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On March 26, 1989, NBC aired the pilot for a television show that would has a fan cult following decades after the series ended on May 5th, 1993. Combining science-fiction and drama with a hint of comedy and a splash of adventure, the original series ran five action-packed seasons encompassing ninety-five episodes.

Now, over three decades later, Quantum Leap is still alive and extremely popular! A revival sequel series is now airing on NBC,  Wednesdays at 8pm EST (Fall 2023), and streaming on Peacock TV the next day! Check the News section for all QL news as it comes in. 

Be sure to visit Al's Video Library, Ziggy's Sounds, and the expansive Media & More section with over 300 pages of archived materials!

Leap into our Forum where you can post your ideas & thoughts, as well as converse with fellow leapers from around the world on the only remaining 2000-era Quantum Leap messageboard still online!

If you can't find all the information you are looking for here, do a search from the top of this page or check out the Leaping Links page.

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 The Classic Series: 1989 - 1993 Staring Scott Bakula & Dean Stockwell
Quantum Leap 2023 Leap into the future to NBC's 2023 revival of Quantum Leap!
Returning for Season Two on Wednesday, October 4th, 2023.

Al's Video Library

Commercials, Interviews, Conventions, Bloopers, Alternate Endings, Parodies, & more. Over 450 different clips!

Ziggy's Sounds

Over 250 different sound clips to bring Quantum Leap back for your hearing enjoyment.

Comic Book Series

Download and read information on all thirteen Innovation comics plus info on the unpublished comics.

Archived Chats, Al's Place Alumni & Time Travel

Al's Place archived chat transcripts with guest stars, Al's Place Alumni, and real-life time-travel information.
Cast & Crew Celebrity Leapers, Fan Mail Addresses, plus "Gooshie's Legacy," our tribute to Dennis Wolfberg.
BLURAY, DVD, & VHS Releases Complete  information on BLURAY, DVD and VHS releases. Photos, video trailers, screenshots, and more!

Episode Guide

Complete episode guide, chronogical leap dates, and much more!
Evil Leapers Enter the world of the Evil Leapers featuring sounds, video, episode guide, and more. Also the gateway to the Quantum Retribution fan-fiction series!
Fan Fiction Index of several Quantum Leap fan fiction series and fanzines, past role-playing game info, & story links.
FAQ & Contact Info The Quantum Leap Primer, Frequently Asked Questions, & Al's Place disclaimer. Contact Al's Place here!
Imaging Chamber Categorized photos & screenshots from the television series.
Leaping Links The largest collection of Quantum Leap site links anywhere on the internet.
Media & More 300+ pages! Articles, fanzines, conventions, advertisements, scripts, quotes, the QL font, artwork, Quantum Leap internet MEMES, the mirror archive & much more!
Merchandise & Memorabilia Links and photos of archived QL merchandise and memorabilia. Items in this section are not for sale.
Mirror Imaging Page dedicated to the final episode of Quantum Leap: Mirror Image. Includes photos & videos of the infamous alternate endings!
News Latest news on anything related to Quantum Leap!
Novels & Books Pictures and information on the novel series & other great Quantum Leap books, including the "Beyond the Mirror Image" definitive collection by Matt Dale.
Online Community Forum Currently the ONLY Quantum Leap messageboard still online! Membership is free. Fully moderated and clean atmosphere. Join in today!
Quantum Leap
Information, video, photos, and more from the Quantum Leap conventions of the past!
Showtimes &
TV Schedule
Don't miss out on watching your favorite TV show! Here is the latest television schedule for Quantum Leap.
Quantum Leap Podcasts Catch up on the past, present, and future of Quantum Leap in these informative and fun Podcasts! 

Leap into the future with the new Quantum Leap series on NBC!
Season Two begins Wednesday, October 4th, 2023!

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