"Ben Song For The Defense"

Leap Date: April 17, 1985


When Ben leaps into a harried public defender, he must keep an innocent teenager accused of murder out of prison for life. In an unexpected turn of events, Jenn puts her legal expertise to the test as she steps in as the hologram.

Audio from this episode:
Ben: "Change is for the better"


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Commercial for this episode:

TV Guide Synopsis:
When Ben leaps into a harried public defender, he must keep an innocent teenager accused of murder out of prison for life. In an unexpected turn of events, Jenn puts her legal expertise to the test as she steps in as the hologram.

Broadcast Date:
Monday, March 13, 2023 @ 10pm on NBC

Leap Date:
April 17, 1985 or June 8, 1985 (see Kiss With History)

Leap Location:
Queens, New York

Name of Leapee:
Aleyda Ramirez

Detailed Synopsis:

The episode goes right into the Leap with no saga sell introduction. Ben has become Aleyda Ramirez, a female attorney with the public defender's office, with too many cases to handle properly - 183 to be exact. He Leaps into court representing a man who was caught naked in the yard of his girlfriend, who had locked him out of the house. He is also accused of stealing a car.

Once out of the courtroom, Addison appears and Ben immediately recalls that Martinez was on the USS Montana (in the previous episodes). Addison says they are working on that issue but delves right into the Leap at hand. But before she can get to it, another of Ben's clients stops him and asks for help getting his motorcycle out of an impound lot. Addison tells him to put that on hold, because he is due to meet with another client charged with murder.

18-year-old Camilo Diaz has been charged with the murder of Nathan Huerrara. Camilo is the sole caretaker of his little brother and their 65-year-old grandmother. Nathan was pushing Leo, the little bother, to join a gang. Ziggy says in the original history, Camilo took a plea deal for 10 years in prison and Leo still joined the gang, but was shot dead before Camilo got out of prison. He was in the building when the murder happened, but there were no other witnesses to prove his innocence.

At PQL, Ian is working on the Leaper X issue. The team have a game going where if one of them says "Leaper X", they owe the other $1. Magic says it twice in their conversation and Ian says it once. Ian has developed a program that will tell them if Martinez appears during a Leap again. Addison suggests that Jenn go into the Imaging Chamber and be the hologram for Ben, since she knows quite a bit about the legal system from her time in the courtroom as a criminal, and also has a law degree. Jenn reluctantly agrees when Magic gives her a friendly order to do so.

Ben walks into the restroom, passes Jenn as the hologram and says hello, not realizing who she is.  As he sees himself in the mirror (as the female lawyer), Jenn says "Wow, it's great to see you, Ben." Ben turns around, disturbed, and asks "Are you another Leaper?" Jenn fades in and out, revealing that she is a hologram. Ben asks where Addison is and she appears next to Jenn. Apparently having two people in the Imaging Chamber causes transmission issues, so Addison and Ben say "I love you" and she passes the handlink to Jenn, then leaving the Imaging Chamber. Jenn coaches Ben how to handle the courtroom. He pleads Camilo not guilty, and the prosecuting Assistant District Attorney and his female assistant are upset by the change in plea. Jenn tells him that Ziggy is going through the case and will be looking for clues as he is forced to run to another courtroom to defend an armed robbery suspect.

Ian and Magic go through the case summary as Addison looks on, seeing Ben on the screen from PQL headquarters.

ADA Vicky Davis approaches Ben, annoyed that she will now have to be pulling an all-nighter to get up to speed on the murder case. Ben seems confused as Vicky kisses him. Opposing council is the 3-year girlfriend of Ben's host, Ramirez!

The next day in court, Ben defends Camilo with Jenn at his side, without much success. Ziggy then finds a page missing from the case file. Ben rushes to get answers, but first helps the naked boyfriend client make bail by using the "Marty McFly Almanac" approach of giving him $50 and telling him to bet on a horse race to win the bail money. Somehow Ziggy is able to predict a possible future for the man, saying that he will get beat up in prison and be confined to a wheelchair for life if he doesn't make his bail. Following this, Vicky shows up to inform Ben that Camilo Diaz's brother had been arrested for selling drugs on a corner. The gang promised him that they'd keep Camilo safe in prison if he worked the corner.

