"Dr. Ruth"

Leap Date:

April 25, 1985

Episode Adopted by: Carol <aka> C_Dean n C_Al


Sam leaps into his second famous person as he becomes the noted sex therapist Dr. Ruth Westheimer! While having a rough time dealing with the subject matter of Dr. Ruth's radio shows, he has to put two of his co-workers together in a relationship and at the same time help a young woman who is being sexually harrassed by her boss at work. Meanwhile, Al gets his own therapy from the real Dr. Ruth in the waiting room.


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(ep5.13 / # 68114)



Leaping from one woman to the next, Sam is having himself a good ‘ol time!

Sam is seated at a microphone and is being asked a sex question via a speaker in a soundproof booth in a radio station. Being the prude his is, he is shocked until he glances up at a mirror and sees DR. RUTH! ‘OH BOY’! He tells Al that he has to get him out of here. Hummm … where have we heard that before?

This would be a heavenly job for Al. But he is too busy in the waiting room talking with Dr. Ruth, or Dr. Ruthie as he is so affectionately calling her. She is helping him work through his problems with women.

Doug, the announcer, and Debbie, the producer, are constantly arguing. Dr. Ruth says they are perfect for each other, and that’s why Sam is there. But Sam says he’s there to help Annie? Neither one of them know the real reason.

Annie is a secretary for a law firm in Manhattan; someday she wants to be a lawyer. Her boss is trying to make a move on her and she is keeping him at bay. She calls Dr. Ruth … ahhh … Sam to get some advice. Her boss, Jonathan, eventually assaults her. Sam and Al come to her rescue.


New York City/Manhattan, New York, USA


Air Date:
January 19, 1993


Leap Date:
April 25, 1985 – Thursday [& April 26th – Friday]


Dr. Ruth Westheimer


Personal Review:
I love this episode! Mostly because it has a lot of Al in it, but the story is good too. :) I love how they show you the waiting room … even though we saw it in LHO. I also like how Scott gets Dr. Ruth’s accent. Again, Dean digs deep inside himself and shows us how vulnerable he can make Al. All and all … I LOVE THIS EP! :)


Show Music & Songs:
~QL~ Music by: Mike Post


Best Scene:
This scene had me rolling when I first saw this episode. Sam has just leaped into the radio station and a caller is on the line asking a question.

Woman Caller: "Well?"

SAM: "Ahhh … well … well … well what?"

Woman Caller: "What do you think?"

SAM: "Ahhh … could you ahhh … re … repeat that question?"

Woman Caller: "Is the size of a man’s feet related to the size of his love mussel?"

SAM-Dr. Ruth (mirror image): "Oh Boy!"

Woman Caller: "Dr Ruth? Are you there? … (Do you want me to repeat the) question?"

SAM: "No! Don’t repeat it I heard it just fine. The mans … size of his foot … you know … clowns wear really big shoes."

Woman Caller: "The guy I’m dating has very small feet."

SAM: "Well … ahhh … my feet … [laughs] … of course I would do … who would want to know about Dr. … Ruth’s feet. But I have a friend who has … n … could we go to the next caller please?"

Man Caller: "This is Tony from Lindenhurst. I really dig your show."

SAM: "Thank you Tony."

Man Caller: "I got this problem with my girlfriend, no matter where we go she always puts her hands on my crotch."

SAM: "Hummm … ahhh … have you tried just holding hands."

Man Caller: "Well she does it when I’m driving on the turnpike!"

SAM: "Make her sit in the back seat! NEXT!" [Sam is getting very agitated and just throwing answers left and right that make no sense … LOL]

Debbie: "What has gotten into her?"

Doug: "I think it’s funny."

Debbie: "You think balancing a spoon on your nose is funny."

Doug: "Yah …"

SAM: "Yes … what is your problem …"

Woman Caller #2: "Well I get orgasms so incredible and overwhelming that I end up pushing my husband out of bed. The last time he got all bruised and scraped. Is there any answer for me?"

SAM: "Kneepads! NEXT!"

Debbie: "Commercial!"

Doug: "She’s on a roll!"

Debbie: "I said commercial!"

Doug: "Well be right back with Dr. Ruth Westheimer after these important messages."

Debbie: "Are you all right Ruth?"

