"For Your Love"     Trilogy Part II

Leap Date:

June 14, 1966

Episode Adopted by: M.J. Cogburn
Additional info provided by: Deborah Hendryx


In the second of a three-part saga, Sam again leaps into the life of Abagail Fuller...this time as her soon-to-be husband Will Kinman. Sam begins to fall for her himself, but a lynch mob led by Lita Aider may hang her if Sam doesn't find the runaway child Abagail was babysitting.


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AIRING DATE: November 24, 1992 (Tuesday)

PLACE: Potterville, Louisiana

DATE: June 14, 1966

LEAPEE: Will Gunerson Kinman


Travis Fine - Will Gunerson Kinman/Mirror

Melora Hardin – Abagail Fuller

Stephen Lee – Bo Loman

Fran Bennett – Marie Beth Billings

Max Wright – Doctor Kinman

Mary Gordon Murry – Leta Aider

Wendy Robie – Ms. Takins

Christopher Curry – Mr. Takins

W.K. Stratton – Lawrence "Larry" Stanton III

Beth Peters – Townspeople

R. Leo Schreiber – Townspeople

Meg Foster – Laura Fuller


W.K. Stratton also appeared in the episodes "Genesis", "Good Night, Dear Heart," and the trilogy episodes "One Little Heart", and "The Last Door."


Mockingbird (A lullaby) – depending on the time in the show, it can be anywhere from sweet and calming to eerie and odd.



Leta Aider:

Her daughter, Violet was presumed dead in 1953 and her husband was killed two years later, and Leta believed Abagail Fuller was responsible for both deaths.

Eleven years later she led a lunch mob that tried to kill Abagail after a local boy turned up missing. The boy was eventually found safe.


Violet Aider:
Next to Abagail fuller, she was the prettiest girl in the parish in 1953, but she vanished after the two girls had an argument over a locket. The entire parish searched for her until they found hre bloody sweater and decided a pack of wild dogs roaming in the area must have killed her. They destroyed the dogs and Sheriff Clayton Fuller closed the case.

: Violet’s mother believed Abagail Fuller had murdered her daughter.


Abagail Fuller:
The whole town believed this little girl was cursed crazy because her mother and grandmother were "touched". When Sam leaped into her father Clayton, Abagail had just found the body of Bart Aider, father of Violet, a girl Abagail had been accused of murdering two years before. The girls had gotten into a fight over a locket, and Abagail said Violet had run off and that was the last she had seen of her. Violet’s body was never found, but her bloody sweater was. Clayton was the sheriff, and he closed the case, saying a pack of wild dogs must have killed the girl. Violet’s mother Leta never stopped haranguing Abagail, insisting she killed Violet. And when her husband Bart died under mysterious circumstances, she believed Abagail killed him, too. Leta tried to get Abagail to admit she killed Violet, and then set the Fuller house on fire, hoping to kill Abagail. Sam rescued Abagail and Leaped just before Clayton was killed.

: Cut to 1966: Twenty-one-year-old Abagail was preparing to marry Will Kinman, the local deputy. Sam leaped into Will the night before the wedding, and she later told him that making love seemed wrong, and then in a "magic flash" it was as though their bodies were made for each other. Sam was equally attracted to Abagail, practically becoming obsessed with her. When Tavis Perkins, a boy she had been baby-sitting, disappeared, the town – at Leta’s instigation – blamed her and formed a lunch mob. Sam kept Abagail from being shot and helped the town find the missing boy.


Laura Blanchette Fuller:
Clayton Fuller’s wife. After Sam leaped into Clayton, he was under the impression that Laura was dead., but saw a "vision" of her when a gust of wind blew closed his bedroom door. He found out from Abagail that the night Violet Aider died, Laura and Clayton had a terrible argument and she left. Sam found out that she had been committed to Peach Hill Home fore the Mentally Ill that night. He visited and found her uncommunicative, rocking in a chair and staring into space, though she did seem to notice Al.

: When Sam visited her eleven years later as Will Kinman, Laura had bandages on her head and one arm. She was more communicative, but talked about her mother, who had killed all of her brothers and sisters because there was no food. Laura had escaped death because she had fallen under the bed. She saw Sam as himself and believed he would keep her daughter safe.