At PQL, Ziggy predicts an 82% chance that the murdered Nathan was killed because he was a police informant. Ian uncovers the missing page from the case file. The names of all witnesses are listed with one blacked out. Ian uses software to unveil the name: Edwin Soto.

At their apartment, Ben and Vicky go over their cases. Jenn tells Ben to ask Vicky about the missing page. This causes an argument between Ben and Vicky, and she leaves the apartment for a hotel room saying, "Happy Anniversary."

The next day, Ben hurries to court and runs into the biker who Ben was supposed to help get his bike out of the impound lot. The biker pleads with Ben to help him because he needs to get the bike to make it to a charity ride for AIDS, which leaves from Atlanta. Ben promises to get the bike soon.

In the Judges chambers, Ben forces ADA Barnes to produce the missing page. He finds out that Vicky was fired from the DA's office overnight. Barnes produces the page, but Edwin Soto's name has been removed completely. Barnes tampered with the evidence files, but Ben can't say anything because then it could be a mistrial if anyone found out he'd seen the original files.

Jenn asks Ziggy what happens to Vicky after Ben's change of history and she informs Ben that Barnes blackballed her and she never practiced law again. Shortly thereafter, Vicky stops by and verifies that she was fired for asking Barnes for the missing page. Ben shows her the new page and Vicky tells Ben that unless he can connect Soto to Nathan's murder.

Addison and Ian find a news article from eleven years later detailing Soto's gun being found in a basement with DNA evidence on it. Ian wonders the odds of the gun still being in the same place in 1985 so that ballistics can match the gun to the bullet that killed Nathan.

Ben needs to get across town quickly, so he gets the biker's motorcycle released from impound and asks a favor of him - a ride to the site where the gun might be found. Jenn leads Ben to the spot and the gun is there!

Back at the courthouse, Barnes offers Ben's client a new deal: only a five-year prison sentence with parole in four. Ziggy says if Ben takes the deal, he will Leap. With the reduced sentence, the family moves away before Leo is killed, thus saving them all. Ziggy gives a 5-/50 chance of Camilo going to prison for life if Ben doesn't take the deal. Ben and Camilo decide to fight. Vicky and Ben repair their relationship. In the courtroom, Ben gives a great speech to defend Camilo as Addison, once again as the hologram, watches.

During a court break, Addison catches up with Ben. During their conversation, Ben remembers Magic! Vicky interrupts, saying the jury came back with their verdict. Vicky says she found several other cases where Barnes tampered with evidence. Then suddenly, Ben Leaps!

As they wait for Ziggy to find Ben in his next Leap, Magic tells the rest of his team that they owe him money. Not for saying Leaper X, but because Ben remembered him first. Jenn is given the honor of revealing the new history Ben has helped change. Camilo was found not guilty! Leo became the first member of his family to go to college and becomes a lawyer. Barnes went down for corruption, Edwin Soto went down for all three murders, and Aleyda and Vicky join the Innocence Project, helping those who are wrongly accused find freedom.

Personal Review & Detailed Synopsis by Brian Greene:

A great mystery with plenty of heart and occasional humor! Jenn as the hologram was a breath of fresh air. I loved her chemistry with Ben and hope to see this happen again. I liked how the show uses the entire ensemble of characters to make the Leap work. I do wish Ziggy could talk, though. Several lives were changed for the better in various ways, and we are left with a good feeling by the end. It was unusual that Ben Leaped before hearing the verdict of the case he worked so hard on. Time and space wait for no man, apparently. Ben's schedule of Leaps continues as he arrives in a mental institution. Until next week...

Project Trivia:
Jenn has a law degree, which she earned while in prison.

Putting two people in the Imaging Chamber (Addison and Jenn) causes a weak signal.

