream.

Al quickly left his office and ran into the control room and said

"Ziggy what's going on?"

"I am not sure admiral but it seems like Sam is no longer bouncing around his time line. Between his birth and his death he may have leaped out side his life time again and if so it could take hours or days or even months or even years to locate Sam."

Al looked at Ziggy and said

"oh boy"

End of part 1

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Part 2

Sam noticed that it was very early in the morning now and on this leap it seemed like Sam's mind was merging a little with the person who ever he was? he had leaped into because he knew exactly where he lived Sam walked up to a doss house and opened the front door with the key he had found in his pocket.

When Sam entered the building the doss house the whole house was covered with many different beds all next to each other and lots of people was a sleep in their beds.

Bed after bed after bed rows of them all together covering the whole big room but Sam was lucky anuff to have a room all by himself as he entered his room he closed the door behind him and he looked at himself in the mirror the person that looked back at him through the looking glass was a old looking middle aged man with a very long Victorian moustache. And Sam took off his top hat and his coat and put them to one side and as he got ready for bed Sam was hoping tomorrow would bring a better day for him.

Al stood in the imaging chamber and said

"OK Ziggy go for it"

And Ziggy started the location search for Sam.
and suddenly images surrounded Al and spins around him like a tornadoe and they where starting from just before Sam's birth hoping that Sam haded leaped that far before his own birth.

End of part 2

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Part 3

Al feeling really ill seeing all the Images in front of him says

"I can't do it any more, it's too much, it's too much"

Al steps out of the holographic tornado and the imaging chamber door opens and he slowly walks out of the room and down the ramp back into the control room and says to gooshie

"I need a break gooshie I always hate to do these location searches."

"gooshie have you spoken to who ever is in the waiting room?"

"I have admiral but he's not talking he won't tell us anything"

"OK I will see you the morning gooshie"

Al walks back to his office and as he enters the room closing the door behind him he jumps onto his sofa and Al falls straight to sleep.

The next morning Al wakes up to the sound of the hand link in his pocket he takes it out and hits the device saying

"you useless pile of gummy bears" and Al slowly reads the information on the device he quickly gets up and runs to the control room and says to gooshie as he enters.

"where is it?"

"here it is admiral we have a letter from Sam it's very old so please be very careful with it."

Al opens the letter and starts to read it immediately and says outloud


"yes admiral we are loading into Ziggy all the available data we have into Ziggy from that date but it's still going to take time for Ziggy to come up with anything useful at all to say why Dr beckett has leaped their."

"OK gooshie according to this letter from Sam someone is breaking the laws of time but he doesn't know who or what is doing it"

Al finishes the letter and passes it back to gooshie and says

"am going in"

Gooshie sets the controls on the console and says "we have a lock on Sam when you're ready"

Meanwhile Sam was sat on his bed wondering what he would do for the rest of the day when the imaging chamber door opens in front of him.

And Sam smiles and says


As the door closes Al says to sam

"Sam it's so good to see you we thought we would never find you"

"how did you find me Al?"

"its interesting Sam you need to send us a letter so that we can find you right here right now and now according to your letter you will sent it to us in your immediate future"

Sam nods

"so Al what is today's date?"

Al taps the hand link and reads smoking his ciger saying

"OK it's the 1st September 1888 and it's London England, you've leaped out of the country again Sam and its whitechapel."

"isn't that where the famous murders took place Al?"

"am afraid so, yes it is Sam and we're close to it Sam according to ziggy the first murder took place yesterday"

"I was there Al I think I was there I can't be sure but my hands was covered in blood you don't think I could be him? You know The murderer?"

Al taps the hand link slowly and says

"let's not jump to conclusions Sam because at the moment were not sure Sam your counterpart in the waiting room won't tell us anything and we are still loading data into Ziggy as fast as we can everything from this time period so we should find out soon"

"but Al this shouldn't even be possible Al because I thought I could only leap within my own life time?"

