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Default Ql reference in JAG

This has probably been posted before, but I found an old video tape yesterday, and it had an episode of JAG on it in which there is a cool reference to Quantum Leap.

For those who haven't seen it, a young marine is lying in a coma in the hospital. His mother is talking to him, and one of the JAG officers is present, trying to establish exactly how the young man came to be injured while on training (there is at this point suspicion of both racial attacks and gang involvement).
The conversation goes something like this:
Mother: Guess what Dennis Ryman did this week? He dyed his hair green! Just like that boy in the movies... Uh, What was that actor's name? Oh you used to love him in Quantum Leap.
JAG Officer Meg Austin: Dean Stockwell. (mother nods) And if he were here now I'd have him call Ziggy and get me the truth.

Don obviously likes 'in jokes' as much as I do.

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How many QL references has JAG had, out of curiosity? Didn't they have an episode with a QL convention?
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In fact it wasn't the only QL reference in JAG. In the 8th season of Jag Budd Roberts visited in hollywood and walked on DPB star(how you call this place in hollywood where are all the stars of famous people?) and said something like - "Hey it's Donald Bellisarios star -the guy,who invented Quantum Leap..."
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Yep, I have two video clips here: http://www.quantumleap-alsplace.com/...LonTVshows.htm

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Haha never seen JAG before but thats awsome, thanx for sharing Helen.

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Originally Posted by isz
(how you call this place in hollywood where are all the stars of famous people?)
Hollywood Walk of Fame
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