Leap Date:

November 22, 1970

Episode adopted by: Carol <aka> C_DEAN n C_AL
Additional info provided by: Lissa K and Brandon A.


As a Native American, Sam must help his Grandfather make it to the reservation to die in peace. But the town sheriff is out to stop them and the old Indian's granddaughter wants him to be kept safe in a nursing home.


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~ Freedom ~
(ep 2.16 / #65423)

At the moment Sam leaps in, he's sitting in a chair and is punched in the
jaw. His natural reaction is to fight back. He immediately jumps up and does his flying noodle kick on the sheriff. The deputy then hits him from behind.
From that point on, you know that Sam is going to have a rough leap.

They throw him in a cell on a cot. He woozily comes to, gets up and looks in the mirror and says, "I'm an Indian!" The other cellmate says, "It could be worse, you could be a white man, eh?" This is his grandfather, Joseph
Washakie. His "Kenu" the Shoshone name for Grandfather. Joseph calls him "Togo" Shoshone for Grandson.

Joseph is from a time where the land and animals were considered part of the family. He says as he uses hand motion to describe what he's saying, "My friends are the sun, the sky, the wind and the earth. My brother the Hawk. All its life, it flies where it wants, lights where it wants, loves where it wants. Now, when it's near death, do you think it wants to be put in a
 cage?" Sam told him he should go back to the nursing home to get proper
care for his emphysema.

The culture Joseph was raised in if you didn't have any money to buy the
things you needed, you traded for them. Well the truck they "barrowed" was traded for some horses. At the general store a gun was traded for some candy, blankets, oxygen and a rifle. The pistol was worth much more then the storekeeper was willing to trade for, so the other small items were taken to even out the trade, Joseph tells Sam.

His sister, Suzanne "Whitehorse" is a schoolteacher and thinks Grandfather
should be put back into the nursing home so he can be taken care of
properly. She eventually changes her thinking and helps Sam to get
Grandfather back to the reservation.

The sheriff doesn't like Indians and is going to do whatever it takes to put
the two of them back where they belong. He gets Sam so upset that he nearly gets scalped, but gets a hair cut instead. . hehehe ..

Nevada /Utah/Wyoming

Air Date:
February 14, 1990

Leap Date:
November 22, 1970 - Sunday

George Washakie "Togo"

Personal Review:
This is a great episode. Very informative in the Shoshone ways and the
explanations of the symbols on the horses and some of the history of the
Indian people. How they were and still are persecuted. How they hold very near the family, the tribe, the land and the animals.

It also shows that they have a sense of humor . but I think DB just put the
lines in the script . but Joseph is full of one-liners that keep you chuckling throughout this episode. My favorite one is: Joseph in the general store and the shop keeper asks if there is anything else they need and he says, "How about a fat woman on a narrow bed." This one cracked Al up too.
The other one I loved is when he is chanting to make fire and pulls out a
Zippo lighter and lights the fire. Al falls over backwards at this one, so
did I!!! . LMAO ;-)

I also like when Scott's hair is long as in this episode. I wish that Dean
had more change of clothes, though. I love to see what combination of
clothes he's going to be wearing next!

Show Music & Songs:
~QL~ Music by: Mike Post

Two country western songs playing in the general store on the radio. The first song is "Mama Tried" by Merle Haggard. The second song is "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" by Hank Williams Sr.

Best Scene:
The best scene is where Joseph, Sam and Al are sitting cross-legged in a
cave, around the little campfire they made for the night.

You hear chimes and Al appears.

Sam says, "I not sure if he's going to make it, Al."

Al says, "Ah. well he better make it! Or else you're not gonna leap outta
here, you're gonna leap right into jail. Comprende?"

Joseph says, "Togo, I hear voices in the night. I."

Sam says, "Ahhh. Yah."

Joseph says, "We need a fire."

Sam says, "Won't they see the light or the smoke?"

Joseph says, "Not if we make it small and towards the back."

Sam says, "I'll go get some wood."

Sam puts some sticks and twigs in a pile to make a fire and then stops.

Al says, "What?"

Sam says, "Matches."

Al says, "Matches? Sam, don't tell me."

Sam says, "I don't have any matches."

Joseph says, "Here I'll show you and old Indian trick."

Al says, "Sam this is great! We're getin' to watch a bit of authentic
western history!"

He starts to chant as if to conger up the Gods of Fire and then whips out a
Zippo lighter and flicks it open and lights the fire.