The PQL team is playing a game where anytime someone says "Leaper X", they pay each other one dollar!

Ziggy is now able to predict a possible new future for someone. Example: Ziggy predicts that the naked boyfriend client will get beat up in prison and be confined to a wheelchair for life if he doesn't make his bail.

Ben Trivia:
Ben remembers Magic towards the end of the episode.

Addison Trivia:
None this episode.

Ian's Outfits Worn in the Episode:
Beige long-sleeved v-neck blouse.

Black, button up textured/layered top with half sleeves.

Kiss With History:
The Leap date could be taken from an actual horse race on June 8, 1985, which Ben tells his client to bet on in order to secure bail money. https://www.horseracingnation.com/race/1985_Belmont_Stakes_G1

The Leap date could also more likely be in April of 1985. The biker says he is going to leave on a charity ride from Atlanta where the first AIDS conference of it's kind is being held.
This would put the leap around mid-April. The first International Conference on the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome was held in Atlanta, Georgia between April 14th and 17th, 1985 although there is no record of a bike ride during that time. Perhaps this was privately done in the episode history.

The Innocence Project is a real organization.
It works to free the innocent, prevent wrongful convictions, and create fair, compassionate, and equitable systems of justice for everyone. Founded in 1992 by Barry C. Scheck and Peter J. Neufeld at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law at Yeshiva University, the organization is now an independent nonprofit.Their work is guided by science and grounded in anti-racism. https://innocenceproject.org/

Miscellaneous Trivia:
There was no "saga sell" introduction to this episode.

This episode has more hologram effects than any other episode preceeding it, for a total of nine. It's great to see so many fun effects!

This was episode writer
Romy Loor's first writing credit!


Dr. Ben Song
(Portrayed by Raymond Lee)
– Ben is a first-generation American, a world-renowned physicist, and a man of faith. He’s also working on Quantum Leap, a time travel project. But when he uses the project on himself, he’s transported back in time with a bout of amnesia – forgetting what made him time travel in the first place.

Addison Augustine (Portrayed by Caitlin Bassett) – Addison is a smart, witty, fearless ex-military operative who now serves as Project Observer at Quantum Leap HQ. She’s in charge of the technology they use to communicate with the past, and tries to rescue her fiancee, Ben, from his time-flung existence. 

Ian Wright (Portrayed by Mason Alexander Park) – Quantum Leap’s nonbinary chief architect of the AI program.

Herbert “Magic” Williams (Portrayed by Ernie Hudson) – A Vietnam vet and current head of the time travel project at Quantum Leap. Herbert “Magic” Williams tries to keep the Pentagon at bay while the team tries to rescue Ben. Doctor Sam Beckett leaped into Magic during his Vietnam tour.

Jenn Chu (Portrayed by Nanrisa Lee) – Head of security at Quantum Leap HQ. Quirky but formidable, she makes it her mission to figure out why Ben erased all evidence of why he Leaped.

Guest Cast:
Dean Cameron as Saul Becker
Michael Garza as Camilo Diaz
Jonathan Chase as ADA Bill Barnes
Isaac Arellanes as Leo Diaz
Tina D'Marco as Grandma Layla
Diandra Lyle as ADA Vicky Davis
Megan Robinson as Ada
Nate Walker as Tyler Hamlin
Edward Gelhaus as Biker Stuart Johnson
Ludwig Manukian as Judge Larry Kerr
Nancy Youngblut as Judge Llewellyn
Ashley Dulaney as Girlfriend Rose
Mike Quirk as Building Manager
Haile D'Alan as Police Officer #1
Valentina Guerra as Aleyda Ramirez (Mirror Image)
Dani Woodson s Mother
Amari McCoy as Daughter
Ken Heang as Baliff

Guest Cast Notes:

Dean Cameron (Saul Becker) was born on December 25, 1962 in Morrison, Illinois, USA. He is an actor and director, known for Summer School (1987), Straight Outta Compton (2015) and Sleep with Me (1994). He has been married to Jessie S. Marion since April 9, 2004. They have one child.