Al nods

"normally yes Sam but according to your letter you said that someone or something because you're weren't sure is breaking the laws of time on this leap so until we know for sure who or what it is we just have to sit tight and find out why you're here Sam and get you the hell out of here as fast as we can?"

" OK " Sam agrees and nods.

Al taps the hand link and pulls up the letter on the device that was sent by Sam word for word and Al shows Sam. Sam reads it and says

" no problem Al I will write it just like that thanks Al"

Al also gives Sam the project's address and Al's current date for the letter not to be delivered until 1999.

Al smiles and taps the hand link steps into the imaging chamber door way and says

" hang in there Sam "

And Al was gone.

End of part 3

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Part 4

With Al back to the future Sam went to his writing desk and sat down in front of the desk and took a piece of paper out and slowly started to write the letter to the project.

Before Al had gone back Al showed Sam the letter on the hand link so he knew exactly what the letter said and what the current date was in the project.

After the letter was done Sam got dressed in his period clothing and put his top hat on and looked at himself in the mirror with the man looking back at him from the mirror he hoped that on this leap he wasn't Jack the ripper.

Sam put the letter in a envelope and wrote the projects, quantum leap address on the front of it, and Sam left the doss house and posted the letter.

To Sam it was so strange that he was actually in 1888 the streets of London was so different than America. And as gentlemen of the Era walked passed Sam they nodded to Sam and he nodded back as they walked passed.

Feeling like a fish out of water Sam could hear a evil laugh again he looked around and could see no one laughing.

Then the laugh was closer and closer and then someone said....

"Sam, Sam, Sam......."

Sam looked all round him in the street and no one was laughing then he noticed a police officer who was a Victorian officer and he walked up to Sam laughing and as he came up he looked exactly like Al.

Sam looked at the officer and said

" Al??? "

The officer laughed again and grabbed Sam's arm and said

"no sam am him..... Remember.... Who gave you the right to go bouncing around through time putting right what I put wrong..... Do you remember me now Sam?"

"no it can't be you"

"say my name Sam?"

"say it!"

"the devil"

"yes...." he smiles and laughs again

Sam shakes off his grip and trys running away from him.

And in the background he shouts

"Sam you can't run away from me I brought you here sam"

As Sam turned around to look at the police officer again.

Sam quantum leap's in a wave of red quantum leap light as the devil continues to laugh at Sam in a more insane way......

When the red quantum leap light fades Away Sam was looking over another dead woman laying near a back door to the back yard of 29 Hanbury Street in*Spitalfields, London.

Sam shouting "nooo!"

The lady was beyond help and Sam left the scene quickly and said to himself in the early hours of the morning.

"why didn't I leap in sooner to save her?"

And while Sam was lost in throught Sam noticed he was wearing a long black coat and wearing a deer-stalker hat and just in that moment Sam accidentally bumps into a drunk in the street and the stranger starts laughing uncontrollely.

Sam looks at him and it was evil Al again and he says

"are you enjoying your leap sam?"

Sam pushes him aside and continues walking down the street away from EVIL Al

And Al shouts

"don't count on your beloved admiral to help you this time Sam bye, bye sam"

Sam wonders down the streets of London trying to get as far away from the devil as he could.

End of part 4

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Part 5

As soon as the devil was out of sight Sam was getting his breath back lining against a near by wall.

Then Al appears out of no where and says

"are you OK Sam? You don't look good"

Sam looks at Al and says

"are you, you, you Al?"

"what do you mean of course am me"

Sam looking really unsure slowly puts his hands up and he slowly moves then forward and they pass through Al's chest and he says.

"can you take your hands out of me Sam"

Sam sighs looking relieved.

"Sam what's wrong?"

"its him he's back again?"

"the devil"

"the devil? But he's not real Sam"

"Al on a previous leap he was pretending to be you....."

"me? You must of been dreaming...."