SAM: "I’m … I’m fine … don’t worry about me!" [You hear the IC door open]

AL: "Kneepads? … Kinky!"

SAM: "Ahhh … have you been here Al … listening in?"

AL: "Yah … I’ve heard a little of it." [Smiling]

SAM: "I’ve gotta get outta here fast!"

AL: "Why? This sounds like a great leap to me! You just sit here and ya talk about sex!"

SAM: "NO!"

AL: "Sam, look at it … as a learning experience."

SAM: "It may sound like fun to you … but it’s not for me! They’re asking some very embarrassing questions!"

AL: "Sam, sex is not dirty. It’s a very natural thing. Being frank about it and educating your children to be morally responsible and safe … is better than … sweeping it under the rug." [He says this line with a weird accent – I have now idea what he was trying to do here???]

SAM: "That’s a … pretty mature attitude … coming from someone like you." [Looking at Al with his mouth open and a quizzical look on his face]

AL: "Oh it’s not coming from me, its coming for the real Dr. Ruth in the waiting room. But you remember it until Ziggy can figure out … why you’re here."

SAM: "No Al you can’t leave! You’re … you’re an expert on this kind of stuff! You gotta help me answer these questions!"

AL: "No you’re doing fine."

SAM: "No I’m not doing fine! You gotta stay here and help me answer these questions!"

AL: "Oh hey … you know the question about the shoe size?"

SAM: "Yah …"

AL: "Just call me … Bigfoot!"

Doug: "Going back to our calls …"

SAM: "AL! AL! …" [Al steps back into the IC]

Doug: "What was that?"

SAM: "AL be ready …" … nice save Sam … hehehe


Kiss With History:
Sam lectures on the evidence of breast implants. Al pops in, punches keys on the hand link, and informs Sam that 421 women that would have had adverse reactions will not have implants.


QL ~ Trivia:

Since this is my last adoption, I thought I would add a little extra. :)

Al leapt one time.


Sam was a:

White Male = 71 times

Black Male = 4 times

Indian = 1 time

Latino = 2 times

White Female = 8 times

Black Female = 1 time

Kid (25 and under) 7 times

Handicapped & Blind 3 times

Gay (?) 1 time

Animal (Monkey) 1 time


The jobs he did, so to speak:

Test Pilot/Pilot

Professor of-English Literature & Archaeology

Boxer/Wrestler = 2 times

Country Vet

Mob Hit Man

Private Eye

Police/Sheriff = 5 times

Stunt Man

Pianist-Concert & Lounge 2 times

Radio Station DJ & Talk Show = 2 times

Rabbi/Priest 2 times

Actor/Talk Show Host/News Reporter-Stage & TV = 7 times

Lawyer = 2 times


FBI Agent

Prisoner/Killer-Escaped & Incarcerated = 5 times


Circus Performer

Bounty Hunter

Civil War/Vietnam Vet = 4 times


Horror Writer




Male Stripper


Rock Group Star

Mental Patient

Baseball Player = 2 times

Beverly Hills Hairdresser

Traveling Salesman = 2 times


New York Cab Driver


Chauffer for Marilyn Monroe

Elvis Presley

He was Al 'Bingo' Calavicci

Leaped out of USA = 3 times

Leaped back to the year 1862



Project Trivia:
When Sam first leaps in and looks in the mirror, Dr. Ruth is smiling and saying ‘Oh Boy’ and Sam isn’t smiling.

Al is seen going into the IC Door. It is heard opening and Al appears. He uses the hand link to pop out too.

The hand link is the ‘Gummy Bear’. Multi-colored little squares that flash, beep and squawk.

Ziggy is not called a he or she in this episode.

Liberation and Dr Ruth … Sam leaps into two women one episode right after another.

I guess plaid was in … lol … Al has a plaid jacket and Doug has a plaid shirt.

In the end of this episode we see Dr. Ruth leap out and Nigel Corrington leap in.

…/\… "One of the undead" … says Al …/\…


Sam Trivia:
He still can’t walk in heels after 5 years of practice. You notice he’s running bare-foot over the tops of the cars.

Sam is talking like Dr. Ruth in some scenes. LMAO

Sam changes history by making Annie quit her job. Al tells him that Annie is going to die in the next two hours. He says, "Oh Boy … Oh Boy … Oh Boy!"


