"Piano Man"

Leap Date:

November 10, 1985

Episode adopted by: RoseAnn Erks


Leaping into a "lounge lizard" who has gone into hiding from the Mafia, Sam finds himself being tagged by an old girlfriend who has tracked him down to prove to herself that she no longer loves him. But through her klutzy antics in their road trip adventure, Sam must find a way to keep them both alive as an unknown assassin tracks their every move.


Sound file from this episode!
(Duet of Somewhere in the Night)

Song "Somewhere In the Night"
from the Quantum Leap Soundtrack Album!


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Place: Tularosa, New Mexico

Name of the Person Leaped Into: Joey DeNardo (aka Chuck Danner)

Leap Date: November 10, 1985

Broadcast Date: March 27, 1991

"Somewhere in the Night" performed by: Scott Bakula, "Footloose" performed by: Scott Bakula and Marietta DePrima.

Sam Trivia:
Sam can play the piano.

Al Trivia:
Al tells Sam that he took a fencing class and that the teacher says that "The best defense was distance." Al talks to Gooshie.

Project Trivia:
Ziggy can’t center on people who are missing a synopsis connection in their brain, like dizzy, hard to get a lock on them. Ziggy is a he.

Miscellaneous Trivia:
Loraine drives the car through Al; this scene is included in the opening credits. Davy Jones is the name of the pilot flying the plane, when Loraine calls Carl from Polly’s. Al appears in the episode 10 times. The imaging chamber door opens once.

Al’s Outfits Worn in the Episode:
Al’s first outfit is a whit overcoat, red shirt, and black tie. The second outfit is shiny bronze jacket with black and silver collar, shoulders, and upper back, a rust color shirt, skinny silver tie, and grey pants.

Writers: Ed Scharlach

Director: James Whitmore Jr.

Producers: Chris Ruppenthal Co-executive: Deborah Pratt, Michael Zinberg Co-Producers: Paul Brown, Jeff Courson

Regular Cast: Scott Bakula, Dean Stockwell

Guest Stars:
Marietta DePrima (Lorraine), Angelo Tiffe (Carl Morgan), Jonh Oldach (Frank), Denise Gentile (Janette), Frank Roman (Hector), Cherry Davis (Thelma), Sam Clay (Joey De Nardo) (aka Chuck Danner)

Guest Cast Notes:
Frank Roman played Emilio on Falcon Crest. Marietta DePrima played Annie on Dear John. Denise Gentile played Lise Hampton Edgars on Babylon 5.

Best Line:
Sam: "I’m following my gut." Al: "Hope you have good guts."

Best Scene:
The best scene is at Polly’s Roadside Diner when Sam and Loraine sing "Somewhere in the Night" and then they sing "Footloose." They play the piano and sing, while the other people in the diner dance or "play" their cups and utensils.

Quotable Quotes:
"I love you…I think."

"Play it again, Sam. I always wanted to say that."

"Ah, that was real pretty. But I want to know if you can cut loose."

"You changed history, now it’s coming back to bite you in the butt."

"And lived happily in debt, ever after."

Personal Review:
I love this episode. The music in it is great. "Somewhere in the Night" is my favorite song. The episode is packed full of fun and excitement, with some music to help it all along.

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