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Default Episode Titles

Most of the episode titles are obvious, others are "plays on words" and I can't figure them all out.

I do know some of them such as...

"A Tale of Two Sweeties" = "A Tale of Two Cities"
"The Wrong Stuff" = "The Right Stuff"
"What Price Gloria" = "What Price Glory"
"Leaping of the Shrew" = "Taming of the Shrew"

But there are others that are over my head, such as...
"Her Charm"
"One Strobe Over the Line"
"Black On White On Fire"

Any ideas?
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These are all the ones I'm aware of, but there are likely others:

"How the Tess Was Won" = "How the West Was Won"
"Play It Again, Seymour" = "Play It Again, Sam"
"The Americanization of Machiko" = "The Americanization of Emily"
"What Price Gloria?" = "What Price Glory"
"Good Morning, Peoria" = "Good Morning, Vietnam"
"Animal Frat" = "Animal House"
"One Strobe Over the Line" = "One Toke Over the Line"
"Rebel Without a Clue" = "Rebel Without a Cause"
"The Wrong Stuff" = "The Right Stuff"
"The Last Gunfighter" = "The Last Starfighter"
"Roberto!" = "Geraldo"
"It's a Wonderful Leap" = "It's a Wonderful Life"
"The Leaping of the Shrew" = "The Taming of the Shrew"
"A Tale of Two Sweeties" = "A Tale of Two Cities"
"The Leap Between the States" = "The War Between the States"

And also perhaps:

"The Right Hand of God" = "The Left Hand of God"
"Camikazi Kid" = "Kamikaze Kid"
"8 1/2 Months" = "8 1/2" or "9 1/2 Weeks"
"Southern Comforts" = "Southern Comfort"

Ones I've always suspected might be plays on words, but am not aware of any reference:

"The Color of Truth"
"A Portrait for Troian"
"Her Charm"
"Pool Hall Blues"
"Leaping In Without a Net"
"Black and White on Fire"
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