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Default Quantum leap lock down!

This story is dedicated to all the hospital staff around the world since the outbreak started you all are hero's right now and thank you for your service and your life saving work.

Lock down!

Part 1

Theorizing that one could time travel within his own lifetime,

Doctor Sam Beckett led an elite group of scientists into the desert to develop a top secret project, known as "Quantum Leap".

Pressured to prove his theories or lose funding, Doctor Beckett prematurely stepped into the Project Accelerator and vanished.

He awoke to find himself in the past, suffering from partial amnesia and facing a mirror image that was not his own.

Fortunately, contact with his own time was made through brainwave transmissions with Al, the Project Observer, who appeared in the form of a hologram that only Doctor Beckett could see and hear.

Trapped in the past, Doctor Beckett finds himself leaping from life to life, putting things right that once went wrong and hoping each time that his next leap will be the leap home.

Sam leaped in with bright blue light surrounding him and when the blue light fades away.

Sam was wearing a hospital uniform and wearing a face mask over his mouth he was standing in the middle of a American hospital breathing deeply a nervous breath through his face mask he saw a sign on the nearby wall saying

"Co- vid 19"

Sam saw date and time on the wall that read


Sam read the words slowly to himself and saw the hospital filled with patients.

And Sam said to himself with a shocked look on his face.

"oh boy!"

Meanwhile project quantum leap.

New Mexico 1999

Al walked into the control room and said to Ziggy.

"have you located Sam yet?"

Ziggy replys

"admiral I was tracking Dr Beckett when he quantum leaped out but he is now missing."

"what do you mean his missing?"

"I com pute there is a 84.3 per cent chance Dr Beckett is out of range."

"out of range..... Oh boy"

End of part 1

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Default Quantum leap lock down

Lock down

Part 2

Sam ran into one of the near by toilets in the hospital.

He looked at himself in the mirror he saw his mirror image looking panicy and he took his face mask off and said to himself talking to himself.

"did I cause this?"

Sam was being filled with lots of different thoughts and he continued to say to himself.

"has my traveling through time caused this dark situation at mo"

He was so confused and didn't know what to think.

He slowly put back on his face mask and said again out loud to himself.

"why am I here?"

And suddenly the imaging chamber door opens behind Sam and Sam turns and says


Meanwhile back at the project.

Al says to the head programmer.

"can we locate Sam?"

The head programmer looking worried

Says "were not sure"

Al takes out his hand link from his pocket he runs up the ramp and as he runs into the center of the imaging chamber he taps on the handlink standing in the middle of the white room and says out loud.

"lock onto me buddy!"

End of part 2
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Default Quantum leap lock down!

Part 3

Lock down

Sam turns around and sees Al walk out of the white imaging chamber door and as he taps the hand link the door closes behind him.

And Sam notices straight away a very big difference with his friend.

"Al is that you?"

Al smiles and says

"it's me Sam but I am from the future not from the current me you know way back in 1999 I have waited a really long time to join you this time on this leap."

Al looked much older a lot older then the Al Sam knew.

"how far into the future are you from Al?"

"not that far I am only one year ahead from the time and place you have leaped into. My current year is 2021."

Sam just making sure puts his arms out and goes through the chest of Al's image and like always his hands went through him like a ghost this Al was definitely a hologram.

" don't you believe me sam?"

"just checking"

Sam moves his arms out of the hologram.

Sam looking surprised says

"what is this co - vid 19 Al?"

Al taps the hand link and says not really reading from the display. But remembering.

"it's a virus Sam that started this year and it causes a lot of deaths unfortunately."

And he continues to read from a newspaper on the display on the hand link.

The source of the coronavirus is believed to be a "wet market" in Wuhan which sold both dead and live animals including fish and birds.

Such markets pose a heightened risk of viruses jumping from animals to humans because hygiene standards are difficult to maintain if live animals are being kept and butchered on site. Typically, they are also densely packed allowing disease to spread from species to species.

The animal source of Covid-19 has not yet been identified, but the original host is thought to be bats. Bats were not sold at the Wuhan market but may have infected live chickens or other animals sold there.

Bats are host to a wide range of zoonotic viruses including Ebola, HIV and rabies.

"Al it's not me leaping around in time that has caused this Is it? I have changed time so often has my actions changed the future?"

Al trying to look reassuring

"of course not Sam your leaping around in time has nothing to do with this, this has occurred due to a very different reason"

"so Al why am I here?"