Joseph says, "Ola!"

Sam says, "Old Indian trick, huh?"

Joseph says, "Your Dad use to fall for it every time. You miss him don't

Sam says, "Yah, I guess I do."

Joseph says, "Don't you think you'll ever see him again?"

Sam says, "No I don't think so."

Joseph says, "No wonder you want me to go on living. Death is a doorway, and we are like the grasshopper. When we die, we shed one skin and put on another and leap to a new life on the other side of the door."

Sam says, "What if there's nothing beyond the door?"

Joseph says, "Then I would fight to hang on to this skin as hard as I could.
Because it would be all I had. But it's not. All of life is a series of  leaps for us grasshoppers. Eh?"

Sam says, "I guess you could say so."

Joseph says, "Sometimes we see where we are going, sometimes we don't. Have your ever leaped and not at least survived?"

Sam says, "No."

Joseph says, "The next time you leap, remember that."

Al says, "Is he talking to George or is he talkin' to you, Sam?"

Joseph says, "And stop trying to make me hang on to my old skin. Okay?"

Sam says, "Okay."

Joseph says, "Now, if we only had some hot dogs!"

Al laughs and falls over backwards with his legs still crossed.

Scott looks over at Dean with that look he gives him every so often and does his half smile, as if the camera had stopped rolling.

Kiss With History:
Ft. Washakie, Wyoming is where Chief Washakie lived to be over 100 years old. He died in 1900. In 1840 he was the last principal chief of the
Shoshone. (<http://www.wyomingtalesandtrails.com/Wash.html>)

Project Trivia:
The IC door is not seen in this episode. You only hear chimes when Al

The hand link is a thin calculator looking black piece of plastic w/ gold
stripes on the back. It makes beeping sounds.

Ziggy is called a he by Al in this episode.

Sam Trivia:
Sam knows he is a doctor because he gets oxygen for Joseph when he can't breath.
He splints Joseph's broken arm when he falls off his horse.
He tells Al "You're not a Doctor!"

In the general store Sam remembers his Dad use to buy him candy when they went into town. He would get two sticks of cinnamon.

Al tells Sam that George's father died when he was 21. The same age as Sam was when his father died.

The Grandfather tells Sam to put paint hand prints on the horses rump for the number of men he had killed.  Sam hesitates.  Then he puts one hand print on the horse.  The grandfather says something like "go ahead, I can see it in your eyes".  Sam puts a second print.  Grandfather is satisfied. By that episode Sam had killed Roget in Honeymoon Express and Nick in Her Charm. I remember that Roget told Sam that Sam didn't have what it takes to kill a man, that he could see it in his eyes.  And later when he stabs Roget, Roget tells Sam it will be easier the next time.

Sam's Best Scene and Lines:
Sam picks up Joseph after he's been shot and the sheriff tells him not to
cross the river. He turns to the sheriff and,

Sam says, "All he wanted to do is die in peace. To die the way he wanted to. He didn't want to die inside of a building, surrounded by people he didn't know, hooked up to machines. He wanted to die surrounded by his friends, by the sky, by the wind, by the open spaces that he grew up with. They were his family, they were his friends. All he wanted to do was die with dignity."

Sam, Joseph and Suzanne are crossing the river.

Sam says, "Hang on, Kenu. Hang on!"

Joseph says, "Why are you crying, Togo?"

Sam says, "I don't know."

Joseph says, "You like the Redskins?"

Sam says, "Best damn team in America!"

Joseph says, "Don't cry Togo. You're a good boy. I'll tell your father when
I see him."

Sam says, "It's just a little further, Kenu. Just a little further. We made

Sam lays him down and he's gone. Sam and Suzanne weep and Sam leaps.

Al Trivia:
He also remembers the little town general store where he would go get candy.

Didn't we all have one in our town where we grew up?

Al's Best Scene:
After trading the pick-up truck they stole for the horses, they stop to
paint them and the horses and Al is telling Sam what he is doing and why he's doing it.

Sam says, "Didn't you leave anything in the store?"

Joseph says, "Not if I could help it." He hands Sam the can of yellow paint. "You open it."

You hear chimes and Al enters walking right through the horse. lol

Al says, "This is terrific Sam, he's painting society marks on. You're part
of a Shoshone war party!"

Sam says, "I don't want to be on the war path, I want to get him some
medical help!"

Joseph says, "How's that paint coming?"

Sam says, "It's ready!"