"that's what you said before OK Al how far have I leaped again."

"let's see"

Al taps the hand link and he says.

"OK it's the 8 of September 1888 and oh God Sam Jack has killed again"

"I know Al I was there"

"what do you mean you was there why didn't you stop it Sam?"

"I couldn't I leaped after she died..."

"after she died?"

"yes Al so who was she?"

Al taps the hand link more as the hand link flashes in the early hours of the morning and reads it to Sam.

"Annie Chapman*(born*Eliza Ann Smith, c. 1841 – 8 September 188 was a victim of the notorious unidentified*serial killer*Jack the Ripper. And she was a flower seller and there has been two murders so far Annie Chapman is the second victim and the first was....

Mary Ann*"Polly"*Nichols*(née*Walker; 26 August 1845 – 31 August 188 was one of*the Whitechapel murder victims.
And she was found body lying on the ground in front of a gated stable entrance in*Buck's Row*(since renamed*Durward Street),."

" that's right Al and I was there both times look at my hands Al"

Sam shows Al his hands and again they are bloody.

"Al I think I am Jack the ripper who was he? Al anyway his real name?"

"were not sure sam he was never arrested...."

Al taps the hand link slowly and continues to say

"Sam if you are the ripper hand your self in now and the murders will end you will save lives Sam"

"I don't think it's going to be that simple Al on this leap I think it's the devil leaping me around this time not God, time or fate I think if I try I will just leap out I think he is just rumbling my face in the murders laughing that I can't change them"

"the devil?" Al looking with unbelieving eyes "Dr beaks I think you should treat Sam as soon as possible"

"well Sam lets try you don't know until you try"

"OK wheres the police station?"

Al taps the hand link and says

"Scotland yard isn't that far Sam I can show you"

"OK let's go"

And as Sam trys to follow Al he is overwhelmed in red quantum leap light and leaps out......

End of part 5

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Part 6

As the red quantum leap light fades away Sam found himself in a yard yet again standing over another yet dead unfortunate woman sam holding a lentin so he could see. Again the lady was beyond help and Sam shouted

"nooo! Not again!"

She was wearing a black jacket and skirt, with a posy of a red rose in a spray of maidenhair fern or asparagus leaves. Her outfit was complemented by a black crêpe bonnet.

Sam feeling fed up that he couldn't do anything or even help he got up and quickly started to run away from Dutfield's Yard at Berner Street known as Henriques Street,*White chapel.

And as he got a few streets away from the yard in the night time air he started shouting saying.

"where ever you are stop it right now! Am not playing your games anymore it ends right here right now! Show your self now!"

Suddenly as Sam stopped shouting a shadow started to appear and then the shadow changed form and started to look like a man covered in fire and as the burning man approached Sam his form changed again to look like Al.

And at that moment the imaging chamber door slowly starts to open and at that same moment the devil clicked his fingers and the imaging chamber door slammed shut again and the devil said.

"I don't think so Al"

Sam said "Al?"

Then Sam brought his attention to evil Al and says boldly.

"this ends now!"

"bold words coming from just a farm boy so you're not enjoying being good old Jack then?"

Sam shakes his head

And at that same moment Al changes into Jack, now Al looking just like the person he had leaped into.

Sam runs towards him and grabs both of his hands and as he has his grip they both start to spin round and round in a circle and the devil laughs as they are spinning uncontrollably around and around the devil laughing and Sam trys to grab his throat and as he grabs the devils throat Sam quantum leap outs in red shinning light.....

When the light faded away Sam was looking at yet another unfortunate woman and he flees the scene like before leaving South corner of*Mitre Square*in*White chapel.

And the imaging chamber door opens and Al steps out and says as the imaging door closes.

"sorry Sam we had a problem with the imaging chamber door but am here now"

"Al it was the devil"

Al rolls his eyes and says

"the devil?"

"yes it was and every time I leap al I keep leaping in after the murder is committed and I can't do anything does Ziggy know why am here yet?"