Al smiles and says

"let's see now shall we? this is just like the good old days"

He taps the hand link the device in his hand glows red, yellow and green.

"OK Sam it's....."

"I know Al it's 04/07/2020"

Al looking surprised says

"and do you know who you are yet?"

Sam checks his uniform and the name tag says

"Dr Smith and tells that to Al"

Al says

"well it looks like you don't need me around then."

Al continues to read from the handlink

"you're name is Dr John Smith and you're worked at this hospital for many years now."

"and why am I here Al?"

Al pauses for a moment and says

"Sam I know why you're here but you're not ready to know yet when you're ready I will let you know."

Sam also says

"what do you mean by the good old days Al? Where's your Sam the Sam from 2021?"

Al smiles and says

"I can't tell you Sam am sorry I can't discuss anything about your personal future it's on Ziggys no, no list. Double star"

And when that Al taps the hand link and disappears into thin air.

End of part 3

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Default Quantum leap part 4

Lock down

Part 4

As soon as future Al disappeared back to where he had come from.

Sam looked at his mirror image again in the mirror and said to himself.

"I can do this"

But for once with all the traveling through time I had done so far for once he did feel a little bit out of his depth.

Sam left the restroom

And as he was walking up the corridor of the general hospital he saw a nearby TV some of the hospital staff was watching and it was the current news telling everyone the current death toll and the impact of the virus had around the whole world.

Leaping around in time I have leaped into a lot of hairy situations but for once this future I had leaped into with all the wrong I had put right with all my leaps through time I was a little bit disappointed that the future wasn't just a little bit brighter.

But he knew that God, time or fate must have a special work for him to do other wise he wouldn't of leaped into this situation and Sam felt great comfort from knowing that.

Meanwhile back in 1999.

Al finished the tracking he had done in the imaging chamber he walked slowly out tapping the hand link knowing the procedure had left him empty handed.

He walked back to Ziggy and said

"Ziggy I have tried tracking Sam from his birth right up to the current day if he is anywhere in time he must of leaped either outside his own life time again or into the future?"

Ziggy replys.

"I agree with you admiral there is a 56.3 per cent likey hood he has leaped out side his own lifetime again into the far past. But I think it's more likey he has leaped into the unknown future."

"if that's right Ziggy we won't be able to reach him"

"that's correct admiral if Dr Beckett is Indeed in the future he will be all by himself on this leap."

"am not having that Ziggy even if he's leaped into the future I'll find a way of reaching him even if it's the last thing I do"

And with that Al run towards the waiting room hoping to get some answers from their new visitor.

End of part 4
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Default Quantum leap part 5

Part 5

Lock down

The waiting room 1999

Al taps the hand link and he smokes from his ceger.

And after blowing a few smoke rings he says to the new visitor.

"Who are you?"

Sam body was looking at himself in the mirror inbeded in the middle of the table in the middle of the waiting room.

And Sam says.

"How have you done this?"

"Normally I would explain everything but time is something I don't have this time around. All I can say is that you have exchanged places in time with a really good friend of mine in time his name's is Sam and you have leaped inside his body that's why you look like him"

Sam's face looked even more confused as he was touching his own face and says not sure what the word means.


Al nods and taps the hand link

"It's important that I find out who you are and where you have come from"

"Don't you already know?"

"No not this time around some time his traveling in time becomes random and we find it hard to locate him."

"My name is......I am finding it hard to remember my memory is a mess right now."

" Don't worry it's the by product of what brought you here go slow and try and remember, your memories will return in time"

Sam's body nods and looks at Al wearing the white suit Sam had originally leaped in.

"My name is smith and there's a illness,a really bad illness."

Al taps the hand link the device flashes red, yellow and green and continues to say.

"What kind of illness?"

Smith trying to remember

"I can't remember....."

He trys to remember.

"What year are you from Mr smith?"


"2020?" Al taping really quickly and looking even more confused.

"It looks like Ziggy was right Sam's leaped into his own future."

"What Time are we now?"


"1999?" Mr smith looking really confused

"I have traveled 21 years into the past

Al nods


Al taps the hand link and says

"That's all for now thanks"

Al runs back into to the control room and says to Ziggy.

"Ziggy I know where Sam is he's leaped 21 years into the future."

Ziggy replys

"If that is correct there is no way to tell why Sam has leaped there to advise him what wrong he is there to correct as I don't have any data relating to the future. And contact with him from our time is currently impossible."

