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  • See the entire Quantum Leap panel from this years' Dragon*Con featuring Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell together (in person: they spoke with Dean via phone at the 2009 QL convention) for the first time in 15 years! Watch now.



  • Results of the 2008 Quantum Leap Fandom Awards have been posted at long last! Have a look at the winners. The 2009 awards will be open for nominations soon according to the QLFA website. For the past five years of awards, please visit our page here!


  • Thanks to Javier Lopez for some corrections to the song names in the episode "Private Dancer."


  • We are celebrating the 17th anniversary of Mirror Image this week with mirrored site images on the opening splash page and forum page!

  • Visit our great Mirror Image page for in-depth info on the series finale!


  • Quantum Leap repeat episode are back on NBC.com! Have a look at our Showtimes page.


  • Verified and updated all links on the Leaping Links page! We lost 78 QL and Scott/Dean related sites between now and the last update. Still plenty of great QL sites to visit!


  • Added a link to a great site where you can read the comic books at the bottom of our own Comic Book section. Remember, you can also download each comic FREE right here at Al's Place.

  • New images of actual screen-used props now in the Imaging Chamber! See the belt buckle Scott wore in The Leap Between the States and a Project QL I.D. tag (images courtesy Gene Crowell).

  • New sheet music for Somewhere In The Night created by fan Derek Hullinger now in Ziggy's Sounds section under the Sheet Music link!

  • Two new photos on the Al's Place Alumni page! Chris and Scott have joined us. Show your good-looking mug on the Alumni page! Newest members at the bottom of the page.

  • Link to The Anderson Institute is now available on our Real-Life Time Travel page! Check out this very well organized and information site about the possibility of real time travel.

  • Check out Ziggy's Sounds for a new clear version of the opening Saga Sell. It's listed on the Score Music page as Prologue (Saga Sell Abridged). Thanks to QL fan Mike for this!

  • QL fan Glynn noticed that we ommitted one of Al's Women from the episode Camikazi Kid! It's the woman in the photo that Al shows to Sam at the end of the episode where he says "She offered to wax my hood..." It's on the Women of Al page in the Media and More section.


  • We now have the complete footage from the Friday Night Party entertainment featuring Erika Amato (from episode Lee Harvey Oswald)! Over an hour of song performances from her jazz and Valvet Chain libraries! Enjoy the videos and we hope to have more coming soon! Just visit our Video page and watch right on the site!


  • We now have the complete footage from Quantum Leap: A Leap to Di For guest panel, the Somewhere In The Night compilation, and Josh the Magician on our Video page "youtube" style. Watch right on the site!

  • Also - on the Events page in the Fan Fiction section, you can now read The Logical Leap by Sherri Washam. We hope to gather the remaining runner-up stories very soon! If you wrote one listed on the events page, please send it in!


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