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There are over 300 pages within these sections of the website!

Some material featured here is extremely rare and out of print. Much was donated by fans of this site. If you have something you think other fans of Quantum Leap would enjoy, send it to us!


Home Video Releases
Information, photos, and more on the Bluray, DVD, Laserdisc & VHS releases from around the world!

Quantum Leap Memes
Dozens of memes found on the internet to help convey your thoughts for the day!

Episode Scripts
Official episode scripts including four unproduced episodes and an video interview with Trey Callaway about "A Bold Leap Forward."

Official Soundtrack
Information on the CD, cassette, and single
releases, plus video of the album release
party. Also features sample tracks.


Ads & Promotional Materials
Dozens of TV Guide ads, magazine articles, promotional inserts, and more!

A history in pictures, video and official materials of the Quantum Leap conventions.

Artwork & Sketches
Did you know that Quantum Leap art existed? Searching everywhere to find it? Look no further!

Syndicuts: Deleted Scenes
Ocassionally, when an episode runs in syndication, the TV network will edit certain scenes for time purposes. Here are some of those scenes.

Quotable Quotes from each episode
of the television series.

I'm in a real identity crisis here, Al!
-- Sam, "Genesis"

You're part of a time travel experiment that went a little ca-ca.
-- Al, "Genesis"

Archive of over 100 fanzines & newsletters from
the early days of Quantum Leap fandom!

Quantum Leap Fonts
Unzip these QL fonts to your computer's font folder and type in Quantum Leap lettering.
Swiss Cheesed
String Theory
2022 Series (Posterama) Mirror Archive
Since 1991, archived any and everything related to Quantum Leap including photos, newsgroup archives, sounds, programs, and a very large archive of fan fiction material! Thanks to Mark D. Baushke for allowing Al's Place to "archive the archive" before it closed.

Kisses With History
Quantum Leap covered four decades between the 1950's &1980's as well as a leap into the Civil War! Here are all the encounters with real-life history!

Props - Screen Used
Props used on the original series.

Al's Lapel Pins
The complete collection of Al's lapel pins.

Al's Clothes of Many Colors
The complete collection of Al's clothing
in 270 clear photos!


The Women of Al
If Al loved 'em or lusted after 'em,
photos of the women are here!

The Women of Sam
If Sam kissed 'em, liked 'em or loved 'em, photos of the women are here!


Several fun QL-themed screensavers.


Desktop Wallpaper
Desktop wallpapers to enhance
your online experience.

Jigsaw Puzzles
Archive page only - puzzles no longer work. Entertaining QL-themed jigsaw puzzles provided hours of fun for the whole family.


Banners & Logos
Various Al's Place banners and logos that you can use on your own site to help others find us.


Visions Internet Columns Archives
Rodvision, RodetteVision, & GuestVision:
Internet columns to wet your appetite for Leap. This section is archived here in the hopes
that one day The Rod will return.

The Versions of
Al's Place Fan Site
See several versions of Al's Place QL Fan Site including a complete restoration of the original Version 1.0 design from April 2000.


Chat Archive
Al's Place archived chat transcripts w/guest stars.

AOL Buddy Icons
Use our Quantum Leap buddy icons on your AOL Instant Messenger™.

Quantum Leap Hako Clones
Six different Quantum Leap Hako Clones (paper dolls) to print, cut, and paste together.

Real Life Time Travel?
Discover the possibilities of time travel and hologram technology in these articles.

Al's Place Alumni
Many of the original fans and contributors of this website are shown here from the early 2000's.

Quantum Leap Fandom Awards information and links to the 2004-2008
Quantum Leap Fandom Awards.

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