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The Classic Series: 1989-1993

Staring Scott Bakula & Dean Stockwell


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From March 26, 1989 to the infamous conclusion May 5, 1993, NBC aired a television show that has a fan cult following. Mixing sci-fi and drama with a hint of comedy and a splash of adventure, the original series of Quantum Leap ran five action-packed seasons encompassing 95 episodes.

30 years later, the sequel series ran for two seasons (2022-2024)!

There are hundreds of pages of information on this site! The expansive Media & More section indexes over 300 pages of archived materials alone.

Leap into our newly upgraded Community forum where you can converse with fellow leapers from around the world on the only remaining 2000-era Quantum Leap social media platform!

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300+ pages are inside this section! Memes, articles, advertisements, quotes, puzzles, the QL fonts, artwork, screensavers, & much more!


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