Al in very deep thought taps into the hand link he looks towards the imaging chamber door and says out loud as if he was talking to sam in front of him.

"Hang in there buddy am on my way i don't know how but I'll find a way I swear to God."

End of part 5
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Default Quantum leap part 6

Part 6

lock down

As Sam was walking through the hospital he had read up about social distancing and still wearing his face mask he hears on the sound system.

"Dr John smith to intensive care"

Sam followed the signs to the intensive care unit and there was patients all around him.

Sam at that moment wanted to save everyone but he knew that may not be possible but he was going to try even if it killed him.

He went up to a hear by nurse and said

"Am here how can help?"

The nurse smiled and took him to a near by patient a women was hooked up to a ventilator.

Sam took her chart and looked at her case notes.

He was reading that co-vid 19 was spreading through her system fast.

Immediately a idea came to sam fast and said to a nearby nurse.

"Maybe we can slow down the rate of this infection"

"How doctor?" the near by nurse said

"Has anyone recovered from this illness or has come into contact with I'll people but shown no signs of the illness."

"Yes doctor"

"OK let's do a blood test we need to transfer some anit body's into her system now"

"OK doctor" the nurse nods and they quickly start to do a blood test on a recovered patient.

The lady in the bed near sam says

"Please save me"

Sam smiles and says

"Thats why am here"

Suddenly future Al appears and says to sam.

"Bingo sam thats why your here"

Sam looks at Al and says to his holographic friend.

"Am I here to save her Al?"

"Not just to save her but everyone in this hospital Ziggy says "

Tapping into the hand link

"There's a 80 per cent chance you're here to create a vaccine to save everyone in this hospital"

Sam says "oh boy!"

Meanwhile back in the present

" Gooshie! Get me a Fermi Suit now!"


"Just do it now!"

"Admiral I must remind you that if you quantum leap there is a 50 per cent chance you may not leap any where here where dr Beckett has landed you may either jump forward or backwards into the past."

"Quit it Ziggy I need to try I can't leave sam all by himself in the future I need to reach him."

"But even if you are successful you won't know why Sam has leaped to 2020"

"I don't care Ziggy we will work it out together like we always do."

The head programmer gives Al the suit he gets changed and puts the suit on.

"Nice legs admiral"

When Al is suited up he says to gooshie

"power up the machine am going in"

The programmers nod and says

"Ready prepare to fire"

After tapping on the time machine console unit.

Al runs into the leaping chamber he stands on the center pad and white smoke starts to surround him and he puts out his arms and slowly starts to raise them and he shouts.

"Fire! Lock onto me sam!"

The head programmer hits the firing button and a beem of blue light hits Ziggy and.

Al with a wash of quantum leap light covers him from head to toe and Al quantum leap into Time.

He feels a rush as he is flying through the cloud's above the sky and his soul rush's through the cloud's like a shooting bullet and he flys faster and faster through through the heavens towards a unknown future.....

End of part 6
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Default Quantum leap part 7

Part 7

Lock down

As Al was traveling through time picking up speed with every minute his mind was saying over and over again.

"2020 sam lock on!"

Then his quantum leap starts to slow down.
And Al could feel himself start to land.

With a wash of quantum leap light Al leaps into his new host and when the blue light fades away Al finds himself as a car mechanic he gets up from underneath the car he had just leaped underneath.

And he says to himself in his mind.

"I did it?"

Then his mind started to wonder.

"Did what?"

He couldn't remember his memory had a lot of holes in it just like cheese.

He looks at the time and date on the garage wall and it says ....

2000 1 April

And staring it in wonder.

He heard the sound of the imaging chamber door open behind him.

Al turns around and he is shocked to see come out of the door.

Not gooshie.

But a much older him coming to greet himself.

And after tapping the hand link.

"Older Al says to younger Al I have quite a story to tell myself."

Meanwhile back in 2020

Sam was in the hospital lab working on the vaccine and after many hours working on the vaccine and with sweat rolling down his face he said to himself.

"OK I think I've done it the immune system is the key I think to fight this co - vid 19."

He calls the nurse in and gives her the vaccine and says

"try it at once."

The nurse says to sam

''we need to put this through testing"

She labels the vaccine and refers it to a testing lab at once.

Sam after finishing his work says to himself.

"That should work I really hope so"

He looks up as if he is talking to God and says

"Please let this work please lord"

He leaves the lab and trys to help the patients in the hospital.