Jonathan Chase (ADA Barnes) was born in Plantation, Florida, USA. He is an actor and writer, known for Gamer (2009), Oh Em Gee (2016) and Eagle Eye (2008). He has been married to Sarah Greenfield since November 7, 2015. They have one child.

Michael Garza (Camilo) is known for Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019), The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 (2014) and DogMan (2023).

Isaac Arellanes (Leo Diaz) is a Hopi/Latino teen from Phoenix, Arizona. He is a member of the Coyote Clan and his maternal lineage comes from the village of Hotevilla. Isaac began acting at the age of 9 and booked his first guest star role at 11 in NBC's doctor drama series, "The Nightshift". He followed that up with a starring role in the film "Cucuy: The Boogeyman" part of the SY-FY network's 31 Days of Halloween. Shortly after wrapping that film he was cast to play Young Daniel in HBO's critically acclaimed series "Euphoria". His biggest role was as the lead as Ruben Reyna for two seasons in the Emmy Award winning kids series, "Ghostwriter" for Apple TV+. He can be seen most recently in the Netflix Feature Film "Blue Miracle" co-starring alongside Dennis Quaid and Jimmy Gonzales, released in May 2021. Isaac is a former competitive dancer who enjoys skateboarding. He is a prolific gamer and spends some of his free time volunteering for his family's non-profit, Hopi Relief. Isaac is committed to investing time and other resources back into our indigenous communities.

Tina D'Marco (Grandma Layla) is a native Californian, born in National City, a community south of San Diego. Her father, a 1940s orchestra leader, played in the bands of Xavier Cugat and Desi Arnaz. Her mother was "an original Rosie the Riveter," one of the young women recruited to make airplanes during World War II. Inspired by high school drama and glee club teachers, Tina went on to earn a B.A. in theatre from UCLA and to make acting her career. Her stage credits include such classics as "The Bad Seed," "The Odd Couple" and "All My Sons," as well as "Real Women Have Curves: The Musical."

Diandra Lyle (ADA Vicky Davis) is known for Secrets of Sulphur Springs (2021), NCIS (2003) and American Woman (2018).

Nate Walker (Tyler Hamlin) is an actor and producer known for Affairs of State (2018) and LACE (2021). You may have also seen him on hit shows like 9-1-1: Lone Star, S.W.A.T, Homeland, and Shameless. Originally from Savannah Georgia, Nate's early childhood was spent traveling the world as an Air Force brat playing sports. Basketball was his first love but, after attending East Carolina University Nate moved to Hampton Roads Virginia to join the workforce. Here is where he was introduced to and fell in love with the world of film. After sporadically crashing a casting call and being cast in a feature, Nate chose to pursue a career in entertainment. Eager to learn as many aspects of production as possible, he has filled the roles of: actor, writer, background extra, production assistant, grip, prop master, craft services manager, location scout, transportation driver, broker, and producer. While enjoying growing success in acting and stand up, Nate's love and knowledge for filmmaking overall grew immensely as well. He is passionate about using art as connective tissue to create empathy and understanding across different communities. Overall, he just wants to touch people through his art.

Edward Gelhaus (Biker Stuart) is originally from the small town of Owen, Wisconsin, studied Acting at Ireland's premier drama school: The Gaiety School of Acting, and also trained with coaches from London's Rose Bruford University. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Theatre, Music and Dance from Saint Mary's University and graduated as a member of the National Theatre Honor Society. After being 1 of only 3 in the U.S. awarded Jerry Herman's Legacy Award by the ASCAP Foundation, he completed 2 Equity tours of "West Side Story" and "Grease". He then signed on to traveling the world as a principal singer on the largest ship in history for Royal Caribbean. As the Vegas lights called his name, for 3 years, he performed the leading roles in numerous shows on and off the Las Vegas Strip. As a very movement-based actor, he also worked and studied with top coaches for the world renowned company Cirque Du Soliel. Edward also works as a private acting coach at his studio in North Hollywood, Ca. He resides and performs, onstage and in film, in Los Angeles, California.