Sam’s Best Scene:
Sam has just busted in to Annie’s apartment and pulled Jonathon off of Annie.

SAM: "Are you okay? Go call the police." [Annie nods her head that she is and leaves the room to go call]

Jonathon: "There’s no need for the police."

SAM: "You’re not gonna leave ‘till the police get here!" [Sam grabs his arm and he tries to get away]

Jonathon: "Who the hell do you think you are?"

AL: "He’s not who you think he is!"

Sam and Jonathon go at it. Sam flips him to the ground and in a mirror you see the stunt double. Very cool.

AL: "Good flip and kick Sam!"

SAM: "Did the job!"

AL: "Ziggy’s now sayin’ that … Annie … she goes to law school, becomes an attorney … and she’s a pioneer in the field of sexual harassment."

SAM: "What about Doug and Debbie?"

AL: "They’re broadcasting their wedding ceremony … even as we speak."

SAM: "Ahhh … unbelievable!"

Annie: "The police are on their way. Ahhh … Dr. Ruth, ahhh … what … what happened?"

SAM: "He ahhh …"

AL: "He musta tripped."

SAM: "He tripped. He’s not going to bother you any more."

Annie: "Thank you. Thank you so much. I’ll never forget you."

SAM: "Everything’s going to be okay" [They hug and there is a knock at the door and Annie points and goes to answer it] "Yah, right". [Sam Sighs] … "So?"

AL: "So?"

SAM: "Well … so?"

AL: "Well so … so what? Oh why haven’t you leaped?"

SAM: "Yah … why haven’t I leaped …"

AL: "I don’t know."

SAM: "Why haven’t I leaped?"

AL: "I have no idea."

SAM: "Well ask Ziggy!"

AL: "Oh! … Ahhh … Hey! … This has never happened before …"

SAM: "What’s never happened before?"

AL: "Well Ziggy says that … the reason you haven’t leaped is me …"

SAM: "I don’t believe that."

AL: "Either do I. Ziggy says that the reason you leaped into Dr. Ruth … was so that … she could meet me in the future."

SAM: "What for?"

AL: "I don’t know?"


Sam’s Best Lines:
Sam is in the radio studio, making a commercial tape for the next show. This is so funny how he is trying to be very business-like and keeps saying the wrong words. LOL

Doug: "Ok try it again …"

SAM: "This is Dr. Ruth Westheimer … tomorrow on ‘Frank talk about sex’ we’re going to discuss some … common male sexual dysfunctions … like pre-mat … ure … pre-mature … e … oh we’re gonna discuss a lot of things that I’m sure will be very stimulating … ahhh upliftinginteresting! And that’ll be tomorrow … right here … on my show."


Al Trivia:
Al is calling Dr. Ruth … Dr. Ruthie … hehehe … Ruthie was his 3rd wife.


Al’s Best Scene:
Al is laying down on the table in the waiting room and Dr. Ruth is walking around it talking to him.

Dr. Ruth: "What do you mean? You don’t know."

AL: "I don’t know how I feel."

Dr. Ruth: "You’ve been going out for … how long now? Four years?"

AL: "Give or take a couple of months? Yah Tina’s crazy about me!"

Dr. Ruth: "And you are crazy about her."

AL: "Well I … I …"

Dr. Ruth: "Aren’t you?"

AL: "Well I wouldn’t say that … I like her …"

Dr. Ruth: "You just like her?"

AL: "I like her a lot! A lot!"

Dr. Ruth: "Does that mean you love her?"

AL: "I …"

Dr. Ruth: "It may have four letters … but love is not a dirty word. Say it!"

AL: "Ahhh … I cant!"

Dr. Ruth: "Why not?"

AL: "I said it once long ago and once is enough." [He sits up on the edge of the table and Dr. Ruth is standing next to him. *this is Dean’s best scene of the whole series … it gets me every time I watch it*]

Dr. Ruth: "That must have been one special love."

AL: "It was."

Dr. Ruth: "So special … you could never love anyone else?"

AL: "Not like that."

Dr. Ruth: "Of course not like that! Who is asking you to love … everyone the same. People are different … unique … so why shouldn’t our love for them be different? This person you loved …"

AL: "That was my … 1st wife … Beth." [the camera gets a good shot of those big browns :)]

Dr. Ruth: "Did you love this Beth more than you love Tina?"

