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Default Possibility for Season two special guest star

A good news/bad news situation could present itself in the season 2 opener as Dr. Song does not leap home(bad news) but someone else does(Special guest star Scott Bakula) which is wishful thinking at this point. He leaped into his present day once before and decided to step into the accelerator chamber to save Al. It would be awesome to see Sam meeting his former leap host Admiral(former Navy Seal) Herbert Williams.

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I suspect that was the whole point of the tease at the end of the first season. I'm dubious that Scott Backula will be the person in the imaging chamber but I doubt that it is Raymond Lee, either. With all the tangents and loose ends that have been generated in season one why not start season two with yet another completely confusing and totally unrelated storyline? Perhaps the writers strike is a good thing.
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