Quantum Leap

Much of this artwork was found at deviantART.com and is presented here with the artist's permissions.

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The Art of
Robert Dean Stockwell (.pdf)

C. Winston Taylor Portfolio

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Single Works

Poster art by J.J. Lendl

J.J. loves collaborating with clients and students, telling stories through images, and he especially loves a challenging project.

He currently resides in Lakewood, OH with his wife and young daughter.

J.J. Lendl is a designer, illustrator, educator and storyteller originally from Pittsburgh, PA. Over the last decade since he started his studio, he has specialized in commercial artwork of all types including product design, editorial, advertising, web design, publishing, and branding.

Alongside his graphic design work, J.J. creates and facilitates arts education programming for youth and adults focused on introducing STEAM subjects through hands-on workshops.

Be sure to visit

See J.J.'s QL art posters for the 2022-2024 revival series on each page of the episode guide!

Costume artwork by Series Costume Designer Jean-Pierre Dorleac

Leaping of the Shrew

Leaping of the Shrew

Art by R. Joy Helvie

I Brake For Holograms


Who The Pig Dragged In

Dean Stockwell
in Phych-Out

Club I.D.

Art by Starlog Magazine

Dr. Who

The X-Files

Twin Peaks


The Wizard of Oz

Easter Bunny

Mr. Ed

Art by MizzDestiny

Al Calavicci    

Ziggy: Human Form


Art by Ninjaliz-Chan


Quantum Leap

Chibi Quantum DDR

Not My Mommy

If Your Lucky

A Sad Attempt at Realism

Art by Nebulan Art by purplelemon Art by Complication-5

Quantum Trek

Sam Beckett


Art by pixie-the-gator

Al, Stop Checking Me Out

Cats Don't Leap


Art by Karine Art by Roy D. Pounds II


How The Tess Was Won


Art by plif

Quantum Leap

Quantum Leap Pg 1

Quantum Leap Pg 2

Art by Kevin Wilson Art by Theo Crowfoot

QL Movie Fan Poster

Sam Beckett 1

Sam Beckett 2

Art by Mark Woods Art by LunarCrystal


Remembering Beth

Quantum Leap Friendsl

Art by Kris Carter Art by Becky E. Art by Mikeengelen

QL Movie Fan Poster



Art by Belphegor

Thank You, God

Al Calavicci

Play It Again, Sam

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