Back in 2000

Younger Al and older Al had gone into the garage nearby toilets and older Al told himself all about him helping sam in the future and told himself how he would help sam when the time came to do so.

Younger Al was so happy to hear that he hadn't left sam all by himself in the future and he was still in contact with him when he naturally reached 2021.

"But Al you have to remember during 2020 you can't go and see sam in the hospital in person if you do so it could create a paradox that could destroy space and time according to Ziggy so you need to promise you will only help sam when the time is right."

Young Al nods and says

"If I am not destined to help sam now why am I here and who am I ?"

Older Al taps the hand link in careful reflection and reads from the hand link.

Younger Al looks at his mirror image in the rest room and says.

"You're already lived through these events can't you remember Al?"

Older Al says back

"This leap happened to me a very long time ago I can't be expected to remember everything."

Then suddenly he says reading from the hand link to help himself.

"Bingo! Your leaped into mark Harrison a car mechanic and you're here to save his life in the original history he made a deal with a group of bad man and they are coming for there money they here to collect and mark is found dead 2 hours from now inside this garage.

Al looks at his mirror image and says .

"Oh boy!"

End of part 7
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Default Quantum leap lock down!

Lock down

Part 8

Younger Al says to his future self.

"what's the best way to save marks life?"

Older Al taps the hand link and the LEDs of the device light up like a Christmas tree and it's flashs red, yellow and green like crazy.

Al hits the link a few times and it goans and says while hitting the device.

" you useless pile of gummy bears"

Young Al smiles at himself and says

"is this how I act? It definitely puts every thing in perspective when you see yourself like this."

Suddenly old Al says again.

"bingo Ziggy says you're best bet is to get into your car that is just behind this garage and hit the road and cross to the next state and stay there for a few hours."

Young Al nods

And old Al says

"go, go you don't have much time to lose."

Young Al runs out of the toilets and runs towards his car while hologram Al taps a few buttons on the hand link disappears and reappears into the passenger side of Als car.

Younger Al gets into the car and with not much time to lose silps in and starts the engine and pulls the car away from the garage and hits the road.

Old AL guides young AL in the driver's seat and they both hit the freeway.

Meanwhile back in 2020.

Sam doing his best to help the patients all around him.

The nurse comes back to him and says.

"we are having success with the vaccine you created doctor it looks like that even tho it's not a straight cure for the virus it's definitely increasing the immune system so that the patients body can fight off the rest of the infection by themselves. It's doing a lot of good doctor it definitely will go on and help a lot of people. "

Sam smiles and says

"good help as many people as you can"

The nurse smiles and says

"we will doctor"

She goes back to the lab creates more of the vaccine and starts giving it to as many sick patients as she can.

Back in 2000

Al following his future counterpart instructions.

They leave the freeway and goes across a state boarder.

Old AL looking at the hand link says

"you did it Al....."

Then he quickly changes his tune

"I don't understand Ziggy says you still get killed but this time in less in 30 minutes"

Young AL looks at his mirror image in the rear view mirror of the car with a worried look on his face.....

End of part 8
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Default Quantum leap lock down

Part 9

Lock down

With the heat definitely on now and a little bit of sweat rolling down young Al's face he says.

"how we have crossed a state boarder.?"

Future Al taps the hand link and replies

"even tho Ziggys not totally sure how they are doing it there is a 62.3 per cent chance there must be some sort of tracking device either in this car or oh your persons Ziggys not sure which."

Young Al says

"great, just great"

Suddenly as they are driving down the road gun shots hit the body work of the vehicle.

Young AL puts his foot completely down on the pedel and the car speeds up like they are running away from the devil himself.

Old AL says to his past life

"Al there's a gun in the glove compartment of this car. Ziggys says you need to stop the car grab the gun and you need to shoot the gun man otherwise if you don't Ziggy says he will always be able to track you down and he will always come for you."

Al says" I can't do that there must be another way? "

" there isn't Al you need to stop now. "

Young Al turns the car left and parks into a car park.

The other car slowly follows and stops near the entrance of the car park blocking anyone from coming into our out of the car park.

Al opens the glove compartment grabs the gun checks and the gun is fully loaded and he says to his future self.

"I hope you and Ziggy are right about this?"

The other driver of the other vehicle gets out of there car and with a gun in hand walks slowly towards Al's vehicle.

