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Default Quantum leap a leap into clown shoes part 1

Leaping into clown shoes

Sam was leaping and he could feel all of time and space all around him he was travelling at a super high speed it was like Sam was swimming through in a big ocean of time in bright blue magical light shining like jewels on the surface of the ocean and star light it felt like he was on the platform again reaching his arms high above his head Completing the quantum leap cycle.

In this moment in time Sam had a perfect memory of everything he had forgot in his life back at home all of his memories from his old life was like a open book to him. He loved going through this process this was the only time he could feel a perfect love for everything it felt like God or time or fate was hugging Sam in a big magical way saying thank you for everything he was doing. Being embraced by time and star light it was like Sam was being wrapped around him in towels really nice comtable towels.

It was only when Sam landed in his new persona or host he then felt like a really forgetful old man where his memory was nothing more then cheese being slowly eaten by a mouse and he was lucky to remember anything and like always Sam felt himself start to land and after the blue light washed away from him and sam leaped in he found himself dressed as a fair ground clown and he was standing In the centre ring under the big top and a whole audience was sitting all around him laughing and loving the experience of the fair.

But what Really annoyed Sam and took him totally of guard was the fact at that same moment a custred pie hit Sam Squareltly in the face. By another passing clown.

Sam tryed to clean his face saying outloud to himself.

"oh boy!"

After the show had finally finished Sam still dressed fully like a clown with face paint, wig and wearing a clown flower on his baszer.

Sam wanted to get back to his mobile home very quickly... if he had one? he was hoping that he did so he could take off all this stupid clothing he walked through the fair ground as it was starting to close for the night all the lights slowly starting to be switched off and sam deep down loved the fair the whole atmosphere of the fair at times was so magical and heart warming and he went to the big top a few times with his family and with Tom when he was growing up with his dad but he never wanted to run away with the circus and being here, right here right now brought a whole new meaning to running away with the circus.

Sam walked up to and checked all the near by caravans and finally he took a key out of pocket and tried the key in the lock and after a few trys he successfully found the right caravan he opened the door quickly stepped inside and closed it behind him and sat on the near by coach taking his wig off and says outloud

"oh boy"

And Al appears out of thin air in the caravan appearing like a ghost wearing a silver tie and silver jacket smoking his ciger smoking a few smoke rings and finally saying to sam

"how's it going kid?"

End of part 1
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