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All role Playing Groups have been closed. This page remains for archive purposes only.

Quantum Leap RPG


This game started in December 1999.  The main story began with trying to bring Sam back home after the government had shut down Project Quantum Leap once they never heard from Sam again after "Mirror Image".  Over the  years, much was explored into the evil project (the launching pad for Quantum Retribution), and Sam was brought home, only to have Sammy Jo go out leaping.  After five years of game-play, it has slowed down drastically, but the odd post still gets through.

Quantum Leap RP

Not to be confused with QL-RPG, This was originally a Yahoo! Club (until the stupid merger) that was doing pretty well until it turned into a Group.  It was restarted a few times and never really got too far.  It started in March 2001 but has been dead since February 2002.

Partners In Time


This game was spawned by four of the main players in Quantum Leap RPG in January 2001.   We leave off with Sam leaping through time (post-MI), having leaped into a young woman whose baby just died in her arms.  Sam is taken to hospital where an evil leaper attempts to murder him.  The game is also still going, but at an even slower rate than QL-RPG.


This game had an infiltration of the evil project, with familiars such as Zoey, Thames, and Alia mulling about in an attempt to over-take the Project. Unfortunately, no more information is available as the group was deleted, and it is unknown if anybody out there saved the story.

Future's Past RPG

Starting up in September 2002, this game was an effort to start off with a new story.   Some new faces showed up to take on some characters, and there was a great start to the game.  After about a year's drought, the game is going very strongly now.   Sam has continued leaping, as himself however, after leaving the Cokeburg bar.   Finding himself in South Carolina, Al isn't much help as the evil project has sabatoged Ziggy's systems in an effort to steal Sam for themselves.

The Leap Continues...

This game started up a month after Future's Past RPG, with some cross-over of players. The first leap we find Sam in Washington, D.C., and it also brings Alia and Zoey into the mix.  The game started out on xsorbit, then moved to Aimoo, and then Akheva (which is now Runboard).  Despite the moves, the whole story is intact and still going on.  There have been very few posts in the past months, but the story is still very much alive.


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