Al gets out of the car slowly and points the gun at the stranger walking towards him and with out thinking he shoots him in the shoulder.

The other guy hits the ground in pain Al runs towards him and kicks his gun out of his hand and points his gun at the strangers head and says.

Old Al reappears next to his past self tapping the hand link.

"I want you to stop coming after me other wise I will stop you right here right now."

The gunman trying to nurse his own shoulder.

"Well you will have to kill me otherwise I will keep coming for you mark"

Older Al says reading from the hand link

"it's no use Al to leap you have to kill the gun man reasoning with him isn't going to work."

"I have to try"

Al still pointing the gun at the gunman.

"promise me you will stop coming after me otherwise I will have to shoot you"

The gunman shouts

"shoot me then!"

Al says

"OK it's your choice"

He shoots the gunmans leg and hand in complete pain the gunman falls into unconsciousness.

Al puts his gun back in his jacket pocket and looks at his future self and says.

"am not going to kill him it's not what Sam would do if he was here"

Old Al hits the hand link and reads the display and says.


Young Al looks at his future self in the car park and says.


"I don't know how you did it but the gunman is taken to hospital he recovers and he has a change of heart he does decide to leave you alone.

And Mark goes on and has a very happy life with his new family he settle downs with."

And with that Al smiles and at that moment he is covered from head to toe with quantum leap light and he quantum leaps into time......

When the blue light fades away Al finds himself in the waiting room of project quantum leap and says to himself.

" am back I did it"

He sees Sam just sitting on a chair near the table minding his own business.

Al runs out of the waiting room and still wearing the white suit he had leaped in.

He goes back into the control room and says to Ziggy.

"Ziggy you where right I didn't manage to reach Sam but I know he's not alone he is getting the help he needs on this leap."

Ziggy says

"by who admiral?"

"it's a long story but by me"

Back in 2020

Sam walks into the empty staff room of the hospital and the imaging chamber door opens and after a few taps the door closes.

Sam says "where have you been Al? "

"it's a long story Sam but helping myself"

Sam looking confused replys

"you're self?"

"me from 1999 I quantum leaped Sam to try and reach you in the here and now but God, time or fate had a different plan for me and I only managed one year into the future and I had to go and guide him myself it's how it happened last time, before when I was him and when he's me he will have to appear to himself. "

Sam says" my heads starting to hurt"

"I know it's a lot to take in."

"so I take it on this leap i won't see my Al from my time now will I?"

"that's correct Sam for him right now it's impossible for him to reach you that's why I have to wait 21 years on the slow path so I can reach you in the here and now and I was right Sam I would do what ever it takes and i was right."

"thank you Al"

Al smiles and taps the hand link and says

"bingo Sam the vaccine you have made even tho it's not a 100 per cent cure for co - vid 19 it's anuff for the patients to boost their immune systems and their body's to fight off the rest of the infection. You did it every one in this hospital recovers."

Sam smiles and says

" great that's great"

"but Al I take it you know where I will leap to next because for you, you already have foreknowledge?"

"I do Sam"

"but before I go Al I just want to know one thing?"

"what's that buddy?"

"do I ever leap back home or am I destined to leap through time forever"

Al smiles and he taps the hand link slowly looking very sheepish slowly the LEDs light up flashing and dancing all over the device of the hand link.

He looks back at Sam and says

"I told you Sam so long ago on a past leap a very long time ago no one lives forever not even you. But even tho I can't tell you Sam I can say, Sam you have the power within your self to find a way home it's your decision no one else's to come home and it will always will be your choice."

Sam with a hopeful look on his face says.

" thank you Al "

And Al says

" no thank you wing commander "

With sams attention grabbed he says quickly.

" wing commander! "

And with that Sam is covered from head to toe in quantum leap light and with a wash of blue light Sam quantum leaps into time.

When the blue light fades away Sam is looking into a open army locker and the mirror in the open locker he sees his reflection of his new self he had just leaped into and he sees a name tag saying.


Call sign


He is wearing a army American uniform.

He closes the locker.

And suddenly a alarm is sounded and red lights start flashing every where.

And a voice on the com system says

"Christopher Blair to the briefing room at once!"

Sam walking passed the beds in the sleeping quarters notices one of the near by windows and all Sam can see is deep, deep space and he says.

"oh boy!"

The end

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Default Quantum leap book cover

Hi here is a book cover I have designed
For this story please click the link below to
View it.

Many thanks from John
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