Ludwig Manukian (Judge Larry Kerr) is an actor, writer, director, and martial artist. He is an advocate for Armenian causes and an ensemble member in the "Big Bad Armo Show". The Los Angeles Times called his one-man show, "I Ask You Ladies and Gentlemen", "harrowing ...powerful...skillful". He has been nominated for a BackstageWest Garland Award for Best Performance. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children.

Nancy Youngblut (Judge Llewellyn)
received an MFA in 'Directing for the Theatre' at the University of Georgia, where she worked with internationally renowned theater director, Zygmunt Hubner. She has worked in many regional theater productions, as both director and actor. Nancy has booked and filmed around 300 TV commercials, including a series directed by the brilliant Bill Persky. She played Heidi in the HEIDI CHRONICLES at the Cleveland Playhouse and was an understudy in BURN THIS on Broadway; where she went on with the wonderful Scott Glenn. She has shot a number of pilots, including MARS: BASE ONE with Dan Ackroyd, and ARLY HANKS MYSTERIES with Ron Perlman and Kate Jackson. Nancy's credits over the past thirty years include Murphy Brown, Shamless, Weeds, The Sheild, Star Trek: DSN, ER, The Wonder Years, Bones, The Fosters, and Absolute Strangers with Henry Winkler and Karl Malden.

Ashley Dulaney (Girlfriend Rose)
is known for The House Sitter (2015), Babysitter's Black Book (2015) and Justified (2010).

Mike Quirk (Building Manager) is known for Flight World War II (2015), Don Quixote (2015) and Inside the Extras Studio (2015).

Haile D'Alan (Police Officer #1)
is a stage trained actor and member of the award-winning GGC Players Repertory Company. He has starred in award-winning Shakespeare production(s) as Enobarbus in Antony & Cleopatra, The Duke of Ephesus in The Comedy of Errors & Caliban in The Tempest under the direction of two-time NAACP Award Winner and Broadway World Award Nominee Gloria Gifford. He also starred as Yank, in British Director & Olivier Award Winner Steven Berkoff's critically acclaimed production of Eugene O'Neill's The Hairy Ape. He also starred as Ralph D in an award-winning production of the Motherfu**er with the Hat. He has also worked with executive TV producer/writer Sy Rosen and originated roles in comedy legends Joe Bologna & Renee Taylor's West Coast premiere of "Love Allways." Hailé was born on the Southside of Chicago. He comes from an armed forces family, has lived across the U.S. and on a few military bases. "Some of my fondest memories as a kid was climbing into the helicopters, fighter jets, various other combat vehicles, exploring the decks of ships, running the obstacle courses, hanging out in the barracks and attending the air shows." Haile's acting journey began in Austin, TX. In Austin, he did a few short films, voice-over work and hosted his own weekly radio segment titled H-T Round-Up Show, while attending the HBCU, Huston-Tillotson University. While attending H-T, he served a term as President and also a term as Vice-President of the university's Gamma Lambda Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. He graduated H-T with a double business degree. After graduating & relocating to Los Angeles, Haile's initial interest was a career with the CHiP & law school. However, he decided to pursue acting & commenced studying at The Gloria Gifford Gifford Conservatory. Hailé also trains with noted fight choreographer Brian Danner of Sword Fights, Inc. Sports & adventure has always played a role of his life. Soccer & baseball were his first loves. However, he also played basketball, football, ran track & BMX. He taught himself how to swim, play tennis, racquetball & golf. He also loved riding ATVs, hunting in the woods & fishing in the bayous of Louisiana during the summer with his uncle "Top Cat" and riding his brother's horses. Hailé loves roller-coasters ("the bigger the better"), has gone skydiving & enjoys the indoor gun-range. "Someday, I would love to participate in a Pro-Am racing circuit like Paul Newman & Steve McQueen & play in an NBA Celebrity All-Star Game. That would be a dream!"