Reta Blanchette:
Laura Fuller’s mother killed all of her children except Laura after she lost her husband and her money. Then she cut her own throat. The local story was that she preferred to kill her babies than to see them starve. Mr. Devareaux, who found the carnage, said she’d lost her mind. The local legend had it that the family had one cursed child every generation. First Reta, then Laura, now Abagail. Later it came out the reason Laura wasn’t killed was that she had slipped down between the beds and was not seen by her mother.


Pervis Takins:
Abagail Fuller was babysitting this seven-year-old when she told him she was going to get married. He had a crush on Abagail, and run off because he didn’t want her to get married. The townspeople thought Abagail had something to do with his disappearance, and tried to lynch her. Sam and Al find the child’s whereabouts, which saved Abagail.


Marie Beth Billings: She worked as the housekeeper for the Fuller family for thirty years.


Willis Gunerson Kinman:
Will Kinman was the son of a local doctor, and spoke with a stutter.

: He seemed to like Abagail Fuller, and eventually proposed to her. Sam leaped into Will the night before their wedding just after the pair had made love. Will was now twenty-seven and deputy sheriff. Sam found himself falling for Abagail bit time. He had picked up Will’s stutter, but after they made love, he lost the stutter completely. Sam saved Abagail from a lynch mob and leaped.


Doc Kinman:
Doctor in a small Louisiana town where Sam found himself as sheriff. He couldn’t determine the cause of death of Bart Aider, and had to have the coroner from Shreveport come in. His son is Will Kinman.


Bo Loman:
Clayton Fuller’s deputy became sheriff on his death in 1955 and was still holding that position when Sam returned in 1966 and 1978.


Lawrence (Larry) Stanton III:
Larry is a small town Louisiana lawyer who stepped into the lynch mob to help save Abagail Fuller from dying.



Sam thinks that it’s not fair that he can’t have a life with someone he has fallen in love with.

Al tells Sam that he needs to just live up to being a hero and deal with it.


1) Purple jacket with silver lining
Purple and Black shirt
Black and white striped tie
Black pants

2) Red suit jacket
Dark red and black flowery shirt
Matching Tie
Red suit pants 


1) White T-shirt
Brown cover shirt
Blue jeans

2) White Wedding Tux


The second part of the Trilogy is even more wrapped up in Abagail Fuller. The way that Sam is obsessed with her after his leap in shows just the acting ability that this man has. Wonderful story!

It had been eleven years and Abagail had grown from a frightened child to a glorious young woman. Al’s request to stay away from her was like asking the sun not to rise on their wedding day.


Al’s Best Lines:
To whom are you talking? People are going to think you are coo-coo walking around like this.

What matters is that you ARE Sam Beckett! That’s the reason you got this crazy job!

Sam’s Best Line:
Even heroes are human.



Marie: I said out! Just take your skinny pale behind outta here before I call your momma and tell her what you’ve been up to! Come on! Get out! Get out! Get… get… get… GET! Get outta here!


Al: She knows.

Sam: She doesn’t k..know anything.

Al: I just heard what she said. She felt it the moment you leaped in and she knows it wasn’t just Will that she was with last night.


Sam: I don’t have a lot of time.

Abagail: What are you talking about?

Sam: I love you. No matter what happens or whatever I say in the future, just know that in this brief moment of time we belong to each other. Please know that.


Sam: As soon as I touched her, it was me. It was all me. Me and Abagail.


Cherlyn Stanton: Hello Sweet cheeks! Come on over here you hot-blooded southern rebel and melt me down! Tonight, Lawrence Stanton the third, I am Jane Fonda in Butterfield 8!

(Isn’t that what all of Scott Bakula’s fans want? Especially the women?)



Who’s Obsessed Scene:

Sam: How did I get back here?… Marie and Abagail – Abagail all grown up… in the house… the house that was on fire. I changed history. She’s alive. She’s alive. Abagail is alive. Wait… there was a fire and a window and she gout out and I didn’t. But… I’m… alive. I’m alive and I’m here as Will Kinman but why… why am I back here this is not making any sense at all.

Al: What’s not making any sense at all?

Sam: I…

Al: To whom are you talking? People are going to think you are coo-coo walking around like this.

Sam: He’s dead.

Al: Who’s dead?