AL: "Yes. But it was different."

Dr. Ruth: "So you love Tina different than Beth, but you still love her."

AL: "Yes."

Dr. Ruth: "Did you hear what you just said?"

AL: "I said … I love Tina different … I … I said it!" [Al now has a big smile on his face]

Dr. Ruth: "Maybe I tricked you into it … but you said it! Now say it again and dog the different part … that’s a given!" [She walks away from Al and faces the camera]

AL: "I love Tina." [He gets up and walks to Dr. Ruth]

Dr. Ruth: "Now go tell her!"

AL: "Ok … gee thanks doc!" [This is so cute … he leans over and gives her a kiss on the cheek … awww ;) … She gives a little wave to Al as he walks away. She then walks around the table and faces the camera]

Dr. Ruth: "Next …" [She gestures with her hand as she speaks]

And Dr. Ruth leaps out and Nigel Corrington leaps in snarling and showing his teeth …


Al’s Best Lines:
Dr. Ruth: "Believe me Al with your kind of problems, you need lots of help."

AL: "I thought we already solved my problems?"

Dr. Ruth: "We identified your basic fear of abandonment. Now we have to work on getting you in touch with your feelings, and verbalizing them. We need to open you up."

AL: "Oh but I’m … I’m a very open person with … with verbal feelings."

Dr. Ruth: "Well then … tell me about your girlfriend?"

AL: "Ah … Ah … her name is Tina."

Dr. Ruth: "Uh-huh ... so tell me more."

AL: "More about Tina?"

Dr. Ruth: "Uh-huh."

AL: "Ah … well … ummm … oh well, ha-ha-ha, she’s got ... great ... casabas!"

Dr. Ruth: "What are these… casabas?"

AL: "Well you know… melons, ho-has, honkers, hooters, headlights, ah… ta-tas… teeters, tweeters, tom-toms, tee-tees?" [His face is all contorted trying to say just one word … LOL]

Dr. Ruth: "Say it!"

AL: "I’m trying to say it! Meatballs, mangos, cream pies, cupcakes, eh … bangers, bouncers, bolumbas!"

Dr. Ruth: "Al!"

AL: "Bazongas! BREASTS! ... I said it!" [With a very self-satisfied look on his face]

Dr. Ruth: "You see ... it wasn’t that hard."

AL: "Yes it was."

Dr. Ruth: "So how is your sex life ... with Tina?"

AL: "That’s a very personal question."

Dr. Ruth: "Not for an open person like you."

AL: "Yah ... ahhh..."


Al’s Outfits:
(1) Brown shirt w/gold design on collar, Mustard color pants, Black & Mustard color plaid front / Black back Jacket w/ a diamond shaped gold badge, Gold color watch w/Brown leather band, Silver metallic tie, Brown belt and Brown shoes.

(2) Pale Powder Blue suit, White dress shirt w/ a Black collar, an Indian style square Silver slide tie, Black & Grey paisley vest, White tennis shoes.

(3) Pale Mint Green suit, White dress shirt w/ a Black collar, an Indian style square Silver slide tie, Black & Grey paisley vest, White tennis shoes.


Al’s Women:
[Al and Dr. Ruth are in the waiting room; Al is lying down on the table talking]
Beth is mentioned
Tina is mentioned


Miscellaneous Al Trivia:
Al popped in/out 7 times
Al smoked 7 cigars


Quotable Quotes:

AL: "Just call me … Bigfoot!" [Re: the size of a man’s foot related to his love mussel]

AL: "Take it easy! Take it easy! It’s rush hour in mid-town Manhattan you’ll never get a taxi! … ‘FORGET-ABOUT-IT!’" [Sam is running down the street yelling, "TAXI! TAXI!" and Al is standing on the sidewalk]

Sam is standing on the street, acting like he is talking on a pay phone … but really talking to Al.

SAM: "Wait a second! Wait a second!"

AL: "What?"

SAM: "Wait a second! You’re having counseling sessions with Dr. Ruth while I’m stuck here in 1985?"