Al taps the hand link and says

"Ziggy agrees with your letter that as the laws of time are being broken on this leap Ziggy says she doesn't know why you're here and she is in a state of temporal confusion at the moment she's saying your here to stop the murders than she says you shouldn't even be here in 1888 her reasoning keeps shifting. "

Sam says" OK Al I think I know why am here? "

" why then Sam? "

" to stop him the devil"

"the devil let's not keep going over this Sam"

"Al he's real and I will prove it"

Sam starts shouting again in the street saying.

"show your self now!"

Al quickly says

"Sam you are only going to make a fool of yourself."

Then a few minutes later a red imaging chamber door opens and Al is completely taken a back and the devil pretends to be Al and taps his version of the hand link as a joke and the door closes behind him the devil looking exactly like Al says as he approaches them.

"who's the fool now Al?"

Al completely speechless says to sam

"you where right Sam"

The devil looks at Sam and says

"this is getting trie some Sam why do you call me again?"

And Sam smiles and says

"to do this"

He runs and grabs evil Al and says to Al

"Al quickly quantum leap me out now!"

"what? Sam you want me to do what?"

"please trust me leap me out now to anywhere!"

Al nods and taps into the hand link fast and suddenly Sam starts to slowly glow blue with blue quantum leap light and Al reads the cycle percentage on the hand link.

"10 per cent"

"25 per cent "

The devil starts to laugh at there accept.

Then the percentages starts to speed up

"50 per cent"

"that's it 100 per cent!"

At 100 percent Sam starts to quantum leap but to Al's surprise the light starts to leave Sam and covers the devil instead he stops laughing and in that moment the devil completely is covered in blue quantum leap light and he leaps out until nothing is left but empty space.

When the leap cycle is finished Sam is alone in the street and says

"Al where has he gone?"

"Sam, Ziggy says he's gone and you're done it buddy the power he had over you is broken and you should reconnect with your own time line any minute now....."

And in that moment Sam is covered in blue quantum leap light and he leaps out.......

When the blue light fades away Sam finds himself as a police officer sitting in a church. And Al quickly appears again and says.

" you did it Sam! As soon as you got rid of my evil counterpart because he was the cause of you leaping outside your own life time we don't know how or even why he did it? you reconnected back to your own time stream and where you are now you are back leaping around your own life time again "

Sam smiles and says

" where did he go Al? "

Al taps the hand link and says

" we don't know Sam all Ziggy knows is he's gone for now"

"so he could come back?"

Al looks at the link and says


"but Al why did I even leap into Jack anyway I didn't do anything I couldn't help any of thoses women"

Al taps the hand link and reads

"Sam you won't believe this but in the original history jack was never caught and he killed 5 women originally but because of your fight with my evil counterpart you delayed Jack anuff in the street for him to be caught by Scotland yard he was caught on 30 of September 1888 and due to Jack being caught at that time you saved Sam, Mary Jane Kelly she never dies at the hands of Jack the ripper and Jack is sentence and dies by hanging. And in this new time line he only killed four women. "

" so Al who was Jack the ripper? what was his real name? "

Al taps trying to obtain the new data

" his name as recorded by Scotland yard Sam was called Aron Mordke Kozmiński a polish barber. "

And with that with Jack's name being shown Sam is covered in blue quantum leap light and he leaps out......

When the light fades away Sam finds himself as a train manager on board a train and suddenly Al appears and says

" Sam! Sam! "

" what is it Al? "

"Ziggy says there is a train close by that is a coaster and it has no one driving it Sam in the original history the train company fails to de rail the train and it crashes into a near by town killing thousands of people Sam Ziggy says you here to stop the train before it hits a near by town 98.3 per cent sure"

Sam says "oh boy!"

The end

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Default Quantum leap book cover

Hi here is a book cover I have designed
For this story please click the link below to
View it.

Many thanks from John
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