Sam: C..Clayton Fuller’s dead.

Al: Yeah.

Sam: I leaped in… he died and I leap into… into

Al: Into?

Sam: Into… into… ahm…

Al: Eh? You leaped into…

Sam: I leaped in… Do you realize where I l..leaped into?

Al: Yeah. Potterville Louis…

Sam: No… that’s not what I meant.

Al: Your stuttering.

Sam: Yeah, well, I think it’s some rr-residual from W..Will.

Al: Uh huh.

Sam: She’s incredible Al. Her eyes, her face, her hair the way it smells, and…

Al: Uh huh….

Sam: And her skin…

Al: Ok ok… whoa cowboy… I know you leaped in under intimate circumstances but you gotta be careful.

Sam: Careful?

Al: Well, listen to yourself. It’s Will that’s in love with Abagail… not Sam.

Sam: I know that… I know that…

Al: It’s June 14, 1966…

Sam: She’s so beautiful, Al…

Al: And you’ve leaped back into Potterville Louisiana and that’s all we have got right now.

Sam: It’s… eleven years later. Abagail’s 21.

Al: That’s right, and Will’s 27.

Sam: I feel like I’m 27… I feel like I’m 17 and I’m… g..getting married tomorrow.

Al: No, Will’s getting married tomorrow. I gotta get you outta here.

Sam: I belong here!

Al: You’ve got me worried big time.

Sam: What are you worried about?

Al: Ziggy, okay, let’s get to work on this. Sam, do me a favor?

Sam: What?

Al: Stay away from Abagail, okay?

Sam: Okay.


Family heritage:

Laura: They all died.

Sam: Died?

Al: She must know Clayton died.

Laura: Casey, Taylor, Sadie, Bobby, Mary Lou and Jesse… all of them.

Al: That’s her brothers and sisters.

Sam: What happened to them?

Laura: Momma did it but it wasn’t her fault… she got so sad. Daddy went away and never came back. She’d cry and cry.

Sam: What did your mother do? Did she hurt the children?

Laura: Just that there wasn’t more food and Jesse was so little and so hungry…

Al: God, she must have seen it all.

Laura: It rained all night. I love the rain. We used to sleep – Sadie, Mary Lou and I always slipped through the crack and roll under the bed.

Sam: That’s how your mother missed you.

Laura: I thought it was raindrops that was falling on my hand. You tell, Abagail, you tell her that’s why I couldn’t come home. Clayton said that I might hurt her. You’re gonna keep her safe. Now. That’s what you came back for… isn’t it?

Sam: What do you mean… why I came back?

Al: She knows your not Will.

Sam: How do you know that I’m not …

Laura: She really needs you.


Not Fair:

Sam: Why do you think I’m really here?

Al: Sam, you’re here to keep Abagail from getting killed – it’s a leap like any other leap!

Sam: But what it there’s more? I mean, what if that’s not it? What if…. I’m in trouble, al.

Al: What trouble?

Sam: I don’t know what to do… I… I want her. I want her so bad it’s killing me. I can’t think of anything else except holding her and… and touching her, tasting her and smelling her hair. I feel like she belongs to me. And that’s all that matters.

Al: What matters is that you ARE Sam Beckett! That’s the reason you got this crazy job!

Sam: It’s not fair.

Al: All right. It’s not fair. It’s not fair. Life isn’t fair. Whoever said it was fair?

Sam: Oh, don’t stand there and tell me that live isn’t fair, Al.

Al: You’re here to save Abagail. You’ve saved her once before and you’ve got to do it again. That’s it.

Sam: Why me?

Al: Because you’re a hero.

Sam: Even heroes are human.




Executive Producer:
Donald P. Bellisario

Written By:
Deborah Pratt

Directed By:

James Whitmore, Jr.

Theme by:
Mike Post

Music By:
Velton Ray Bunch

Co-Executive Producers:
Deborah Pratt
Chas. Floyd Johnson

Supervising Producers:
Richard C. Okie
Harker Wade
Tommy Thompson

Produced By:
Robin Jill Bernheim

Production Designer:

Cameron Birnie

Set Decorator:

Robert L. Zilliox

Art Director:

Ellen Dambros-Williams

Costume Designers:

Jean-Pierre Dorleac
Jacqueline Saint Anne

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