Joseph says, "When I was in WWI, only the officers had ponies. I could never get over how naked they look with out their markings. How could you tell what they had done? How could you frighten your enemies? It made no sense to me!" Joseph hands the rock with yellow paint on it to Sam and says, "Here, you stole the horses too."

Al says, "Sam, this is just terrific! It's like the past come to life! You know he just. painted the hoof prints on there, and it's to show how many horse raids they went on or how many horses they stole."

Sam says, "Thought we just borrowed them?"

Joseph says, "The horses don't know that.Eh?"

Al says, "Ha! Ha! Ha! That's a good one!"

Sam says, "What are the handprints for?"

Joseph says, "For men killed in battle. Go on."

Sam says, "Ahh. Well. I Ahhh."

Joseph says, "Go on Togo, I can see it in your eyes. Now we are ready."

Al is punching keys on the hand link and says, "Sam, Ziggy did a topographical analysis. He said that's the best way to go." He points the
direction they should go.

Sam says, "I'm worried about him, Al."

Al says, "He looks all right to me."

Sam says, "You're not a doctor!"

Al says, "Hay! Don't count the old boy out! He might outlive you!"

You hear a gunshot and Sam falls off his horse.

Al yells, "SAM!!!"

Joseph yells, "TOGO!!!"

Al's Best Lines:
In the general store Sam pulls out a pistol and the shopkeeper puts up his
hands as if he's being robbed.

Al says, "Oh great Sam, why don't you go for 5 felonies while you're at it!"

Al's Outfits:
1) White shirt w/Burnt Orange print & bolo tie, White hat w/black band, long Brown coat, Burnt Orange pants, and Brown shoes and White socks.

Al's Women:
Al shared a piece of long Red Licorice with Shirley Mulkahey.

Miscellaneous Trivia:
Al popped in 4 times.

Al smoked 3 cigars.

There just happens to be a CB-Radio in the truck they stole. So Suzanne can talk to Joseph.

Quotable Quotes:
Sam and Joseph are going down a hill, Sam is leading the horse that Joseph is riding.

Sam says, "Kenu, when we get to the reservation, there's so much I don't
know, that I can learn from you, that... that others can learn too."

Joseph says, "There is only one thing you have to learn, that freedom is the
greatest gift we're born with, and the hardest thing to hold on to."

Regular Cast:
Scott Bakula as Dr Samuel Beckett

Dean Stockwell as Admiral Albert "Al" Calavicci

Deborah Pratt as Narrator (voice)

Guest Cast:
Tom Everett as Deputy Sheriff Hazlitt

Gloria Hayes as Suzanne Whitehorse Washakie

Ed Hooks as Proprietor

Leon Rippy as Sheriff Taggart

Frank Salsedo as Joseph Washakie (as Frank Sotonoma Salsedo)

Executive Producer: Donald P Bellisario

Music By: Mike Post

Supervising Producer: Deborah Pratt

Co-Producers: Paul Brown, Jeff Gourson & Chris Ruppenthal

Produced By: Harker Wade

Written By: Chris Ruppenthal

Directed By: Alan J Levi

Teleplay By: Deborah Pratt & Donald P Bellisario

Casting By: Kleen Lubin Stanisky

Set Decoration: Robert L Zilliox

Costume Designer: Jean-Pierre Dorleac

Sound Mixer: Mark Hopkins McNabb

Stunt Coordinator: Diamond Farnsworth

Supervising Sound Editor: Paul Clay

Production Management: Ronald R Grow

Panaflex Camera & Lenses By: Panavision


Miscellaneous Trivia For Guest Cast:
I have noted this before, but I will say it again. Donald Bellisario uses
actors he has worked with before in his different production of shows.

Tom Everett as Deputy Sheriff Hazlitt played in "Air Force One" (1997) as National Security Jack Doherty. Dean Stockwell was also in this move playing Defense Secretary Walter Dean. Tom was also in "JAG" (1995) episode #3.7- 11/4/97, playing: Houck in: "Against All Enemies".

Frank Salsedo as Joseph Washakie (as Frank Sotonoma Salsedo) appeared in "JAG" (1995) episode #3.21- 4/28/98, playing: Johnny Blackhorse (as Frank S. Salsedo) in: "The Return of Jimmy Blackhorse". He also played in 6 Power Ranger episodes, 6 Walker, Texas Ranger episodes and is the voice of the Indian in the Macplay computer game "Alone in the Dark III"

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