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Al's Place Quantum Leap Fan Site
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Why do I have a disclaimer page? Well...one day an evil leaper may stop in at Al's Place and I just want to cover as many bases as possible to prevent any misunderstandings. Here it goes...

By entering this site you agree to the following terms and guidelines:

If you send me email, I reserve the right to post your comments on this website or messageboard. I will NOT post your email address for any reason unless I ask you first.

I will not give your email address to any 2nd party. This is a non-profit site and I hate spam as much as any of you, I promise.

This site is not officially sponsored by Belisarius Productions, Universal Studios, or any other entity surrounding the production of Quantum Leap. I am a fan just like you, who created this site because I enjoy the show and want to promote it as much as possible. No intention of copyright violation is intended here. The only copyrights I reserve on this site are the basic arrangement and design of the site itself, all logos that I created, and any opinion-based text written by myself.

Rodvision, RodetteVision, and GuestVision are copyrighted by Al's Place.

Do not use any pictures, videos, sounds, text, or other media found on this website or messageboard for anything other than personal home use unless you ask me for permission first.

I created almost all of the image and video captures you will find here. The media found here is not owned by me, but I captured it.  I did not take anything from any other site without their permission unless noted with direct source of the data provided. If you believe I have something belonging to you, email me and I'll address the issue. I get many items from outside sources and they don't always have credits with them.

If you wish to donate anything to Al's Place, I must get a verifiable email address from you so that I may stay in contact with you if the source of the donation ever comes into question.

Credits are given to all media or text donated to Al's Place using the name or screen name of the person making the donation on the Credits page. If your donation has been overlooked in this manner, please contact me.

I will try my best to find and/or create items you ask for! If I can't, I apologize. I love suggestions, so bring 'em on!

I will try to respond to your emails as quickly as possible. I get an amazing amount of fan mail about this site, so be patient with me please! Most email will be answered within 48 hours.

Please do not link directly to the media on this site as it uses too much bandwidth. 

Courtesy URL links back here are always welcome and if your site is Quantum Leap related, send me an email and I'll add you to my own links page or fanfic page as well.

Quantum Leap and all rights to media captures displayed here are owned by Universal Studios and Belisarius Productions.

Any image, text, sound, video, or other media that is given to Al's Place or any other related forum or site created and/or operated by Brian Greene such as The Quantum Leap Radio Files, etc. for the purpose of displaying it becomes the "property" of Al's Place and may not be removed unless I agree to it (with the exception of the Alumni member photo page).

Our Quantum Leap Online Community Forum has it's own set of rules and terms in addition to these that may be found here.

As the situation may arise...I will update/add to this page as I see fit.

Now get out of here...there's a whole world of Quantum Leap waiting for you on the more than 800 pages of this site! I'm glad you stopped by and please come back each week as the site frequently updates!

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