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To a precious few, it was a paradise; a haven from the hectic pace of the real world....

To others it was a nightmare.... Nothing on this quaint island is what it seems....


Once you enter... you may not escape....

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Damon wrote:

Hello, and welcome back to Quantum Retribution. We hope you have been enjoying the saga and continue to keep reading as the 2nd season comes underway.

Starting this season, the new episodes will no longer be rated on this messageboard. At the end of each week's story, there will be a poll in which you can place your vote from: Excellent, Above Average, Average, Below Average, or Lousy. If you wish to leave a comment or have a question about something that happened in the story, please feel free to post them in this forum. The authors would appreciate any feedback you may have.

Quantum Retribution Team

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