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Default Quantum leap the beginning again part 5

Al walks through the wall of Sams office and appears right next to Sam after a few more taps of the handlink saying

"we don't have much time we have less then an hour"

"for what?"

"Sam ziggy says you get shot and killed today less than an hour from now and its that, that stops you from making your first quantum leap into time now"

"but Al that didn't happen before I remember clearly"

"I know but time is changing Sam and the affects of time from this place is already starting to affect where I am right now both gooshie and Donna has already disappeared."

"OK what should I do?"

The handlink starts to groan and Al looks down and taps the link even more saying

"ziggy says theres another leaper Sam they must of leaped here to kill you"

"oh boy"

"Sam I have an idea....."

after much talking Sam walks into the control room and one of the technicans slowly gets up from fixing ziggy he turns and as soon as he sees Sam walking into the room he slowly raises and puts his hand in side his right jacket pocket pulls a gun out aims it at Sam and without any fear pulls the trigger. Al appears next to Sam and says "no!" with the bullets going through Al and hitting Sam.

4 and 5 rounds are fired and they hit Sam squarely in the chest Sam falls to the floor with blood everywhere and Al starts to flicker, in and out of reality and disappears a army service man enters the control room due to the panic and opens fire at the technican killing him immediately and as he lays dieing on the ground a wave of red light covers him and he quantum leaps out while gooshie and Donna run to sam checking him on the floor.

Sam was blood stained all his clothes and inside his mouth laying on the floor looking died eyes closed and Donna says "Sam! are you OK? Someone call an ambulance now!"

The technican who fell slowly rose up to his feet after leaping back into his body from the ground with the correct persona back in his correct body and with the service man still pointing his Weapon at the technnican says

"on the ground now!"

He quickly notices the gun pointing at him feeling confused obeys the command quickly falls on his knees and he is quickly hand cuffed and taken out of the room. By milatry police.

Sam looking died Donna says

"Sam come back to me please"

Donna holding Sam in her arms.

Sam eyes slowly starts to open and he says

"Donna it's OK am OK"

Donna looking confused and full of joy says

"Sam! your not died how?"

Donna hugs Sam and

Sam smiles and opens his shirt and shows her blood packs and a bullet proof vest.

"Sam that's genius"

"I know"

Sam slowly gets up from the floor but still feeling hurt by the impact of the bullets he holds his chest in pain and Al reappears in the control room looking at Sam next to him.

Al say tapping into the handlink

"you did it buddy the future and everything you have done for the past five years through time is saved!"

"thanks Al" Al nods

And Donna replys "Al?"

Sam smiling turns to Donna

"am good but go easy on that technician it wasn't his fault"

"but he shot you?"

"I know but he was a leaper"

"a leaper?"

Donna smiles and hugs Sam and kisses him before the kiss saying

"you are full of surprises"

She kisses Sam and embraces him and in that moment of there romance Sam starts to quantum leap and being filled of blue, white light Sam leaps out and into time......

After a few minutes Sam lands and after all the light fades away Sam finds himself dressed as a circus clown and in the centre of, a circus big top with a full audience all around him laughing and pointing at Sam suddenly being distracted by the audience Sam is hit in the face with a custard pie and saying while trying to wape his face

"oh boy!"

To be continued......
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