AL: "Lookit! Ziggy says you’re here to help Doug and Debbie … unless you do something about that … you’re gonna stay stuck in 1985 … wearing the silly high heels and your stupid dresses and talking to strangers about ‘G’ spots!" [Dean is talking a mile a minute and Scott’s mouth is gapping wide open]

AL: "Oh … Brenda … Ding-a-ding-a-ding-a-ding … sounds like trouble …" [Sam is talking to Doug about Debbie]

Dr. Ruth and Al are having a session in the waiting room.

AL: "I have a very healthy attitude towards sex."

Dr. Ruth: "I think you have a problem."

AL: "With all due respect Dr. Ruth, when it comes to women, Al Calavicci doesn’t have any problems."

Dr. Ruth: "I think you are afraid of something."

AL: "You’re right! ALIMONEY!"

AL: "Yah … you could throw Dr. Ruthie right into the ‘Looney Bin’ by acting crazy … good-bye radio … hello Belleview!" [Sam and Al are talking in the sound proof booth about the last caller’s question re: breast implants and in come Doug and Debbie]


Regular Cast:
Scott Bakula as Dr Samuel Beckett
Dean Stockwell as Admiral Albert "Al" Calavicci
Deborah Pratt as Narrator/Ziggy (voice)


Guest Cast:

Ellen Albertini Dow as Grandma

Anita Barone as Debbie Schaefer

Robyn Lively as Annie Wilkins

James McDonnell as Jonathan

Bridget Morrow as Anita

Paul Roache as Cab Driver

Mary Scheer as Other Woman

Peter Spears (I) as Doug Bridges/Reiser

Dr. Ruth Westheimer as Herself



Executive Producer: Donald P Bellisario

Theme By: Mike Post

Musical Score By: Velton Ray Bunch

Co-Executive Producers: Deborah Pratt, Chas. Floyd Johnson

Supervising Producers: Tommy Thompson & Richard C Okie & Harker Wade

Producer: Robin Jill Bernheim

Written By: Robin Jill Bernheim

Directed By: Stuart Margolin

Associate Producers: Scott Ejercito & Julie Bellisario

Coordinating Producer: David Bellisario

Director Of Photography: Robert Primes

Production Designer: Cameron Birnie

Film Editor: Jon Koslowsky

Production Manager: Ron Grow

Casting By: Kleen Lubin Stanisky

Set Decoration: Robert L Zilliox

Costume Designer: Jean-Pierre Dorleac

Costume Supervisors: Jacque, Alice Daniels & Glenn Bradley

Art Director: Ellen Dambros Williams

Sound Mixer: Barry D Thomas

Make-up: Jeremy Swan

Hairstylist: Andrea Mirusnima

Sound Editor: Greg Schorer

Music Editor: Bruce Frazier

Special Visual Effects: Roger Dorney & Denney Kelly

Panaflex Camera & Lenses By: Panavision




Miscellaneous Trivia For Guest Cast:
Ellen Albertini Dow as Grandma was born in 1918 and Raised in Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania. Educated at Cornell University. She taught drama & dance for 30 years. Spouse: Eugene Dow (1950 - present) In 27 films and guest stared in 53 sit-coms. Halfway Decent (2003) as: ‘Mrs. Kahn’ to The Twilight Zone (1985) as: ‘Mrs. Hotchkiss’ in: Need to Know (ep # 1.51) March 21, 1986. Was also in Designing Women (1986) as: ‘Tight Lips’ in: Miss Trial (ep # 5.4) October 15, 1990 - but not with Scott ... and another Trekie ... Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987) as: ‘Felisa M. Howard’ in: Sub Rosa (ep # 7.14) January 29,1994 and American Drive-In (1985) as: ‘Allison’ which looks to be her first movie she was in.

Anita Barone as Debbie Schaefer - DOB: September 25, 1964 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Height 5' 4", seems to have started in ~QL~, as like many others did, was in Ricochet (1991) as: ‘Waitress’ with Danzel Washington. Great movie! But most recently and just completed One Last Ride (2003) as: ‘Gina’.

...\/... ...\/... ...\/... ...\/... ...\/... ...\/... ...\/... ...\/... ...\/... …\/…

**Robyn Lively as Annie Wilkins was born in Powder Springs, GA., has 4 brothers and 1 sister who have all been in something. Her Father is Ernie and her mother is Elaine, Robyn’s middle name. Her mother is their agent. She was in JAG (1995) as: ‘Vivian Blackadder’ in: Meltdown (ep # 8.21) April 29,2003 and in: Ice Queen (ep # 8.20) April 22,2003.

