Episode Songs
from Quantum Leap





  1. Cuando La Gusta (Miss Deep South)

  2. Great Balls of Fire (Miss Deep South)

  3. Pool Hall Blues

  4. Heat Wave (A Song for the Soul)

  5. Volare (Double Identity)

  6. Volare 2 (Double Identity)

  7. Piggy Suey (How the Tess Was Won)

  8. Joy to the World (A Little Miracle)

  9. Out of Sight (Disco Inferno)

  10. Dixieland (Memphis Melody)

  11. Footloose (Piano Man)

  12. Amazing Grace (Memphis Melody)

  13. Will the Circle Be Unbroken (Memphis Melody)

  14. Will the Circle Be Unbroken 2 (Memphis Melody)

  15. Daybreak (Private Dancer)

  16. Imagine (The Leap Home: Part I)

  17. Medley From Man of La Mancha (Catch a Falling Star)

  18. Fate's Wide Wheel (Glitter Rock)

  19. Somewhere in the Night (Piano Man)

  20. His Eye is on the Sparrow (A Song for the Soul)

  21. Let It Be Me (Video from Camikazi Kid)

  22. The Alphabet Rap (Shock Theater)


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