M.J. Cogburn

Shane Devon
as Sam Beckett

M.J. Cogburn
as Dr. Donna Elesee-Beckett

as Al Calavicci

Christopher Heim
as Gushie

as Ziggy

Brian Greene
as Al the Bartender




The Impossible Dream

From Quantum Realities Productions

What goes on between the leaps?
Here is
a look inside Sam's mind from
the very beginning of Quantum Leap
to wherever he might be now!

[ Cover by Gelfling1220 ]


The Quantum Leap Soundtrack: The Suite From The Leap Home
Velton Ray Bunch

The Quantum Leap Soundtrack: Original Theme
Mike Post/Velton Ray Bunch

Season Five Theme
Mike Post/Velton Ray Bunch

File Name Format Length Size
Dream MP3 13:37 12.1 MB

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