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Default 1108 True Callings, Part III ? The Return of the Hero

True Callings, Part III ?
The Return of the Hero

May 26, 1985

Hope Springs, Virginia (city ten miles south of Washington, D.C.)

Conclusion to the trilogy finds Sam fighting for his very existence as General Hawkins' agenda begins to unfold.

Written by: Greg Carey
(with Damon C. Sugameli)

TVS Team

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Default Re: 1108 True Callings, Part III ? The Return of the Hero

Our rating system this season consists of five raters and three back-up raters! We took the average of six raters and came up with an average for that episode. Based on ratings of 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest, the average of this episode was: 9.3

Please be aware that some reviews may contain spoilers! Some of the comments given were:

Valery S. Gemini said:
P*E*R*F*E*C*T conclusion to an awesome story! Now that all 3 parts have been published, I would like to rate this WHOLE story 10. Will try to post more comments in the forum after the weekend.



Sporty said:
A great conclusion to the story. Sam has come thru again, although he doesn't know it. But the ones who are in the know know. A great trilogy. Great job, you two!



Morris J. Finkle said:
Well, I can honestly say I was not disappointed. What started off as a somewhat humorous nod to classic superhero stories and 80s pop culture suddenly took a more serious turn in Part 3 with the involvement of Dr. Connors. Since I saw Damon's name listed in conjunction with Greg's, I assume he had some input into how the whole rogue leaper storyline tied in with the current story. This is pretty close to what I expected in terms of a follow-up with Connors: we got a little more insight into why he's determined to stop Sam, and I look forward to the next confrontation, whenever it may be.

I also loved seeing the return of a few of the more memorable leapees of the past. I thought this whole trilogy was wrapped up nicely, while in the same way, sets up some interesting developments with Hawkins, Tom, and J.T. I can't wait to see what happens next! The bonus ending with Sammy Jo was a nice touch too.

Perfect, Greg! Just perfect! Great job!



Seeker said:
Well written, good, strong, characterization, dialogue is spot on believable and flows smoothly, everything tied neatly together yet with the promise of more to come. Great story, even though, as I've said before, comic books, TV shows and/or movies themed on super heroes have never been my cup of tea. Good work, Greg.



Xanadu said:
This story has been wild. So many people tied in... so many things going on and a lot of interesting twists. The whole thing is weaved so sweetly... and perfectly. I couldn't rate it anything but a 10 as a whole.

Looking forward to your next one, Greg!



Tom Jarret said:
Now that I have read the whole story, I feel better at making my comments. This story was rich and interwoven and very capturing throughout. As a whole I liked the story immensely, as for part 3 I felt that this part of the trilogy was not as fluid as the first two. Part three seemed a bit too frenetic. It jumped around so many times as to be disorienting. I truly like this part with its interplay with so many characters. It's just I would have like to have concentrated on one scene or perhaps through one person's point of view. I thought that some of the tension of this last part was lost due to the many breaks. I strongly recommend reading this whole story for it was wonderful, I don't want to give the impression that it wasn't. So my rating for part 3 is a 8 for the whole series a 9.



Now, it's your opportunity to rate this particular story. Let the author(s) know how you rate this story. If you'd like to give feedback, please go ahead and leave a reply!

The Virtual Seasons Team

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Wow... Greg... we've seen two amazing trilogies right after another! I don't think there's a way to put the whole awe I'm experiencing into words. The way you brought everything together for a tidy conclusion, as well as leaving us with gaping mouths for questions about Hawkins, was just perfect.

Three for three: this episode gets a 5 from me.

Well done, fellow writer!

... Mike. ^_^
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The first 3 episodes for the Hawkins Trilogy are now in the books...The next episode "The Enemy" airs in January...



1) Younger Sam could barely make out Al's voice and image but with plenty of distortion
2) Cameron Wilson is from he episode Camikaze Kid
3) Cam asked for a burger and a malt - his food of choice as a teenager
4) Cam's complexion was clean!!!
5) Arnold Watkins is from the episode Evil Leaper II: The Return Of The Evil Leaper
6) Arnold's grandson David is as gifted in computers as Sam is with quantum physics
7) Unable to find a phone booth, Sam changes into Captain Liberty in a Porta-Potty (my fave scene btw)
Al used his holographic hands as targets for Sam's punches like he did in the episode Right Hand Of God
9) For once, Sam's patented spin-kick move is ineffective
10) When Bruno gives Sam a backbreaker, it is reminiscent of Bane breaking Batman's back in the comic series
11) Like most action/super hero stories, Part III is episodic...The hero has to fight the henchmen first before going after the arch villain, just like Sam fought Bruno on the stage, and T in the warehouse before getting to the final showdown...almost like a video game getting to the 'Boss"
12) When Bruno stands over a beaten Sam, a soda can bounces off his chest and the townspeople come to the hero's rescue is a nod to Spiderman: The Movie
13) Once again, Braden determines the outcome of completing Sam's mission
14) Sam sees a wedding ring on his younger self's finger
15) The businessmen at Braden's table at the convention will be linked to terrorists in the future - Terrorists associated with time travel? How Back to the Future is that?
16) Garner's buddy Ronald Reagan assures Sam future funding
17) Tom Selleck becomes influential in letting Hawkins release the leapees - Hollywood Star Power!!!
1 The things that happen from this whole leap: Hawkins gets property in Hope Springs for the Government to start an anti-terrorist project, and Tom Beckett, J.T. Beckett, and David Watkins are brough on board for it
19) Isabella (sam's granddaughter is born on August 8th, 2006 - Sam's birthday!)
20) Sammy Jo's stepfather (Philip Mililani) from a story earlier this season is at the Quantum Leap Convention
21) Darius Dreck is a character from a time travel trilogy I wrote in high school called Serving Time (it was about jumping around in time within 10 years before and 10 years after the present and by changing one thing it affected another like Butterfly Effect). Dreck was the villain in Part II (a drug dealer)...Unfortunately, only Part I was ever filmed (and a 1/4 of Part II before my friend who played the male lead broke his leg and then we all graduated)..A shame, in Part III, I would have gotten a chance to play the villain besides the Doc Brown-esque character I would have played in all 3..oh well...The idea of having a younger and an older version of a character both in the same crisis like Sam experienced came from the trilogy story from high school
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