Her Father: Ernie Lively was born in 1946 in Los Angeles, California, was in: JAG (1995) as: ‘Joel Yarrow’ in: Rivers' Run (ep # 4.15) February 16,1999, ~QL~ (1989) as: ‘Col. Deke Grimwald’ in: The Leap Home: Part 2 (Vietnam) - April 7, 1970" (ep # 3.2) October 5,1990 and The Dukes of Hazzard" (1979) as: ‘Clyde’, The Guard in: The Ransom of Hazzard County (ep # 6.20) March 2,1984. Looks like he not to long ago started his acting career.


The 5 Kids:

Jason Lively - National Lampoon's European Vacation (1985) as: ‘Russell 'Rusty' Griswold’ ... you all remember him ... RIGHT? :)

**Robyn Elaine Lively DOB: February 7, 1972 - 5' 8"

Eric Lawrence Lively DOB: July 31, 1981-6' 2". He lives in Burbank, CA with his shih tzu, Christopher. His first acting job was as a crying baby in his brother Jason's movie, Brainstorm (1983) (uncredited) as ‘Baby’. Was in *Sandman (1998) as ‘Bobby Doll’.

Lori Lively was in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993) as: ‘Siana in: Shadows and Symbols (ep # 7.2) October 3,1998, *Sandman (1998) as ‘Kim Doll’.

Blake Lively was in *Sandman (1998) as ‘Trixie/Tooth Fairy’.

Then made a computer game together: Return to Zork (1993) (VG) …

(Father) - Ernie Lively as Moadikum Moodock

(Mother) - Elaine Lively as Molly Moodock

(Oldest Son) - Jason Lively as Ben Fyshin

(Daughter) - Lori Lively as Singing Tree

(Daughter) - Robyn Lively as Fairy


.../\... .../\... .../\... .../\... .../\... .../\... .../\... .../\... .../\... …/\…

Robert MacKenzie (I) - from the leap-out of "Blood Moon" - as Nigel Corrington was in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1993) as: ‘Trazko’ in: Necessary Evil (ep # 2.8) November 13, 1993. He also was in 7 TV guest appearances and 9 movies. Just lately has done the Visual Effects for Hulk (2003) as concept/storyboard artist.

James McDonnell as Jonathan was born on February 23, 19__ (?) in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Has 9 movies and 35 guest appearances to his credit.

Mary Scheer as Other Woman was born on March 19, 1967 [14 days and 31 years after Dean :)] in Detroit, Michigan. Kaka Ferskur (Fresh Rolls) or The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking (1988) American Dubbing Team ... aka The Nude Adventures of Pippi Longstocking (1988) (USA: X-rated version), Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (2003) TV Series (producer) & Primetime Glick. Had voice parts in Family Guy and King of the Hill. Was in Seinfeld two times and also in Party of Five and Beverly Hills, 90210 and seems to have started in ~QL~ :)

Peter Spears (I) as Doug Bridges/Reiser started in 1991 and early on did this ep in ~QL~. Last movie he was in was in 1998. His most recent was Some of My Best Friends (2001) as ‘Terry’ in: Pilot (ep # 1.1) February 28, 2001.

Dr. Ruth Westheimer as Herself was born on June 4, 1928 in Frankfurt, Germany with the Birth name: Karola Ruth Siegel, hence the Nickname: Doctor Ruth. She stands 4' 7". Manfred "Fred" Westheimer was her husband from December 10, 1961 to April 3, 1997 (his death) and they had 2 children. Some Trivia for her is: 1) Received the Women's International Center (WIC) Living Legacy Award in 1988. 2) Her parents sent her to Switzerland to escape the Nazis when she was six years old. Both her parents were killed in the Holocaust. 3) She grew up in a kibbutz in Israel. 4) According to her statements on the February 28, 2002, an ep of Politically Incorrect, Dr. Ruth was a sniper in the Israeli Army. Her shows were: Dr. Ruth Westheimer (1984), Sexually Speaking with Dr. Ruth Westheimer (1980). Guest stared on: The Howard Stern Show (1994) as: ‘Herself’ January 12/13, 1995 and January 29 / November 12, 1996.

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