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Old 07-22-2005, 03:08 AM   #1
The Rod
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Default New RodVision......Happy Birthday RodVision!!

For those who are interested, The RodVision is back.

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Thumbs up The Rod Returns!

Welcome back Rodmeister!

Some keen observations, as usual.

I quite agree that career wise it would be unsound for Scott to start Leaping again full time, much as I and many other fans would love to see it. The odd cameo would be great though, wouldn't it?

Great Vision to kick off the new site, Rodster!

Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.(Leo Buscaglia) Helen in Bedford
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Interesting column, Rod. Your points are indeed well-thought out, and in the example of ST:NG, good example.

re: Batman Begins, I did enjoy the film a lot, thought it was splendidly visioned and superbly cast; however, perhaps due to watching a lot of Adam West Batman episodes in my youth, I still prefer the original Tim Burton Batman with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson.
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Old 07-25-2005, 11:10 AM   #4
QL Nut
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I enjoyed your column as well, The Rod. I enjoyed Batman Begins myself and thought it was the best Batman movie yet (and even the best movie I've seen all year so far). I was surprised to see the major change in who killed Bruce's parents (in the '89 film it was Joker, in this film it is a random thug [the comic's facts varied from writer to writer]). This change was crucial to the direction of the film, however. Tim Burton's film has Batman seeking revenge against the Joker, a single man, while this film has Batman battling crime in general.

In this film, Bruce couldn't get the chance to take justice into his own hands; he is more compelled to fight crime in general, thus making his purpose for becoming Batman far greater. It always annoyed me how in Burton's film, Batman's entire origin is skipped over. It feels more like a movie about the origin of the Joker, where I always felt that both characters' origins should have been explored. Jack Nicholson's performance was impeccable, and I doubt that it could ever be topped, but I think it's important to not exactly "beat" his performance, but rather to go "sideways" and offer a different take on the character. I will be very disappointed if Christopher Nolan does not direct the sequels (and probably won't go to see them), as I credit him for the great script that made this great film.
- Chris
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Old 04-03-2006, 06:50 PM   #5
The Macman
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Default rodvision

Originally Posted by The Rod

For those who are interested, The RodVision is back.
i like the way you think rod, when is your next rod-vision coming out? Very entertaining & funny stuff!

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Al's Place Bartender
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Actually, I have been trying to contact him for months. He has dropped off the face of the earth. I will continue to try, but have no idea what has happened to him. I'm probably going to close the Visions Internet Columns and archive them on the site. Just not enough interest in the long term for the columns any longer.

Brian Greene
Al's Place Bartender
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Default re

Will the visions be reopening with new authors?
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