Ziggy from Quantum Leap!

These short sound files are a great addition to your own computers background sounds.

Hint: Try using #1 for Windows startup, #8 for a new mail message, #12 for an exclamation, #16 for a program error, #18 for a critical stop, #32 for an asterisk, #33 for a question, and #13 for exit Windows..




  • From "The Leap Back"

  1. It's about time you got around to me, Dr. Beckett.

  2. Try me in 11.6 hours.

  3. I can assume with 96.5% accuracy.

  4. I can't project a precise location...

  5. It depressed me.

  6. I didn't say it was easy.

  7. Why do human beings die for love?

  8. I don't expect contact until you need me.

  9. Dr. Beckett?

  10. Dr. Beckett??

  11. Dr. BECKETT.

  12. Excellent point, Dr.

  13. Goodnight, Dr.

  14. Great Legs, Dr.

  15. Have fun, you two...

  16. That's a flaw found only in human computers.

  17. I can now project with 81.6% accuracy.

  18. I don't think so, Dr.

  19. I see your point.

  20. He'll kiss the girls and make them cry.

  21. Oohhh...if you weren't my father.

  22. Isn't that a parochial name?

  23. ...I never experience guilt.

  24. No.

  25. That was a quickie, Dr. Beckett.

  26. With a million jigabyte capacity...

  27. Sorry to interrupt...

  28. Thank you, Dr.

  29. That's true.

  30. Tina's having an affair with Gooshie.

  31. 1 minute and counting.

  32. I'm dealing with too many data-limiting factors.

  33. Yes, Dr. Beckett?

  34. Yes, Dr. Elesee?

  35. Yesssss?

  36. Standby to fire...


  • From "Killin' Time"

  1. Good evening, Admiral.

  2. Express my admiration

  3. ...less than 34% chance

  4. Begin profile

  5. After running all data

  6. ...extreme caution

  7. Good luck, Admiral.


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