Valentina Guerra (Aleyda Ramirez)
performed in community theater and school productions from a young age. In addition to studying math and science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she graduated with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering, she was active in their theater program and completed a Concentration in Theater Arts. She briefly worked in the aerospace industry before returning acting, and has since been formally trained in the Meisner Technique, and has become a full-time actor.

Amari McCoy (Daughter)
is profoundly connected to her Ethiopian roots, but also loves learning about other cultures. She began attending a Spanish Immersion school when she was just four years old and is always excited to try new foods and traditions! She modeled for Gap as a baby, has since been featured in multiple National network commercials, and has worked with acclaimed directors Ted Melfi and Garth Jennings. Amari shines as a series regular on three different animated projects: We Baby Bears, Pretzel and the Puppies, and Puppy Dog Pals as well as several recurring roles on shows including T.O.T.S. and Tig n' Seek. Most recently, Amari starred in director Tamika Miller's feature film Honor Student. You can also see her in the Ryan Murphy TV series 9-1-1, Goliath, the feature film Ernesto's Manifesto, and Waffles + Mochi. Some of Amari's favorite activities are going to the beach, violin, caring for the environment, and sipping boba with her puppy.

Guests Who Appeared in Other Quantum Leap Episodes:
None, except for Martinez, who appears in a brief flashback to the previous episode, "S.O.S."

Characters who appeared in Classic Series episodes:

Songs & Music:
"Nightshift" by the Commodores plays as Ben enters the apartment where Vicky has brought them Chinese food.

"Oh Girl" by The Chi-Lites plays after Ben argues with Vicky about the missing witness.

"Love My Way" by The Psychedelic Furs plays as Ben, Tyler, and Rose get on an elevator.

Say What?
Even though Addison and Ian were both in the Imaging Chamber in a previous episode titled "Let Them Play" and had no issues, this time when Addison and Jenn are in the IC together, there are signal loss issues.

The date of Camilo's arrest was shown as January 22, 1985. However, when Ian looks it up, it shows August 22, 1985.

How does Ziggy know that Nathan was an informant?

Ben leaps before the verdict is given on his case! He was robbed of satisfaction in this one.

Quotable Quotes:
"We've got Marty McFly's almanac!"

Jenn: "So this is the time right?"
Ben: "Hmm?"
Jenn: "When Addison tells you to give someone one of those famous Ben pep talks..."
Ben: "Very funny."

"It is helpful to have hope, even if you can't see it."

Ben: "One more time then, for good measure."
Jenn: "Let's do it."

"We all feel a deep responsibility to those we love. I know I do. I would travel to the end of time for the people I love."

Production Photos:

Production Videos:
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Production Credits:

Consulting Producer: Moira Kirland
Tim Scanlan
Meg Fister
Co-Executive Producers: Benjamin Raab & Deric A. Hughes
Co-Executive Producer: Drew Lindo
Co-Executive Producer: Aadrita Mukerji
Produced by:
Marc Bienstock
Executive Producers: Steven Lilien & Bryan Wyndrandt
Executive Producer: Alex Berger
Executive Producer: Chris Grismer
Executive Producer: Deborah Pratt
Executive Producer: Donald P. Bellisario
Executive Producer: Dean Georgaris
Executive Producer:
Martin Gero
Developed by:
Steven Lilien & Bryan Wyndrandt
Created by: Donald P. Bellisario
Written by: Romy Loor
Directed by: Kristin Windell

Associate Producer: Ethan Henderson
Story Editor:
Margarita Matthews
Casting by:
Jennifer Cooper, CSA
Original Casting by: Kamala A. Thomas

Director of Photography: Alan Caudillo
Production Designer: Mayling Chen
Edited by: Piper Kroeze
Music by: Daniel James Chan
Unit Production Manager:
Melanie J. Elin
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Genevieve Tyrrell

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Additional 2nd Assistant Director: Heidi Hinzman
A Camera First AC: Erik Emerson
B Camera First AC: Steve Bellen

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